I ca n’t sleep well during pregnancy, it turned out to be these six factors.

There is a good sleep during pregnancy. It is very important for pregnant moms and fetuses, but due to various factors such as hormones and body shapes during pregnancy, it is not easy to have good sleep.Due to the effect of pregnancy reactions and psychological changes during pregnancy, many expectant mothers will have poor sleep.

Long -term insomnia, multi -dream, etc. will adversely affect the physical and mental health of pregnant mothers and baby.So how to relieve sleep during pregnancy?What factors will affect the sleeping mother’s sleep?Let’s understand together.


Frequent urine

Of course, I can’t sleep well at night.Frequent urination is the most prone to pregnant mothers. Because the increasing uterus and fetal heads will squeeze the bladder, cause urine, and develop into frequent urination. This frequent urination phenomenon will seriously affect the sleep quality of pregnant women and lead to insufficient sleep in pregnant women.


Anxiety and stress

Pregnant mothers often worry about babies in their stomachs, fearing that the baby is unhealthy, or worry about encountering an emergency during production …

This has caused pregnant mothers to have nervousness and affect sleep at night.In addition, the work pressure and the abnormal work schedule will also affect the sleep quality of pregnant mothers.


Hormonal influence

Because of pregnancy, it will be affected by the progesterone in the body, emotional fluctuations, easy to be happy or temperament, and even cry and laugh.

What is incredible is that these changes are concentrated within 10 seconds, causing pregnant women to be in a sensitive period in psychology and spiritual, sometimes sad, sometimes excited, often cause insomnia, and even depression.


Change of eating habits

After pregnancy, due to pregnancy reactions and nutritional requirements, pregnant mothers will change to a certain amount of dietary habits.Just like some pregnant mothers will feel sick and want to vomit, which will affect the quality of sleep.

In addition, if the appetite during pregnancy is particularly good and eats and eats special food, it will not sleep well when it affects gastrointestinal function.And if you are interested in tea, coffee, fried food and other interested pregnant mothers, change the hormonal secretion in the body, which will also cause physical discomfort and cause insomnia.


Caculture, pain

Pregnant women are prone to calcium deficiency, and calcium deficiency can easily cause cramps. Especially in the middle of the night, it will be argued by cramps, which will seriously affect continues to fall asleep.

Secondly, due to the hormone secreted during pregnancy, especially the relaxation, it will cause various pain in the body of pregnant mothers and pain everywhere. How can I sleep?Intersection


Waist position

As the fetus is getting bigger and bigger in the stomach, pregnant mothers have begun to find proper and comfortable sleeping positions. The original supine and lying on their stomachs can no longer continue, especially the physical center of gravity has also changed.

I also have to protect the key parts subconsciously. On the one hand, it is not used to protect the stomach on the one hand. It is difficult to find a suitable posture.

How can I improve sleep quality?

1. If the leg cramps or posture are difficult to find in the middle of the night, you must adjust your posture, sleep asleep as far as possible, and pay attention to the warmth of the lower limbs.

2. Diet adjustment.Try to avoid food such as coffee, tea, fried, etc., which will affect emotions and not easy to fall asleep. Secondly, do not eat too much because of good appetite, which will naturally sleep naturally.

3. Release the pressure.Especially for women who are pregnant for the first time, psychological pressure will be too strong, and often nervous to sleep.Or because of anxiety, it is easy to be unhappy.Therefore, you should let go of your mind and adjust your breath before going to bed.

4. Good sleep environment.In addition to the comfortable bedding, you can also use music to relax the mood of pregnant women. It is recommended to listen to light music.

5. The rules of schedule.Sleep less during the day, sleep on time at night, ensure that sleep is regular, avoid sleeping too much during the day, it is even more excited at night, and it is easy to sleep.

6. Coordinate with your husband. You must help control your emotions from the side in pregnancy, especially when you are insomnia, do not worsen the psychological pressure caused by incomprehension.Under such an inclusive understanding, it not only guarantees the health of the baby, but also is conducive to the emotional cultivation between husband and wife.

Instructions for sleeping for pregnant women: It is recommended that pregnant women go to bed before 10 o’clock every night to ensure the 8-9 hours of sleep time.

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