How to feed in the later stages of pregnancy?Precautions for pregnancy stir breeding management, sheep raising people need to learn

The stages of the stir in the late pregnancy, especially after the fetus, the rapid growth of the fetus in the body will increase the weight of 80%to 85%of the initial weight.This requires a large and rich nutrients to support the development of the fetus and their daily nutritional needs.Let me share with you some breeding methods in the late pregnancy.

1. Feed nutrition match

In the late pregnancy of the stir (2 months after the fetus), the amount of concentrate should be increased by 30%to 40%.: Vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin D, vitamin E, and nutritional elements such as calcium, phosphorus, phosphorus, and phosphorus.The formula of the dietary rations is as follows: 500-700 grams of high -quality dry grass+ 500-700 grams of straw+ 250 grams of lava+ 250 grams of carrots+ 500-700 grams of mixed concentrate+ 8-12 grams of calcium+ 4 to 6 grams of phosphorus+ appropriate amountVitamin, waiting for trace elements.

After the grains are prepared, we will use the ingredients for the sheep: Mother Ansho+Multi -Vitamin Pacific, and various Chinese medicines in Mother An Tai Bao can clear heat and detoxify, clear fire, condition the intestinal tract and reproductive system to prevent the tires of cattle and sheep from movingUnrest, cold, inflammation, constipation, etc. occur.Multi -Victoria -Pacific Boarded Sheep’s 14 kinds of vitamins, 18 amino acids, organic minerals such as organic minerals meet the various nutritional needs of ewes and fetuses.

2. Key points for breeding management

In our breeding process, there are the following key points of breeding management: First of all, we must ensure that the ewes exercise moderately. Every day, afternoon, each exercise, each time, about 1 and a half hours, not only helps the fetus growth, but also can also be possible.Effectively prevent ewes from being difficult to produce.Secondly, we must ensure that the quality of the forage is not feed not feed, and the sheep do not drink ice residue water, metamorphic water, and sewage to avoid causing a nursery miscarriage.In addition, we must always pay attention to observing the state of the ewes. The actions of catching sheep and catching sheep must be light to avoid frightening the sheep and causing strokes of strokes.Finally, pay attention to relieving the heat and cold, and avoid the abortion caused by the hot and cold stress.

In general, we can improve the feed nutrition structure and adjust management methods. In these two aspects, we can do a good job of breeding management in the later stages of stages of stir pregnancy.I hope that the breeding technology shared today can help you. You can pay attention, like, comment, collect, or forward it to more friends in need.

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