How to spend during pregnancy

Unconsciously, it has reached the second trimester (fourteen weeks of pregnancy to 27 weekends). After experiencing early pregnancy, congratulations to the prospective mothers to break through the level. The most dangerous period has passed.

The physical response that expectant mothers may appear

1. fetal movement

The expectant mother was about 18-20 weeks of pregnancy and began to feel the fetal movement. At this time, the fetal movement was very mild, as if something was moving in the stomach, and sometimes it was like a small fish vomiting bubbles.As the gestational week increases, fetal movement will become more and more obvious.However, the time of feeling of fetal movement varies from person to person. There are early and late, such as obese expectant mothers may feel weaker.

2. Stretch marks appear

As the expectant mother’s uterus becomes larger, and the expectant mother’s appetite becomes better, and the weight growth is too fast, some expectant mothers will have stretch marks.The long and not stretch marks have something to do with the physical fitness of the prospective mother.It is recommended that expectant mothers apply moisturizing cream or olive oil after taking a shower to make the abdominal skin moisturize, massage appropriately, and increase skin elasticity.

3. Back pain

With the increase of the uterus, the physical center of gravity of the expectant mother will move forward, and she will not consciously move forward, causing the spine to temporarily deform and increase the burden of lumbar spine and tail spine, so the expectant mother will feel back pain.It is recommended that expectant mothers do not stand or sit for a long time, often move activities, and wear a pair of comfortable shoes.

4. Digestive, constipation

During the large process of the fetus, the internal organs will be squeezed, which will weaken the gastrointestinal motility, which may cause constipation to cause constipation.It is recommended that expectant mothers eat less meals to balance nutrition and defecate on time.

5. Leg cramps

Due to the gains and weight of the expectant mother, the physical center of gravity, the increase in legs, the leg muscles are in a state of fatigue, or the expectant mother’s legs are cold, and the sleeping posture may cause leg cramps.Most of them are at night. If you get up in the morning and stretch your waist, your feet, abdomen and waist muscles may also cramp.

Mom change and baby change in the middle of pregnancy

Because the placenta has formed in the second trimester, the fetus has entered a relatively safe stage. In addition, the expectant mother’s early pregnancy response disappeared, her mood was more happy, and her appetite was very good.Let’s take a look at the changes of expectant mothers and fetal babies every week.

Dietary Guide in the second trimester

During the rapid growth of the fetus in the middle of pregnancy, pregnant women need to supplement a large amount of energy, balance their diet, and pay attention to nutrition.According to the pyramid supplemented by a balanced dietary nutrition, water, grains, vegetables, fruits, meat, meat, eggs, milk, oil, etc. must be intake to ensure nutritional balance.The weight in the middle of pregnancy is generally controlled by 0.3 to 0.5 kg per week.

1. Increase the main food intake

Some expectant mothers think that in the middle of pregnancy, animal foods such as fish and meat should be eaten to ensure enough nutrition to the fetus.In fact, too much intake of animal foods will lead to excess heat energy, which not only wastes, but also easily causes the bodies of expectant mothers.Therefore, the intake of main food should be increased in the second trimester, saving protein, and ensuring the growth of fetus and the growth of expectant mothers.

2. Eat more animal internal organs

Animal internal organs are not only rich in high -quality protein, but also contain certain vitamins and inorganic salts. These foods do not have, animal organs, and liver best.In the second trimester, expectant mothers need to increase significantly for hemoglobin iron, riboflavin, folic acid, vitamin A and other nutrients. To this end, it is recommended that expectant mothers in the middle of pregnancy consume at least once a week of animal organs.

3. Increase oil intake (vegetable oil, nuts, etc.)

In the middle of pregnancy, the fetal body and brain development are accelerated. The demand for lipid and essential fatty acids increases, and it must be supplemented in time.Therefore, the amount of vegetable oil used in cooking should be increased in the second trimester, namely soybean oil, peanut oil, rapeseed oil, etc.In addition, mothers in the middle of pregnancy can also choose foods with high fat content such as peanuts, walnuts, sunflower seeds, and sesame.Increase nuts supplement.

4. Eat less

Moms in the middle of pregnancy have better appetite, and the amount of feeding per meal increases.However, with the increase of the gestational week, the uterus may squeeze the stomach when entering the abdominal cavity, and the expectant mothers may have a fullness of stomach.It is recommended that expectant mothers appropriately reduce the amount of per meal, so as to be comfortable, and increase the number of meals at the same time, 4 to 5 meals a day.

Inspection of expectant mothers in the middle of pregnancy

The 2nd checkup: 16 weeks of pregnancy

Production inspection items: blood pressure, weight, palace height, abdominal circumference, fetal heart rate, middle pregnancy Tang’s blood screening

For the second production inspection, the most important item was Tang’s screening. During the Donald screening, the food and water were discontinued after 12 pm the day before the inspection.In some places, Tang’s blood screening was canceled, and non -invasive DNA examination was performed directly (also blood test).

3rd checkup: 20 weeks of pregnancy

Production inspection items: blood pressure, weight, bottom height, abdominal circumference, fetal heart rate, B -ultrasound fetal deformity screening (four -dimensional large arranging), blood routine, urine routine, etc.

The most important thing in the third production inspection project is the four -dimensional large abnormalities. At about 20 weeks of pregnancy, the ultrasonic examination is performed. The inspection is more careful.

The 4th checkup: 24 weeks of pregnancy

Production test items: blood pressure, weight, bottom height, abdominal circumference, fetal heart rate, sugar resistance screening, blood routine, urine routine, etc.

The most important item is the screening of gestational diabetes -sugar tolerance screening, which is generally done in the 24th week of pregnancy.Do not eat after 8 pm the day before the sugar tolerance screening, and drink less water.

The 5th checkup: 28 weeks of pregnancy

Production inspection items: blood pressure, weight, bottom height, abdominal circumference, fetal heart rate, obstetrics B -ultrasound, blood routine, urine routine, etc.

Precautions in the middle of pregnancy:

1. Balanced nutrition, not picky eaters

The prospective mothers in the middle of pregnancy are in good condition, especially most expectant mothers have reacted early pregnancy, their appetite becomes very good, and her appetite is open. However, expectant mothers should pay more attention to weight control at this time.Pay attention to the nutritional elements that are beneficial to the healthy development of fetal baby.In short, in the middle of pregnancy, you need to balance your diet. Fifty valleys, fruits, vegetables, milk, and meat foods must be eaten and rational. There are many tricks.

2. Guarantee adequate sleep

Many expectant mothers will feel listless during the day, have no spirit, and are related to their own sleep conditions, such as staying up late, insomnia, poor sleep environment, etc., which can easily lead to trapped the next day.It is recommended to go to bed early and get up early and ensure high -quality sleep for eight hours.

3. Wear the right underwear

In the second trimester, not only will the abdomen become larger, but the chest will become larger. In order to be more comfortable, expectant mothers also need to replace the appropriate size underwear.In addition, to choose some loose cotton clothing with good elasticity and breathable, be sure to ensure comfortable dressing, not too tight, pay attention to personal hygiene, and change underwear.

4. Avoid moving heavy objects

The expectant mother needs the abdomen force when moving the heavy object, so it is easy to hurt the baby. It is recommended that the expectant mothers choose "coquettish" at this time. Let’s handle it to the family like a heavy object.

5. Control weight

Most older people feel that the more you eat, the better, and you can eat more baby to develop healthy.It is not conducive to fetal development and is not conducive to production.

Written at the end:

For the first time, I felt the fetal movement and the first time I saw the baby through the B -ultrasound. For the first time, we would be extremely excited. As a expectant mother, we are looking forward to seeing the cute little baby. I hope that every expectant mother canPing peace over the middle of pregnancy and smoothly welcome the late pregnancy.

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