I am pregnant and get pregnant!Complain about me?

Seriously, I personally, I personally, there is no feeling!In the contraceptive measures, I think the Announcement Ring is one of the oldest ways, and I hardly advocate women to do so.However, since many fans are concerned, whether the Anhuan can effectively contraception, then Teacher Wu will explain the problem of the ringing contraception.

★ ▼ ★ When it comes to contraception, you must first understand a fact: any contraceptive measures cannot be 100%contraception!Let me give you statistics how high the adverse success of each of the common contraceptive measures is:

1. Calculate the success rate of the safety period 75%

2. The success rate of taking contraceptives is 98%

3. The success rate of the set is 85%. If you learn the correct use method, the success rate can be increased to 98%(so, wearing a set is also a technical job!)

4. Ann’er’s success rate is 98%. Even if it is the IUD with the highest success rate, the success rate can only reach 99%!

▼ In terms of contraceptive success, An Huaner’s success rate is the highest!However, these statistics are not necessarily credible!There is a fans who have been in a loop accidentally.

Therefore, Anhuan can’t guarantee that you are not pregnant!And I don’t understand, just 1%gap, why can’t I use a sleeve, throw it directly after use, why do I have to be safe?Teacher Wu feels that there are so many ways to have so many ways in the world.

▼ For Anhuan, what do you need to know:

1. Not everyone can be safe, those who have gynecological diseases or similar symptoms (including "aunt" irregular) 2

, Can’t/I don’t want to take contraceptives, so I can’t/don’t want to use a sleeve.

3. There are not 3 benefits. For long contraception, reduce the amount of aunt, and alleviate the pain of the aunt.(Metal Bareer: 8-10 years; Plastic Breitherators: 3 ~ 5 years; Drug Subtotors: 1 year)

4. Best placement time: On the 5th day after menstruation, the thinnest endometrium is the best.Avoid excessive bleeding and reduce infection.(Can’t love love within 3 weeks!)

5. The types and functions of the ring of the ring: ① The inner ring of the palace: The essence of the internal inner in the palace is the curettage of the curettage. Most of the domestic women in China have adopted this after marriage.② In inertia (circular) ring: a contraceptive ring made of stainless steel wire or plastic and silicone.The circular ring is easy to fall off, and the palace mouth is not suitable.③ Copper (T -type) ring: At present, the most widely used active internal education device.Type T is suitable for women who are unprepared and narrow.(Disable of copper allergies) ④ Release progesterone rings: reduce bleeding and increase contraceptive rate ⑤ Release the hemostatic drug ring: can effectively control the increase in menstrual flow after the upper ring

6. It is best to take the ring within 6 to 12 months after menopause. Early extraction will affect the effect of contraception, and late extraction may cause shedding and infection.(Do not take it in time, the consequences are very serious!)

▼ The disadvantages of Anhuan are far greater than the benefits of physical disadvantages. (This is why Teacher Wu has always been indifferent to it, and it is not recommended!) The consequences of the upper ring may cause:

① Bleeding (3-4 days after the ring)

② Increased menstruation (within 3 months after the Anhuan)

③ Pain in the lower abdomen (just a foreign body, it can disappear after adapting) these three types of normal reactions after the ring, and do not need to seek medical treatment.

④ Increase leucorrhea (do not pay attention to hygiene, inappropriate cleaning)

⑤ Infection (early "early" pop ", copper allergy, ring body falling off)

⑥ Increase the risk of ectopic pregnancy and cancer (about 4%). If the above three cases occur, you must go to the hospital for treatment.The safety period is not safe at all; contraceptives cannot be taken for a long time; Anhhuan is not sinned, and it cannot guarantee success of contraceptives. More seriously, it increases the chance of women’s gynecological diseases.I can’t spend a few money for you to buy it.After using it, just throw it up and finish it, it is harmful to your body!If you can use it, it is similar to the effect of eating contraceptives!Why bother!Intersection

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