How to accurately measure whether you are pregnant

How to get pregnant self -test

If the expectant mothers usually have normal menstruation and do not take contraceptive measures, and still have a future menstruation for more than a week, the possibility of pregnancy must be considered.Theoretically, on the 23rd day of the last menstruation, you can test whether you are pregnant.

How to use a gestational test agent

testing time.On the day of the menstrual period, the monitoring data will be more accurate after 7 days of menstruation.

Test Methods.Collect urine (samples with morning urine), insert test strips, and observe the results within 5 minutes.

How to judge.There are two red bands in the test note, which means pregnancy; only one ribbon or no ribbon, indicating that there is no pregnancy or test strip to fail (Figure 2-2).

The test strip is not completely accurate. If you have some symptoms of pregnancy at the same time: such as the chest becomes plump, painful, the nipple becomes particularly sensitive, there is tingling when wearing clothes, the nipple color becomes darker, the emotions are susceptible to excitement, appetite, appetite, appetite, appetiteNot good, even nausea, wait, at this time, you can basically be determined to be pregnant.

Pregnancy testing reagents may also fail

It has been pregnant, but it shows that there is no pregnancy, that is, the pregnancy test reagent is not sensitive enough. It may be because the pregnancy test reagent expires, the pharmaceutical agent has failed, or there is a problem with the pharmacy used by the manufacturer.

Not pregnant, but the test shows that the pregnancy test reagent is too sensitive: because the velvet glandular gonad hormone in the body will rise, and the urine will be reflected.Gonad hormone.However, the velvet glandular gonadotropin exists in each human body (including men), but the amount is small.Some reagents are too sensitive, and even if the amount is small, it may be positive, which makes users mistakenly think of pregnancy.

Incorrect testing time

Too early or too late can make the test results incorrect.Some expectant mothers are tested 2 or 3 days after the house, and often cannot test the correct results.Some expectant mothers did not check it after a period of pregnancy.Because the vulcinic gonadotropin value increases as the number of pregnancy weeks, for example, after 10 weeks, the value may reach more than 100,000, and the general pregnancy test reagent cannot be verified after exceeding a certain value.

How to verify the pregnancy

It is best to try it with different brands of pregnancy testing products, and you can also go to the obstetrics and gynecology department. When the doctor feels doubt, you will use different reagents or dilute the urine for inspection.In addition, after about 6 weeks of pregnancy (from the first day of the last menstruation), you can use ultrasonic waves to see if the embryo is located in the uterus.

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