I am 50 years old and secretly undergone ligation surgery, but my wife told me that she was pregnant. Is this mine?

[Fan Come on] I am 50 years old and raise two children with my lover.When both of our children have grown up, when we began to enjoy the tranquil world, I decided to make a decision I think is a wise decision — the vasization tube ligation surgery.I didn’t tell her that I wanted her to be at ease and no longer worry about the problem of accidental pregnancy.This is my secret, I think this is my protection of her.

However, after a normal dinner, I accepted a message that made me incredible.My wife looked at me with a smile, holding a pregnancy test stick in her hand, and she told me that she was pregnant.This news looks like a nightmare for me, I can’t believe it.I have undergone ligation surgery, how could she get pregnant?

Uncertainty and doubt hovering in my mind, I began to doubt whether she was sorry for me.I tried to deal with it calmly, but I couldn’t do it.So I quarreled with her and asked if she betrayed me.She looked shocked and sad.

[Doctor answers] Volticism ligation surgery, also known as male sterilization surgery, is a common way of contraception.It ligates male vasters to block the smooth flow of sperm, thereby achieving the effect of contraception.However, many people have doubts about whether there is still the possibility of pregnancy after surgery.This article will explore the chances of pregnancy after the vollar ligation surgery and introduce the possible causes.

1. Principles and effects of transparent tube ligation surgery

Volticism ligation surgery is a permanent contraceptive method, which is often used for men’s choice of no longer fertility.Through resection or ligating the vascus tube, surgery blocked the channels for sperm to enter the ejaculation essence through the vasal tube during ejaculation, so that the sperm cannot achieve the purpose of fertilization of the eggs and achieve contraception.The operation usually has a high degree of effect and can reach more than 99%of the contraceptive rate.

2. There is still the possibility of pregnancy after surgery

Although the contraceptive effect of the vascular ligation surgery is usually very reliable, it is still possible to get pregnant in a few cases.There are several main reasons:

Postoperative resume: In a few cases, the vasters may resume unobstructed itself.Although the surgery is removed or ligated, the regeneration ability of the vollar tube may make it recover smoothly after a period of time.In this case, sperm can reaches the eggs, leading to the possibility of pregnancy.

Sperm left over before surgery: Before the vollar ligation surgery, there may be sperm that has been formed in men.These sperm can survive for a period of time after surgery, and continue to exist in unligable vasters.Therefore, during the period of surgery, there may still be risk of pregnancy.

Error operation: Although the transparent ligation surgery is a relatively safe and effective operation, there is a certain possibility of human errors in the process of surgery.There may be a situation where the vastered pipe may not be completely linked or the expected effect is not achieved at the operation. This may also lead to the reappearance of the vasters after surgery, which may occur in the risk of pregnancy.

Third, the possibility of preventing and cope with pregnancy

For those who are worried about the risk of pregnancy after the vascular ligation surgery, the following prevention and response measures can be taken:

Postoperative confirmation: Regular review after surgery is very important.By reviewing, the effect of ligation can be determined to ensure that the surgery meets the expected contraceptive effect.

Comprehensive contraception method: For couples who are worried about the risk of pregnancy after surgery, a comprehensive contraceptive method can be adopted.For example, use condoms or other contraceptives after surgery to increase the reliability of contraception.

Conditioning surgery: For those who really worry about the risk of pregnancy after surgery, you can consider re -ligation surgery.Covering surgery can further reduce the risk of pregnancy and provide additional protection.

Fourth, precautions and risk prompts

Although the vasters ligation surgery is a relatively safe and effective contraceptive method, there are still some precautions and risks that need to be considered:

Permanent contraception: Volticism ligation surgery is a permanent contraceptive method. Once surgery is performed, it will be difficult to reverse.Therefore, before making a decision, men should carefully consider their plans for their future fertility.

Not immediately effective: After surgery, there may still be leftover sperm in men, and it takes a period of time to completely remove it.During this period, it is recommended to continue to adopt other reliable contraception methods.

Surgical complications: Volticism ligation surgery may cause surgical complications, such as infection, bleeding, pain or swelling.Before surgery, you should learn more about the risk of the operation and closely observe whether there are abnormal symptoms after surgery.

Psychological impact: The psychological impact of vasters ligation surgery on men may be a problem.Some men may feel anxious, lose their confidence, or have negative emotions for the life of husband and wife.Before and after surgery, it is recommended to communicate and support with your partner.

Volticism ligation surgery is usually an efficient and reliable contraceptive method that can effectively prevent pregnancy.However, in a few cases, there is still the possibility of pregnancy after surgery.Regular review after surgery, adopted comprehensive contraception methods, and considering ligation surgery can help reduce the risk of pregnancy.The most important thing is that before considering the vitamin ligation surgery, men should fully communicate and understand the effects and risks of the operation to make wise decisions.

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