I did n’t come for a week later, did I get pregnant?

Brother, I haven’t come 3 days this time.

Brother En, I haven’t come for a week later, is it pregnant?

It may be pregnant or not.

Isn’t this nonsense!Don’t worry, Brother En has a few tricks here, you can help judge.

In control it, it is more than ten yuan for pharmacies and supermarket convenience stores.Keep your urine and do it according to the manual, just measure the two poles.

This method tests the HCG in the urine. It can be detected in about one week after ovulation as soon as ovulation, and it is even more problematic for three or five days to come later.The accuracy is as high as 90%.

If you are too lazy, or if you do n’t want to go out too cold; or you ca n’t buy a pregnancy test stick for the Spring Festival, you can refer to the next big tricks.

After the last menstruation, there was no sexual life, not even the marginality, let alone a virgin.Menstruation will not be pregnant for a month later.

Girl, just a few years old, so bad, tease me?

If sexual life occurs, even scientific contraceptives, including short -acting contraceptives, full -process condoms, or breeding rings, they must be vigilant. Although there are very few, pregnancy still needs to be excluded.

The bilateral fallopian tubes are ligated, and the risk is smaller.Bilateral vasters ligated, it is hard to say …

In general, when you are pregnant, your body will be a bit or less responding. For example, starting from menstruation for about 2 weeks, nausea, vomiting, oily, and drowsiness may occur during pregnancy. It is called early pregnancy reactions.I often use this to remind the protagonist in film and television dramas, and we have to learn.

There are also breasts and nipple pain in pregnant women, deepening the areola color.

To be careful, you can find that about 1 week after ovulation, there is a little vaginal bleeding and lower abdomen.

Some girls are usually irregular menstruation or at the stage of pregnancy, and they may have been monitoring the basal body temperature.If the basal body temperature measured is at a high temperature phase at a high temperature phase, the possibility of pregnancy is more likely.

According to the theory of Chinese medicine, the pulse of pregnant women is different from ordinary people. In costume film and television dramas, this is one of the commonly used bridges.However, many Chinese medicine doctors now only pretend.Finally, you must not rely on the two tricks below.

This is a check that can only be conducted by the hospital, which is more accurate.Sometimes the pregnancy test stick cannot be found or not accurate, and the level of HCG can be detected by drawing blood.It is possible to get pregnant if it exceeds the reference range.

Many times, doctors may test the levels of progesterone and estradiol to judge the quality of the embryo at the same time.But it is not necessary.

All the big moves in front are just judging that they are not pregnant, but they are good or bad, and whether the pregnancy of the gestational sac is unable to judge.Only through B -ultrasound can you see these directly.This is also the ultimate big move of a doctor.

1. If menstruation is usually delayed for more than 1 week, it is more likely to pregnancy.

2. If menstruation is usually irregular, it cannot be judged based on menstruation, because it is not accurate whether menstruation delay.

3. No matter how lazy the girl, if the menstruation is delayed for 2-3 weeks, it is recommended to go to the hospital to see it.When you arrive at the hospital, doctors do not tangled if you are pregnant.

4. If there is no adverse pregnancy history (natural abortion, biochemical, embryo-stop, etc.), no stomach pain and bleeding, age is less than 35 years old, as long as the pregnancy test stick is prompted to get pregnant, the monthly passage period is 2-3 weeks, and then the B-ultrasound can be done.You don’t need to check more.

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