How to maintain the female cat during pregnancy, you want to know that the pregnant cat has all here

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I do n’t know if you have been a "pick -up" for his cat owner. Did you feel at a loss when the cat was pregnant? I do n’t know how to supplement the cat during pregnancy and what nutrition should I need to supplement?Today, as a shit officer who has experienced some experience, I have compiled some dry goods for your reference to help everyone understand some female cats’ pregnancy and breastfeeding.The arrival of a small life.

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In order to obtain high -quality and sufficient nutrition, kittens need healthy milk.Within 24 hours after birth, the kitten obtains the mother’s biography and nutrition from the female cat’s milk. Therefore, the parents of the kitten should provide healthy and nutritious food for the mother cats during the production period.

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Start ingesting the right nutrition as soon as possible

Pregnant female cats should eat foods rich in protein, vitamins and minerals, and eat in the last few weeks of pregnancy.In the last three to around the pregnancy, it gradually turns to high -quality kitten canned food to mix new and old food to prevent indigestion.Female cats should always eat kittens before weaning.

So how should the female cats supplement during pregnancy?

1. Some cats have loss of appetite when they are pregnant, and soon have appetite.After pregnancy to the third week, the amount of food will even increase greatly.

2. Supplement high -quality protein, calcium, and calories.For example, cooked chicken breasts, cooked beef, cooked egg yolk, etc., mix into cat food and feed them together.Among the food, at least 30 % of protein should be contained.


3. Or switch to high -quality kitten food, nutritional supplements can be appropriately reduced, occasionally with canned meat.

4. The more you get to the end of pregnancy, the cat cannot eat the nutrition you need in 2 meals a day, so the number of feeding is increased.Leave a bowl of cat food when going out to make cats free to eat.

5. Other nutritional supplements, including kitten’s special goat milk powder, Anbei cat meal, etc.

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6. The diet during pregnancy is mainly nutritious and sufficient. Although it is necessary to make up, it is not possible to eat fat, but it will cause production difficulties.

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Female cats are supplemented after giving birth:

1. For two or three days, according to the weight during pregnancy, breastfeeding female cats also need high protein and calories.

2. The kitten starts to grow up. The female cat needs more nutrition because of breastfeeding. The amount of food will even be 3 to 4 times more than the pregnancy period, so don’t be afraid to feed too much.

3. The female cat secreted a group of kittens to be fed, which requires a lot of water, and sufficient clean water is also essential.


4. Calculation of feeding meters, the easiest way is to observe the body of the female cat. If it is a bit thin, eat more!

5. Full nutrition and calories are more important than weight.If the food contains too many indigestible fibers, in order to absorb sufficient nutrition, the female cat has to eat more desperately. As a result, the diarrhea or stool has a lot of stool.The quality of food.

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6. Calcium is a particularly important supplement, with high -quality food.If calcium is lacking, it usually leads to a fatal disease called eclampsia (referring to diseases that occur in late pregnancy, symptoms are hypertension, abnormal weight and convulsions).

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The importance of mother’s nutrition

The first milk secreted by female cats is called colostrum, which is the main source of nutritional sources of immune antibodies and hydraulic effects required for nursing kittens.On the first day of the female cat, the basic nutrients were passed to the kittens by protein antibodies, vitamins, and electrolytes.

Therefore, breastfeeding within 24 hours after the birth of the kitten is crucial. These parent antibodies can prevent fatal diseases, such as cats as white cells, and kittens fed immediately after birth will not obtain such immunity.force.

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