How to care for breasts during pregnancy?Follow these suggestions, otherwise the baby may have no milk after delivery

Today, a pregnant mother asked in the mother’s group that the white liquid secreted on her nipple was milk milk. Do you need to wipe it off?Later, a second mother told her that this liquid would be wiped off. If it was not cleaned in time, it would affect the baby’s breastfeeding in the future.After the pregnant mother was afraid after listening to it, she humbly asked Baoma how to care.How to care for breasts during pregnancy is important. Today, let’s talk about how to care for breasts during pregnancy.

What is milk white liquid

After pregnancy, due to hormone changes in the body of the pregnant mother, in addition to the slight pain in the breast, there will be a small amount of secretions on the nipples. These secretions accumulate can easily cause bacteria to reproduce, and it is easy to block the breast. Therefore, pregnant mothers need to clean up often.In addition, pregnant mothers usually replace cotton -breathable breasts when they care about breasts to avoid bacterial infections.The changes in breasts are also preparing for breastfeeding, so this is normal after pregnancy, and pregnant mothers do not have to be too nervous.

Method of maintenance breasts

1. Pregnant mothers can scrub with mild soapy water when cleaning their breasts, including areola, and scrub the folds.You can also apply oil on your nipple while bathing, and gently massage the nipples and surrounding skin with your fingertips.

2. If the pregnant mother finds that the white liquid secreted by the breast is not cleaned in time, it will be difficult to clean up in the future, and it will easily cause the mammary tube to block.Pregnant mothers can apply warm towels on the breasts, and then wipe them, which can promote breast development and stimulate the breast catheter to keep unobstructed.

3. In addition to secreting some liquid during pregnancy, breasts will gradually become larger. Pregnant mothers must wear appropriate underwear to prevent the breasts from being damaged by subcutaneous tissue and cause breast sagging.Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant mothers replace large -sized bras in time according to the changes in breasts, so that the breasts are in a state of support.

After reading these, did the pregnant mothers know how to care for their breasts?The cleaning of breasts during pregnancy is very important. Not only is it related to the health of the pregnant mother, but also the feeding problem of the fetal treasure, so pregnant mothers must pay attention to it!

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