How should I choose a hospital after pregnancy?

Many pregnant mothers have a headache after pregnancy.Today, I will talk about the hospital’s choice.

Today we will talk about the choice of hospitals.

Pregnant mothers must choose the production hospital according to their own situation.For most maternal mothers, the technical level of hospitals above secondary can ensure the safety of mothers and babies.Therefore, it is the best choice for hospitals that are comfortable and closer to home. There is no need to go to the well -known three hospitals.

However, if there are factors such as high -risk pregnancy, it is recommended to choose the third -level hospital as much as possible.For example, pregnant mothers include pregnancy with diabetes, hypertension, hyperthyroidism, autoimmune diseases, blood system diseases, heart disease, etc.If the pregnant mother is normal before choosing the hospital, but during the birth of the birth, it is found that there are pregnancy hypertension, intrahepatic cholecoscopic stasis, front placenta, placental implantation, aura premature birth, etc.Hospital.In a three -level hospital with strong technical strength, multi -disciplinary cooperation will make our pregnancy and childbirth more smooth.

There are also some pregnant mothers who have various types of hepatitis, syphilis, AIDS, AIDS, and Australia’s anti -positive.

Some pregnant mothers have higher requirements for childbirth conditions, such as whether they can choose the method of childbirth, such as delivery in water, painless delivery, guidance child delivery, etc. This requires us to understand the hospital’s facilities and regulations in advance.You can also visit on the spot.There are also some points that everyone may be interested in, such as whether to provide delivery of delivery, whether the childbirth can be accompanied by loved ones, whether the hospital emphasizes the maternal and child in the same room, whether the hospital will provide fetal heart monitoring, whether bathing, swimming, massage, massage, massage, massage, massage, massage, massage, massage, massage, massage, massage, massage, massage, massageTouch these newborn services and so on.If you have any preferences, it is better to find out with the hospital early.

Public hospitals and private hospitals have their own advantages and disadvantages.Generally speaking, private hospitals will provide more service content, and the facilities environment will be better.If you choose to go to a private hospital for check -up and childbirth, you may be responsible for a doctor from examination to postpartum, and the interview time is not limited, so that expectant mothers have a sense of stability.Doctors can also extend until night, which is very convenient for professional women.However, the general cost of private hospitals is relatively high, and about 40,000 to 100,000 for childbirth in high -end private hospitals.

In addition, if an unexpected accident is encountered, in a private hospital, it may not be unable to take measures in time.Due to the large number of departmental departments, public hospitals can be treated in time when emergency situations have occurred.However, there are more patients with public hospitals, and it is difficult to take care of every pregnant mother.

We generally recommend that the birth and childbirth are in the same hospital.In this way, this hospital can grasp your health status throughout pregnancy, and you can prevent accidents in advance and deal with accidents in time.In the later period, transfer to the hospital should find a good hospital in advance, bring the production checkpline to facilitate doctors to quickly understand the situation, and make targeted suggestions or treatment.

The above is our content today, and the hospital that is suitable for you is the best hospital.

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