I am pregnant, but my family does not agree to get married, and forced the child to break up with her boyfriend. What should I do?

Yesterday, my friend’s daughter suddenly found me, and weeping cried when she entered the door.I asked her why, and she told me: She was good at her twelve -year -old male, and she was pregnant. She dare not tell her parents and grandma.Later, the male colleague asked her parents to find her family to propose, and her parents and grandma knew about it.But I was afraid that my grandmother was angry and did not tell my grandmother about pregnancy, but because her boyfriend was too old, she would not get married.When her parents listened to her grandmother, they forced her to go to the hospital to kill her child and asked her to break up with her boyfriend.The girl said she loved her boyfriend very much. She didn’t want to break up. What should I do?

I told the girl: Now that you have killed the child and broke up with your boyfriend, I suggest that you can calm down for a while and raise your body.If you move over time, you still love your boyfriend, and your boyfriend still loves you. Then, you can tell your grandmother to tell your grandma truthfully, including your pregnancy and killing your child.Especially for grandma to show that you love your boyfriend very much, he also loves you, and explain that you want to marry him.I believe your grandma and your parents will agree because they love you.

However, as far as you are not married, I have given you a goodwill reminder: First, although you are 20 years old, you are at the age of the legal marriage, but after all, you are not married to your boyfriend.The unmarried pregnancy is a parent first, especially your grandmother’s cognition of the older generation.The elderly of a family are most afraid of being poked by others, saying that their children have such problems such as injuries and winds.

Second, in our traditional marriage concept, boys are three to five years older than girls, and do not exceed ten years older. This is acceptable to the older generation.In fact, this also makes sense.On the one hand, it is because of the physiological problems of men and women.If men and women are too old, the life of husband and wife will be affected in the future.The other party is old to old.Affected by the traditional concept, the choice of husband and wife is the choice of thousands of people, that is, fate, and even God’s will and fate.The ancients believed that the best and most successful couples in the world should be like this: it can not be born in the same day and the same day, but it has to die on the same day and the same day.I know I can’t do it, but this is the beautiful and happy couples pursued in the past.From this perspective, the age gap is large, and the time of the future husband and wife will be relatively shortened.

So, I tell the girl again, you should learn to think in other places and understand the distress of your grandma and your parents.These unreasonable rude practices are actually love for you, for your holy reputation and marriage of a happy garden for you, then ask you to kill your child and break up with your boyfriend.

I explicitly stated my point to the girl:

1. Although I do n’t agree with and do n’t support them to roughly interfere with children ’s love marriage, but children should understand one truth: love is a matter of two people, but marriage is a matter of two families, especially if you are unmarriedPregnancy, saying that the wind and the wind and the vulgarity are a little too old, but at least it is not protected by law, and it is not praised by the world.

2. Although feelings and love are personal things, they are inseparable from the blessings of family members and the help of the family.For example, happiness in love and the problems encountered should be shared with family members to seek help from family members.If the girl wants to tell the grandmother and her parents truthfully early to deal with her feelings and marriage, I believe that there should be a better way and ending.

3. One of the facts that cannot be denied. From the unreasonable and rude practices of girl parents and parents, I also saw their care and love for their children, but also the hypocrisy of their inner selfish and arrogant ignorance.In particular, the disrespect and trampling of the feelings of children is incompatible with the civilization era of today’s society.

I wrote here, and I suddenly remembered a sentence I said in an article: feelings are personal and family; love is selfless, but two -way.

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