I dare to say that I have some loyal suggestions for the sisters who are pregnant

1. The fetus is small and eats more high -protein foods, such as durian, milk.

2. Read more books related to childcare during pregnancy, understand the precautions of confinement, and bring children’s knowledge.Otherwise, you don’t understand anything (scientific parenting, so as to be misled by mother -in -law)

3. After the third trimester of pregnancy, the fetus will rise, and the diet should be controlled to prevent the fetus from being too large (the sisters who are ready to give birth, pay more attention).

4. Tang Si does not need to be anxious, because the results of this test are inaccurate, and they can be directly overwhelmed. In general, there are no problems.

5. For sugar, eat normally on the day before the inspection, but fasting after nine o’clock, otherwise the test results will be affected.Checking the alarm time is long. It is recommended to go to the hospital for examination early and check early early to eat early.

6. Persist in drinking more milk during pregnancy and lactation, which has a great impact on the baby’s skin and height.I am a box of milk pure milk every morning and evening during pregnancy. The baby’s skin is unexpectedly white.(Bao Dad and I belong to medium height, and the skin is dark)

7. Four -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound, it is recommended to go to the hospital as soon as possible, but you can do it again at a time, so you can do it in the morning and save it back and forth.You can also bring your own sweets. The baby is active and easy to cooperate with the production inspection.

8. Pional heart monitoring can be from spare fetal heart monitoring bands to prevent cross infection.

9. Constipation during pregnancy is what most pregnant mothers experience. Pay attention to drinking plenty of water and walking. In severe cases, you can drink lactose sugar.I was a constipation during pregnancy. I seriously consult the lactose sugar that the doctor drank.

10. Calcium tablets can be eaten after 4 months of pregnancy, preferably two hours after meals


11. After the fetus stabilizes in the middle of pregnancy, you can follow the mobile phone G Move APP to do the Kiger movement, which will help enhance the pelvic floor muscle strength, enhance the power of childbirth, accelerate the second birth process, help childbirth, and prevent side cutting, help improve improvementPen base muscle relaxation, leakage urine and other postpartum damage.

12. Do not care too much about stretch marks. Most of them are related to personal constitution, but controlling weight during pregnancy is an effective way to reduce stretch marks.

13. You can bring some food during the checkup to prevent you and your baby who are hungry for too long.

14. Pay attention to counting fetal movements in the third trimester.

15. When the water is launched, go to the hospital directly. If you have a regular contraction or red, you don’t need to be too nervous. You can take a bath and then go.

16. Eat full before giving birth. You can bring some foods that supplement energy.

17. After giving birth to evil dew, it is more breathable with knife paper. I use the knife paper after giving birth

18. It may be possible to control the stool, and normal doctors are used to it.

19. I will go through many internal inspections, it will be a bit uncomfortable or even a little painful. Don’t be embarrassed, it will be much faster when you relax

20. After giving birth, a lot of sweat, prepare a few more pajamas, a little thinner.

21. The first urination for the first time after delivery will hurt. This is normal

22. Feed as much as possible to feed, sitting and feeding back pain, and it is easy to lose confinement disease.

Personal experience is truly shared, don’t be misjudgment, hoping to help novice mothers who are pregnant for the first time.

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