How to relieve the swelling of the feet in pregnant women

Many pregnant women have foot swelling during pregnancy, and edema is a normal phenomenon.But what is the cause of the swollen feet of pregnant women? How to relieve swelling? What shoes are suitable? I believe that many pregnant mothers do n’t know much, but it ’s okay. Today I will take you to understand this knowledge.Causes of swelling of pregnant women.

Pregnant mothers have foot swelling during pregnancy, and edema are common phenomena.If edema is obvious and there is no way to relieve it, we should pay attention to our usual diet.To reduce the amount of salt and water, eat more fruits every day, which will greatly relieve the phenomenon of foot swelling.

1. If you find your ankles, calves, arms, or your face from one day, you will be swollen, and your fingers are swollen and pressed down. After pressing down, the skin will be obviously recessed without soon, not soon it will not soon beRestore, this means that you have encountered edema during pregnancy.

2. There are many causes of edema. The pregnancy of the uterine compresses the lower cavity veins, which is blocked by the venous blood flow; the placental secretion of hormones and the aldosterone secreted by the adrenal gland increased, causing sodium and moisture retention in the body;Heavier anemia, low plasma protein, water from the vascular tissue gap from the vascular, and so on.But don’t worry, the water that stays in your body after you give birth to your baby will gradually discharge, and your edema will disappear.

3. Theoretically, the symptoms can be divided into two types during pregnancy. One is normal, and the other is abnormal. The characteristics of normal pregnancy and foot swelling are on both sides of the lower limbs and ankles.A "concave edema" can appear in front of the calf, that is, a depression appears where the fingers are pressed with your fingers; after 6 to 8 hours of rest, the legs and foot swelling disappear.

How to relieve foot swelling

1. Diet conditioning

First of all, you should pay attention to the diet and pay attention to the adjustment of the diet.Keep the food light as much as possible in daily diet to avoid being too salty and too greasy; to ensure the intake of high -quality protein; at the same time, control the intake of moisture, keep on demand intake, and avoid drinking too much water.

2. Perform appropriate exercise

Most pregnant women’s foot swelling is not serious because of long -term standing or sitting. What should you do if your feet swelling? We can perform some proper exercises. For exampleTake a walk; the pregnant mother who takes a long time can get up for a period of time to move and move the muscles; you can massage your lower body slightly when you take a bath; in addition, swimming can also reduce the swelling of the feet, but you cannot exercise vigorously, otherwise it will be counterproductive.

3. Reasonable use of the belt zone

With the continuous growth of the baby, the uterus continuously expands the meridians of the lower limbs, which leads to poor blood circulation in the lower limbs.

Under normal circumstances, in the foot swelling caused by non -disease factors, pregnant women can pay more attention to their diet, reduce salt intake, eat less salt and soy sauce, and eat less pickles.

What to eat for pregnant women with swollen feet

Pregnant women may have edema during pregnancy. Many pregnant women and friends do not know this phenomenon, so they want to know some swelling methods to introduce a dietary recipe for the treatment of edema!

Wine brewed egg bag dumplings

Ingredients: 1 tablespoon of wine, 60 grams of dumplings without filling, 1 egg, white sugar.

Method: Add a cup of water to a half cup of water to the pot and put it in the dumplings. When the dumplings are cooked until it starts to float, add wine to make it, and then boil to put sugar.

Beef is glyphosine, sugar, organic acids, vitamin B1, B2, etc., can nourish qi, Jinjin, promoting blood circulation, dispersing knots, and swelling.This meal can minimize breakfast sodium salt intake.It is not only conducive to the swelling of pregnant mothers, but also suitable for breastfeeding moms.

In addition, fruits such as melon and watermelon juice are rich in potassium and fruit sugar that cannot be quickly used by the body, which can reduce water in the body; fish, old ducks and other foods can improve the swelling caused by body deficiency.In order to reduce the intake of sodium salt (salt, soy sauce, pickled food), the selected cooking method is best to replace the general fried fried fried.

Although the edema of pregnant women is normal, the edema is very obvious. If there is no way to reduce it, you must pay attention. It is best to go to the hospital to check it. Don’t take it lightly.

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