I can be abortion for a few days of pregnancy

How many days of pregnancy can I do abortion?

In fact, the flow of people is early and too late, "the best time to be abortion is about 45 days after pregnancy."Experts from gynecological hospitals remind female friends that if they are pregnant for a long time, and then abortion surgery, it will not be conducive to women’s body recovery after abortion.

1. The best time for abortion: The best time for women to perform abortion surgery between 30 and 50 days of pregnancy. This is because the uterus is not too large at this time. The fetus and the placenta have not yet formed.The operation time is short, and the recovery is also very fast. It has a small impact on the body. Therefore, it is generally recommended that women have abortion surgery. They must come to the hospital early.If this time exceeds this time, the surgery process will be more complicated. Similarly, the longer the time required for recovery after surgery, the greater the physical damage.

2. Premature people: Because the embryo has just begun to develop, it is still small.It is prone to air inhalation and leakage, which will cause the surgery to fail, or there will be incomplete abortion. If this is the case, you need to clear the palace again.Therefore, many women who are eager to solve "trouble" may wish to listen to the doctor’s advice and wait for surgery for a week or two.

3. Different from abortion: When women are 70 to 100 days pregnant, because the embryo gradually grows, the placenta has been formed, and the uterus has grown up. At this timeIt has a certain impact, but if women have to perform abortion at this time, they must come to a regular hospital.

Under normal circumstances, after confirming pregnancy, the time for abortion surgery is 40-50 days as the best surgery time.At this time, the embryo can be easily confirmed and facilitated for surgery. At this time, the surgery has less damage to the body, and the pain causes less, and the recovery speed will be the fastest.

After 10-14 weeks of pregnancy, due to the gradually forming of the embryo and the large volume, the abortion surgery is difficult to perform at this time, and the amount of bleeding during surgery will increase greatly, which will easily cause life risks, the safety factor is not high, postoperative postoperative after surgery, after surgeryThe recovery time is also long.

Once the pregnancy exceeds 14 weeks (about three months), it is not possible to have painless abortion surgery, but need to be hospitalized for induction of labor. Although this increases the pain and danger of surgery in pregnant women, it is the only remedy method.

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