I don’t know how to antiviral during pregnancy?It’s too late if you don’t pay attention

You will understand the following: how to perform antivirals during pregnancy during pregnancy

For the harm of hepatitis B virus, a large number of people still have not realized that some have missed the best opportunity.If we find ourselves without hepatitis B protective antibody (hepatitis B surface antibody), what should we do next?Fortunately, most of them have this consciousness, we can inject hepatitis B vaccine.

Since the generally vaccinated and injected hepatitis B vaccine in the 1990s in the 1990s, the carrying rate of hepatitis B surface antigen in my country has dropped significantly, but 5%-10%of people still have no response to hepatitis B vaccine. At present Most of the chronic hepatitis B virus infection is due to the mother and baby blocking the loser.Now that the most pregnant mother is pregnant, the most talked about the mother and baby blocking the mother and baby is more than 95%of the mother and baby’s mother -to -child blocking rate, but why are there some people who fail to fail?The main reason is that antiviral treatment is not performed in time during or before pregnancy.

At present, the guide pointed out that the HBV-DNA is greater than 2 × 105IU/ml at 28 weeks of pregnancy.Wave ester can continue pregnancy.After the production, newborns’ timely injection of hepatitis B immunoglobulin and hepatitis B vaccine can basically block the spread of hepatitis B virus 100 %.Review the five quantities of hepatitis B at the age of July or August at the newborns to see if there are protective antibodies.After the newborn has played hepatitis B immunoglobulin and hepatitis B vaccine, the five quantitative examinations of hepatitis B can not truly reflect the child’s immune state of hepatitis B virus.

So what is the safety of different types of vaccines?The benefits of the mother and the fetus during pregnancy must be greater than the risk.No evidence has shown that the active vaccine hurts women and fetuses.Safe live vaccines may be harmful to developing fetuses, so the maximum may be avoided during pregnancy.Toxins, activated vaccines, immunoglobulin preparations, and live virus and bacterial vaccines can enhance the immune state of the body.There is no evidence that it is not good for pregnancy or fetal pregnancy.If a pregnancy female accidentally inoculates a living virus vaccine or conceives within 4 weeks after vaccination, the potential impact of the vaccine on the fetus should be informed.Given that there is no proven harm, no need to terminate pregnancy due to the indication.

Many netizens ask questions, is it safe to injected hepatitis B vaccine?It is very safe to inject hepatitis B and hepatitis B vaccine. After injection of hepatitis B vaccine, as in most other vaccines, symptoms such as low fever and muscle soreness may occur. Generally, no special treatment is required, and symptoms will be relieved naturally.So is it safe to injected hepatitis B vaccine during pregnancy during pregnancy?

At present, our hepatitis B vaccine is a yeast reorganization vaccine (excluding consequences), which uses gene engineering to express the hepatitis B surface antigen according to the S gene sequence of the hepatitis B virus genome, but it does not contain the anterior S -region antigen, which only has antigenicity.It is not infectious, so that the hepatitis B surface antibody is stimulated to stimulate our body.Pregnant women are safe as long as the hepatitis B restructuring vaccine that does not contain a fabric, whether it is early or in the middle and late stages of pregnancy.If our spouse is a hepatitis B virus infection, if there is no hepatitis B protective antibody in pregnant women, hepatitis B vaccines can be injected during pregnancy.

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