I do n’t have fragrant food in the early pregnancy, and I vomit when I smell an inappropriate taste!what to do?There is a trick here

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In the early stages of pregnancy, because of the rise in human velvet gonad hormones, the mother’s intestinal peristalsis will become slower, so I feel that it is not delicious and has no appetite!

There will also be an early pregnancy response. I always want to vomit, and I finally spit out something.

Xuanmei is like this. In the early pregnancy, she had to eat a little bit every day, but she spit it out for a while, so she was very anxious and felt that she would affect her child’s health because she was pregnantAfter more than two years, she was pregnant with this child. If the child had any problems, she probably collapsed!

Xuan Mei went to consult her classmates, girlfriends, or even a doctor. Do you ask if there is any problem?And very anxious. Later, those who heard it said that most women would have pregnancy after pregnancy.

Tips 1: Eat some salty biscuits in the morning to avoid making yourself too hungry

Xuan Mei quickly placed a box of soda biscuits on the Internet. In the living room, the room was placed. When I got up in the morning, I drank a little water, and ate a small piece of biscuits, and then got a salty biscuit when she was hungry.The effect is really good, and the feeling of pregnancy is much lighter.

Tips 2: Eat less meals less

Before pregnancy, Xuanmei had three meals a day. Now she will use fruit milk and some whole wheat bread as a meal, so eat 5-6 meals a day, and only eat seven minutes each time.

It is recommended to eat less greasy frying food and consume more milk, eggs, fish and shrimp, and soy products. I really find that I have not vomited so seriously.

Tips: Eat more fruits and fruits when vomiting

Sydney, apples, and various vegetables in the house, so when she was vomiting, she rinsing her mouth and squeezed half an apple. The sour taste of apple can make her stomach feel more comfortable.

Tips 4: Use food to prevent pregnancy and vomiting

The suggestion is to eat some ginger tea. Ginger juice can prevent pregnancy. Xuanmei called a takeaway with a ginger bumping on the Internet. After trying it, I found that it felt a lot more comfortable.There is no feeling of vomiting after milk.Xuan Mei asked her aunt to learn ginger to bump milk. Every time she ate, her aunt did it for her.

And in addition to ginger, you can also drink some sugar -free cola, which is also very effective.

Tips 5: Food choices are particular

Eat more easy -to -digest, light foods, such as millet porridge, white porridge, noodles, steamed buns, etc. These high -carbohydrate foods stay in the stomach shorter, and replenish carbohydrates can also avoid the serious appearance of mother vomiting.The rise of urine body.

Xuanmei used to eat every day, and now changes to noodles or eat some white porridge. Xiaomi porridge feels that she feels so uncomfortable.

Tips: Avoid irritating taste

It is recommended to avoid some smoke and perfume flavor. Xuan Mei remembered that every time there were guests at home, if she smoked in the living room, she wanted to vomit as soon as she entered.

Later, she consciously avoided the environment of smoke. This kind of disgusting situation was well eased.

As a result, according to these small tricks, I spit it out so seriously, and the whole anxiety emotions were well eased.

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