How much do you know about induction of labor?Gynecologist: The "fetal" damage of "fetal" in the big month of pregnancy

Not long after going to work in the obstetrics and gynecology department, our director once told me that she likes obstetrics and gynecology, because there are new lives born every day here, especially watching the mother of the mother and beautiful.When laughing and playing, she feels very relieved and happy.

Like the director, I like to see this warm scene.But sometimes, I still feel that this is a department that is easy to urge people, and often meets the tragedy. For example, the girl of a boy who is pregnant with irresponsible children; less for pregnancy during pregnancy. After the fetal age is oldetc.

Obstetrics and Gynecology is a departments that make people sad and happy

"Now I know what the nature he is. Let you not be with him at the beginning, but not listening to us. Now he doesn’t want you anymore, abandon you here, and escape to the place you can’t find.You and your child’s life. "

"Oh, make evil! I should obediently do pre -pregnancy examination at first. I will not have deformity if I find a problem early."

"If your body is important, don’t worry if you are not suitable for pregnancy. It is not too late to regulate your body."

… …

For the future and health of girls, their families had to accompany their girls to the hospital to "kill" the small life of this big month.Although I feel regrettable, we have to respect their ideas, and all we can do is tell them how to get tires, processes and risks.

The fetus that can be wiped out with rubber can be metaphorically "tires"

Medically, what is killed by the fetal age of the big month is called induction of labor, that is, after 12 weeks of pregnancy (3 months), due to the mother or fetal reasons, the uterine contraction must be induced in an artificial manner.Children give birth from the uterine cavity.Now, I will have the specific popular sciences about women’s induction of labor!

Because the induction of labor is more harmful to women’s bodies, and it is not suitable for all women. Therefore, if a female friend who wants to end pregnancy through the way of induction of labor, you should do a detailed examination at the hospital to see if you are suitableDo induction.

1. Our doctor will ask the history of women in detail, including the current history, previous history, personal history, menstrual history, marriage and childbirth history.

2. To measure body temperature, pulse and blood pressure, extract hemophilic hematuria routine, biochemical examination, coagulation function, and do gynecological examination, gynecological B -ultrasound, ECG and other examination items.

3. Women who have induction of labor with severe cervicitis or vaginitis need to treat inflammation first, and the induction surgery can be performed before the condition is improved. Before surgery, antibiotics will also be performed to prevent infection.

4. For women with large -scale pregnancy, dysplasia for cervical development, dysplained cervical development, smaller uterine mouth, and long cervical pipes, a certain amount of macool alcohol drugs must be taken before induction of labor to improve the situation.

After the detailed examination, the doctor determined whether it can be an induction of labor surgery

Generally speaking, the commonly used method of induction of labor can be divided into water sac subcontments, Lifanno induction, and drug induction. Our doctor generally chooses appropriate labor methods according to the specific circumstances of women.

Water sac subcretion method: Place special water sacs in the form of surgery, between the uterine wall of the pregnant woman and the fetal membrane, and inject sterile physiological saline through the catheter.Inject 400 ml in a month, 500 ml in 5 months of pregnancy, but not more than 500 ml, and then tighten the pipeline and wrap it in the vagina with sterile gauze.After placing the water sac, closely observe the response of women who induced labor to prevent accidents.Generally, 12 to 24 hours after water sac can cause contractions.

Water sacral induction method

Drug induction method: Using rice oltone with Wumoso anterior alcohol drug induction.

Lifanno induction of labor: Women induction of labor enter the operating room, and lie on the operating table after emptying the bladder. After the doctor’s understanding of the specific situation of the fetus, the fetal limbs are opened next to the middle line between the bottom of the palace and the pubic bone.The side is the puncture site.The doctor’s routine disinfection, after the towel, use a puncture needle to use the 100 mg of Lifano drug to inject the abdominal wall and uterine cavity of the mother’s body into the amniotic cavity; after the operation, the puncture point is covered with disinfection gauze and compressed for several minutes. After the tape is fixed, the tape is fixed.The launch of contractions such as returning to the ward to discharge the fetus.

Lifanno induction method

In fact, there is no specific time for induction of labor, because induction of labor refers to a kind of surgery performed by women after 12 weeks of pregnancy.However, the earlier the implementation, the smaller the damage to women.Therefore, the induction of labor should be performed as much as possible within 12 to 24 weeks of pregnancy. During this period, the placenta has been formed, the fetus is large, the bones are hard, and the cervical mouth needs to be fully expanded during childbirth. In addition, due to the increase of the uterus, the uterine wallThe congestion becomes soft and it is easy to damage the uterine wall during surgery. The induction of labor in the middle period is more difficult than the early abortion, and there are many complications. Therefore, the induction of labor should be performed during this period.Otherwise, the later the outlets are performed, the greater the damage to the female body, and even cause infertility.

In fact, each "tire" surgery is harmful, and it cannot guarantee 100%without side effects or sequelae.Any induction of labor may cause women to have secondary infertility or abortion.This is mainly due to the occurrence of uterine cavity and the clear palace curettage after induction. The more frequent labor, the higher the chance of women suffering from infertility.Therefore, when accidental pregnancy, if you want to end pregnancy, it is best to have abortion (including drug abortion and artificial abortion) within 3 months of pregnancy, so the damage caused by the body will be reduced a lot.In addition, you must choose a regular hospital for surgery. Do not choose a small clinic or irregular hospital on the street. Otherwise, there will be the consequences of spending money to buy.

Each "fetus" is harmful. Women must go to a regular hospital for surgery

In the end, Dr. Zeng had something to say: Girls must learn self -respect, love, and do n’t forget to contraception when their feelings are unstable; learn to protect themselves and do a good job of pre -marital examination, pre -pregnancy examination and prenatal examination.Boys should be responsible for their feelings. Do n’t let her do a flow of people or induction to hurt her. I hope that there are lovers in the world to eventually become dependents, cherish each other, and love each other!

Well, today’s popular science is here. Seeing this article, if you have any doubts or suggestions, welcome to private messages or leave a message to Dr. Zeng in the comment area!Writing is not easy, and quickly collect it with the one she needs.Here, I also hope that every girl can use a healthy and beautiful youth!

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