How to do a good daddy

Continue the previous article.When our wife is pregnant, we are ecstatic, but don’t be happy. There are many things that make us headaches.From the four aspects of clothing, clothing, housing, and transportation, we should talk about the matters that need to be paid attention to.


1. The wife will get bigger and bigger after pregnancy, so try to buy pregnant women at one time to prevent changing frequently.Don’t think that the usual clothes can be worn.But I am 1.8 tall, my wife is 1.65.My loose daily clothes can just wear when she is pregnant, saving a few pieces of pants.

2. She can’t bend her waist nor squat in the late pregnancy, so try to buy and take off her pants.Try to buy loose clothes, because after all, you don’t want to squeeze your stomach and give your child a loose growth space.

3. There are endless cases of decline in pregnant women, so be sure to buy anti -skid shoes with pairs of feet, and they must not stomach.


1. You may think that your wife can eat normally every day after pregnancy. I tell you that it is very wrong.After 3.4 months after pregnancy, I can’t eat anything at all.Don’t say that you eat it, you will vomit even if you smell the oil.Therefore, the meal for pregnant women must be light, less oil and less sugar, and must not be spicy.Maybe you think that you are pregnant in the TV series and love sour, and try to eat as little as possible because it will stimulate the gastrointestinal and intestines.Don’t think that his wife can still eat normally and force her to eat anything she doesn’t want to eat, which will cause her great uncomfortable and disgusting, which will affect emotions. Everything should be pregnant with pregnant women.

2. Not only do you not be big fish and meat, less salt and less sugar, light diet.In addition, pregnant women must also supplement various nutrients and various vitamins.DHA, calcium iron and other elements.Especially doctors say that folic acid should be supplemented.Seeing that there are few pregnant women in the hospital, folic acid is enough, and it is generally low.So this must be paid to the doctor’s advice

3. Since you ca n’t eat anything and you need to supplement all kinds of nutrients, what to do.This requires buying various nutritional supplements separately. It also needs to study the practice of dishes to change the cooking method to make him more suitable for pregnant women.During pregnancy, drinking is strictly prohibited, and alcohol will cause irreversible damage to the fetal brain.

4. Although vomiting is adapted to the later stages of pregnancy, try to keep pregnancy habits as much as possible.


1. Pregnant women’s taste and smell during pregnancy are particularly sensitive, which is much sensitive than usual, so try to keep the air circulation as much as possible at home, neat and fresh, without smelling things.

2. Because the temperature of pregnant women is much higher than normal people, when you are noisy, don’t strange your wife to be hot, you must adjust the room temperature according to her needs.Perhaps it is also a good choice for two people to live in bed for the time being.

3. Because the pregnant woman can not see the feet during her stomach, remove all obstacles, do not trip over.


1. Because my wife can not squeeze the subway or ride a bicycle after pregnancy, I need to consider that in the future or even a child in the future, the vaccine is once two weeks after.So most ordinary families choose to buy a car at this time.When buying a car, you must consider the baby’s safe seat, and there is a pair of old people, and even 7 people may travel together.Don’t find that your car can’t install so many things and replace the car at home.

2. In fact, pregnant mothers have almost half a year of maternity leave, and good luck can continue to ask for vacation without paid.His father had 15 days of accompany maternity leave, and for three years of parenting leave.It is also good to take a vacation at home.

The above are all their own experience, please combine yourself and follow the doctor’s advice

I hope to learn more about parenting experience, please follow me, update from time to time

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