How to solve those three things after pregnancy?There is really no one who has this couple

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My girlfriend is a little later than me. Now my baby is almost going to kindergarten. Her baby will only be on the pregnancy period next week.Yesterday afternoon, she asked me to drink afternoon tea together, saying that her baby was about to be born and was a bit nervous and scared. It made me an experienced person enlighten her. By the way, what preparations need to be made.Looking at the love of girlfriends for so many years, accompany her to relive the most painful memories.

When I drank afternoon tea, my girlfriend completely lost the modest gesture on the phone, but has been telling how hard she has been in the past 9 months.I listened quietly and said, as if I hadn’t experienced it.When my girlfriend said the three most amazing things after her pregnancy, I really didn’t get strangled.


The girlfriend said that she told her husband immediately after she knew she was pregnant, and forced her husband to vow to vowed to have a non -distinction to her during pregnancy.Girlfriend made her husband swear: "If I think of my wife during my wife’s pregnancy, let the child come out without a small asshole." I really don’t know who the child is recruited.Why do you have to take your child to guarantee?I don’t know how big the shadow area will be when the child grows up when he grows up.

prenatal education

The dream of girlfriends when she was a child was jumping ballet, but she gave up her dream after meeting her husband.Girlfriend said that her husband destroyed her dream, so she wanted to rebuild her dream on her child.The prenatal education content of the girlfriend’s house is to let the girlfriend’s husband learn two goose every night, saying that "Swan Lake" is the most famous ballet, so let the fetus get the sound of the goose from a young age, so that the fetus can be interested in geese.EssenceBut when I always feel that my girlfriend’s child grows up, I will run when I hear the goose.

To the restroom

Because the girlfriend’s body is fatter, it is inconvenient to act more than 7 months of pregnancy.When going to the toilet at night, she needs her husband’s help. Later, the girlfriend’s husband installed a toilet for his girlfriend in the bedroom.Because the sound of flushing will be particularly loud, and the girlfriend will find two earbuds to block her husband’s ears before going to the toilet.Fortunately, it only takes about 10 months of pregnancy, otherwise I really don’t know what the strange couple can make some strange things.

What experience do you have during pregnancy?


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