How old is the golden age of women?Can I still get pregnant after menopause?Many people don’t understand

For women, menstruation will come every month after puberty. Many women will call their bodies as relatives, and some people call menstruation kindly aunt.It can be said that women’s aunt will accompany women for a long time.As women grow older, after a certain age, their bodies will gradually enter menopause, ovarian function will gradually degenerate, and women will no longer come to menstruation.So for women, how old menopause is better? Can I still get pregnant during menopause? Let’s take a look together.

How old is the age of women’s menopause? If you can go menstructed at this age, maybe healthier!

When women’s ovarian function begins to decline, the ovarian secretion will be relatively small, and the growth rate of women’s uterine endometrium will become slow.Women generally enter the menstrual period at the age of 45-55.According to relevant research, most women in our country will begin to enter menopause around the age of 50.Therefore, for most women, it is more conducive to physical health if you can enter menopause at the age of 50.

After women enter the menopause, due to the disorders of the endocrine of the body, when many people sleep at night, the body is likely to have a sense of heat. Usually, it is easy to become irritable.For estrogen, the whole person’s skin will become dry and rough.Many women may be curious, can women still get pregnant after menstruation?

Can the body get pregnant after a menopause?

If the woman’s body is completely menopause, the ovary has degraded, the body will no longer continue to discharge eggs every month, and the endometrium will not continue to increase. Then women can no longer get pregnant at this time.But for women, entering the menopamental body will have a gradual process. The menstruation in women’s bodies will not suddenly come.The menstrual cycle gradually changes with the reduction of estrogen in the body.This time period is also known as the siege period.

Women are siege during the menstrual period. Although the ovaries in the body are gradually degenerating, they continue to discharge eggs. However, the number of eggs is reduced, and the time is very irregular.It’s not possible.If you want to have children at this time, it is recommended to take some estrogen under the guidance of a doctor to delay the aging of the ovary and improve the success rate of pregnancy.

After women enter the menopause, due to the decline in ovarian function in the body and the lack of estrogen in their bodies, many women usually have menopausal syndrome, such as night sweating, insomnia, dreams, red cheeks, emotional sensitivity and irritability. ThisTime need to be improved through some methods.

Women can usually eat more foods rich in estrogen, such as royal jelly, soy milk and other foods. Royal jelly can nourish the ovaries of women well, act on hill brain, and promote hormone secretion in the human body.Soymilk is rich in soy ingredients, which can regulate the endocrine of the human body, and some improve female menopausal physical discomfort.In addition, after entering the menopause, women should pay attention to adjusting their own living habits appropriately to ensure good sleep. Usually perform some yoga, jogging and other exercises, which helps the body’s metabolism, which is beneficial for physical health.

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