Hubei women’s transplant baby’s kidney and kidney successfully pregnancy and childbirth after three years

Medical staff sends cakes and warm winter supplies to Meimei and children

China News Service Hubei News, December 11 (Nie Wenwen Peng Jinxian Liu Kunwei) Three years ago, Hubei women Meimei (pseudonym) underwent baby kidney transplant surgery for kidney failure; 3 years later, she successfully gave birth to a baby girlEssenceOn December 11, the medical staff of Wuhan Union Hospital sent cakes and warm winter items to the extraordinary mother and daughter.

Meimei is a native of Jingzhou, Hubei. At the age of 14, she had symptoms such as urination with blood and lower limbs.In June 2017, her nephritis developed into renal failure. She accepted kidney transplant in September of that year. The donor came from a baby weighing 3.7 kg.

After surgery, the kidney of two quail eggs gradually grew to the size of the kidneys near normal adults. Most of the complications of Memei were cured, and their lives returned to normal.

After getting married, Meimei especially wanted a child.Mei Mei will tell the thought of pregnancy and tell Wuhan Union Hospital Professor Wang Zhendi.After inspection, Meimei renal function is well recovered and can conceive, but there is a hypertension and mild proteinuria.Wang Zhendi removed the drugs that affected pregnancy and fetal development in advance, adjusted the antihypertensive drugs and immunosuppressive programs, and contacted the deputy director of the obstetrics of the hospital, Professor Zhao Yin to escort Meimei for pregnancy.

Last year, after 6 months of drug adjustment, Mei Mei naturally conceived.At 35 weeks of pregnancy, Meimei had difficulty in controlling hypertension and hypertrophymia.The doctor performed a caesarean section for Mei Mei on December 3, and gave birth to a 5 -pound heavy baby girl.

Zhao Yin reminded that women who have been diagnosed with chronic nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, hypertension, diabetes, and rheumatism and immune diseases should not be reckless.Patients with kidney transplantation need to be checked regularly during pregnancy, strictly monitor and evaluate the fetal condition, and need to regularly review urine routine, renal function and blood pressure.(over)

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Source: China News Network

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