I am pregnant again?Taiwan media revealed that Da S has been pregnant for 2 months, fans: Is this not life?

No one can catch love forever, but people will always enjoy love.This sentence is placed on Da S, and it is not suitable.Earlier, Wang Xiaofei had given birth to two children, and the ghost door closed her two.Some Taiwanese media broke the news and became pregnant again. The fans exploded: "Isn’t this life?"

The wise man does not enter the river, and it is a good thing to be moisturized by happiness. This year, the big S and Ge Junjun are the highest topic of the star. The compound of the century, work together to enter the palace of marriage.The people who eat melon are like happiness. They took a bite in the melon shed, and they finally stopped. The Taiwan media reported that the news of the two months of pregnancy was two months pregnant, which once again triggered a discussion.

Regarding the news of Big S and Ge Junjun, this year has never been interrupted, and there are endless topics, which is comparable to the "large dog blood platform drama".In order to share the difficulty of falling in love, by the way, it improved the popularity. Some time ago, Ge Junzhang reviewed the path of "running to happiness" in a variety show, and took a close photo of two people.

Many people are curious. Why do people who once loved each other parted ways?Gu Junzhang took all the problems on his own, and bluntly did not want to put pressure on the people around him. After weighing the pros and cons, he chose to leave, very regretful.When the two were young, they had the idea of elopement vigorously.

However, after two people were sad for a night, the impulse in their hearts gradually calmed down.After being separated from Big S, although Ge Junxuan had emotional life, he was particularly concerned about each other in his heart. This friendship was buried in his heart.Later, he put his focus on his career and tried to cross this chapter.

As the only son in the family, his mate selection standard is very clear that "must not divorce", but no one can predict the results of the relationship.After many years of hard work, I have not found a suitable person. Later, after I heard that Da S’s divorce, the dusty memory was awakened.

He suddenly met. It turned out that he had been put down for so many years, and he had not forgotten it for a moment.With his heart, he dialed the big S’s phone, and the thousands of words in his heart didn’t know where to start. In the end, he said, "Hi, I am a bald head."

The memories in Big S’s mind, like playing movies, appeared in front of them.Summer is between two people, but there is no complaint with each other.For boys who were not brave enough for love, this time, the big S catered up and talked about getting married.

Two people missed too much, from the appearance of the green to middle age, Gu Junyi didn’t want to lose it again.During the video, I kneel directly to propose. Big S burst into tears and said, "I am willing."This is a scene she once dreamed of, and she was extravagant. In order to see the beloved, Ge Junyi immediately moved to Taiwan.

The two people met for the first time after many years, holding and crying for more than ten minutes, and Ge Junzheng’s distressed Da S’s encounters over the years. Big S is more like telling "why, you are late."Later, Gu Junzhang released the registration photo of the two people’s marriage. The two hearts of "love each other" finally reached the name of his wish.

It can be seen that Ge Junzheng was very happy, and his face was filled with a smile.Praise his wife has become the norm, and people can "fulfill their dreams" in middle age. When they meet the right person in the wrong time, how happy they are lost.There are no waves of waves. After the two people get married, whether the big S will have fertility has become the most concerned thing for fans.

The Taiwan media came up, and the news of Da S was 2 months pregnant.The news also claimed that Ge Junzhang was old and his mother was very happy. It is said that taking antihypertensive drugs to restore the mood.But fans are convinced of the news, knowing that Big S is 45 years old.

When I gave birth to a second child, I was injured. I rescued twice during the production, and I lived in the ICU for a while.Because of this production, the physical condition is getting worse, and the sequelae of epilepsy have been maintained by drugs.How can I watch my wife so much that I love Da S so deeply, and go through it again?

Obviously, the authenticity of this rumor needs to be verified. Previously, during the interview with the media, Ge Junyi was the only child and was asked if he would have another child., But if conditions permit, you still want a child.

It can be seen that this man’s heart is longing for children.But for the sake of his wife’s health, this incident was put aside.After the media exposed, fans started a fierce discussion. Some people felt that the big S was too hard. In order to get the mother -in -law’s favor, they ignored their safety.

Some people are worried that the 45 -year -old has been designated as an elderly mother. When he had a second child for Wang Xiaofei, he had a lot of sins. Big S’s body was not enough to bear.Nowadays, a daughter is with her, and there is no need to take risks at all. If she insists on giving birth, it is likely to cause a certain degree of damage to her body.

However, from the standpoint of Ge Junzhang, the completeness of a family and the crystallization of love are essential.It was a pity without the fusion of blood, without the fusion of blood.As a son, how to explain to his mother is also a difficult issue.

However, this incident has not been confirmed at present, and fans also speculate and discuss.I believe that Big S and her family will not agree to do this.Although children can make marriage relatively stable, make couples more tender, and change their identity and role.

But Wang Xiaofei’s child can also let Ge Junye feel the happiness of being a father.After many years, it is already a signing of the forefront. Life is not as good as the best, and it is naturally the best choice.Fans should also look rationally, and they should not go online to attack.

From the "reunion" of the two to the palace of marriage together, it is not easy.There are many trivial matters in halfway. What is the future? The onlookers cannot know that time is the best proof.Looking at many previous reports, the two are very sweet, so I wish the couple and a white head together.

As for the "pregnancy rumor", it has not been confirmed so far. What is the situation, wait for the official announcement of the two protagonists.The hair is a husband and wife, and love is not doubtful. A thoughtful woman such as Big S must also seriously consider the situation of her husband.But in the final analysis, this is the housework of celebrities, and fans are more useless.

What do you think about this?

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