How to care for cervicitis and pelvicitis?Do this well, diet and lifestyle habits are not wrong

Clinically, cervicitis and pelvic inflammatory disease are more common inflammatory diseases for women.Among them, cervicitis is a common disease of gynecological, which refers to inflammation that occurs in cervix; pelvic inflammatory disease refers to the infectious diseases of women’s reproductive tract, which mainly include fallopian tubeitis and pelvic peritonitis.The clinical manifestations of cervicitis and pelvic inflammatory disease have a certain similarities, such as the increase in vaginal secretions, which will interfere with our normal life rhythm.And cervicitis can also affect conception, so we must pay attention to treatment and care in time.Pay attention to the following points in the process of nursing.

1. Daily care

Maintaining regular work and rest habits, especially avoiding staying up late or too tired, this can make our immunity in normal state and reduce the chance of infection.

2. Private hygiene

The hygiene of private parts mainly includes the following points.The first is to develop good hygiene habits in daily life. Pay attention to cleaning in private parts, keep sexual behavior clean and hygienic, and clean them separately.Here, you remind you, everyone’s underwear is best exposed to sun or hot water.

The second is self -protection of special time such as inflammatory treatment and menstrual periods. For example, sexual life is prohibited during inflammation treatment.Because sexual life can cause cervical cells to fall off, wound wear bleeding, which will further aggravate inflammation.Do not perform sexual life during menstruation to prevent diseases from invading the cervix and cause inflammation.Finally, pay attention to the hygiene of private parts but do not excessive.Frequent vaginal flushing can also cause cervicitis, so it is a good thing to pay attention to personal hygiene, but it must be moderate.

3. Drug care

Either cervicitis or pelvic inflammatory disease, most of them will take certain anti -inflammatory drug treatment.During the medication, pay attention to drink plenty of water and excrete the metabolites in time to avoid side effects.At the same time, drinking plenty of water is also conducive to the dissipation of inflammation.For prospective mothers, the medication should be more careful, and the medicine must be used to take the medicine safely.It should also be reminded that even during cervicitis treatment, if menstruation comes, it is necessary to stop taking medicine.

4. Food care

Pay attention to the balanced diet, eat less fried foods, and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.Because these fruits and vegetables contain a large amount of vitamin C, it is very helpful for us to resist inflammation.At the same time, keep fish protein ingredients in the diet to supplement and strengthen our immunity and reduce the invasion of diseases.Also, try not to eat spicy foods, because these foods can cause cervical mucosa to be congested and edema, aggravate inflammatory symptoms, and make patients feel more uncomfortable.

5. Symptomatic care

Some patients with cervicitis will have dark red or yellow water -like secretions, and the amount is relatively large. At this time, we can use pads to protect ourselves.It is best to choose breathable cotton pads, and pay attention to replace it frequently.During this period, it is best to wash the vulva once a day.

For pelvic inflammatory disease, it is recommended to use squat positions to prevent inflammation from spreading and trying to excrete inflammatory secretions as much as possible.

6. Psychological care

Cervicitis has a long treatment time, and many people lack patience.In fact, it is believed that this disease has been overcome. As long as the doctor’s instructions are used, it is possible to cure for personal hygiene and related safety measures.

7. Others

If you have cervicitis or pelvic inflammatory disease, you should actively review regularly while conducting the doctor’s agreement, mainly to understand the recovery of the inflammatory or whether there is a cancerous or inflammatory diffusion.It is generally recommended that women with a history of cervicitis can regularly do papilloma virus examinations, because these two diseases have synergistic effects and must be strengthened.

Both cervicitis and pelvic inflammatory disease are relatively common inflammation. The occurrence is related to personal hygiene habits, and it is also related to the history of abortion.Because these two diseases seriously interfere with our normal life and are not conducive to conception, we must actively treat it. At the same time, pay attention to personal hygiene during treatment, so as to eat a light diet, take drugs in accordance with the law, and maintain a happy mood.I hope that every woman will be able to worry about it in private, healthy and happy.

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