How many types of fallopian tube are blocked?

Expert answer:

Experts analyze the six cases of fallopian tubes::

Walloping tube block 1: fallopian tube adhesion

The fallopian tube adhesion is light and heavy, and the adhesion is divided into three degrees. The adhesion of the fallopian tube is once the adhesion of the tubal and the palace corner binding to the second degree;Regardless of whether it is dual or single, that part is adhesive, most people are overwhelmed due to the inflammation after abortion.The inner wall of the fallopian tube was ulcerated, and the inflammatory anti -inflammatory inflammation was later treated, and the fallopian tubes were sticky together. Most people were swollen and painful a few days ago. Patients with prolactin crickets, Chinese medicine will appear to be irregular. "After the symptoms disappear, patients with long -term fallopian tube adhesion are the same as connecting. There is no symptom response.

Walloping tube block 2: fallopian tube due to inflammation

Due to inflammation, the fallopian tubes are mostly due to inflammation, mostly due to qi and blood, and blood heat causes swelling of fallopian tube. Most people suffer from uterine swelling, chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, appendicitis, advanced menstruation, or before menstruation.In the past two months, menstruation, blood clots with blood, blood clots are blood heat, yellow hair yellow is damp and humid, and bloody leakage is deficient, and inflammation over time is over. Under this condition, the fallopian tube adhesion is excessive early in the early stage.The patients with qi and blood are rushing up, and there will be pheasant nosebleeds before menstruation. "Usually, the sides of the small belly are stabbed like a needle tie;

Wallopian block three: fallopian tubes are not distorted

Washing tubes are not blocked, and they are mostly low due to poor constitution, deficiency of qi deficiency, blood deficiency, spleen deficiency, kidney deficiency, and four deficiency of futurization.Follicles can not walk inside the uterine cavity, and the follicle development will disappear. A few people will also observe the uterine shift, the uterus is drooping, the yin blows, and the ovulation is bleeding during ovulation.Patients do not solidify blood due to qi deficiency, and the moon will experience more after a large inflammation. After a long time, it is prone to suffering from anemia. In this pathological situation, that is, the fetal Xiang will automatically stop developing before the three months of pregnancy.EssenceThis has caused habitual abortion. It is not uncomfortable that as many as five or six babies are severe. After the patient is pregnant, due to the large response, severe inflammation, nutrition cannot keep up, there will be less itching water in six or seven months.Or turbid, fetal clothing, especially the male fetus, the number of fetal movements, and the fetal clothing can easily rupture, which causes the consequences of premature birth.

Fallopian tube block 4: fallopian tubes are suffering from fat, fibroids, and swelling and squeezing and blocking

The fallopian tubes are squeezed and blocked by fat, fibroids, and swelling, and most of them are too fat, too much fat, irregularity of qi and blood, dampness and heat resistance., Little menstruation, or amenorrhea. The treatment is mainly based on promoting blood circulation, stasis, phlegm, and dispersing knots. Those with fibroids and swelling of more than 4x6cm should be treated with surgery.

Fallopian tube blocking five: fallopian tubes do not communicate due to effusion

The fallopian tubes are not blocked due to effusion, and they are mostly due to the heat of the upper coke, the lower coke deficiency;After supporting, the small belly is usually cold, the menstrual belly is painful, the blood is black and the patient has sticky strips, and the humid heat is too heavy.Usually the leucorrhea is yellow and stinky, itchy in the lower part, most of the time with cervical erosion, there are differences in pelvic inflammatory disease, which will cause fever.Both sides are painful.And there is a flow of blood, the medicinal solution can barely enter the abdominal cavity, that is, the effusion is squeezed into the abdominal cavity during water. When the pelvic effusion is rising, the pelvic effusion will return to the fallopian tube.Endometrial antibodies, antibody antibodies.However, all three antibodies are negative, and there are many uncomfortable fluid effusion.

Donation tube blocking 6: The fallopian tube is not connected due to qi resistance

The fallopian tubes are unprepared due to qi resistance, mostly due to vitality deficiency, qi decreased, liver and spleen disorders, qi and blood cannot be smooth, nausea and vomiting, small belly always swelling, and thousands of stools.Internal personality, sullen air, fallopian tubal angiography or water through the water flow.Both men and women check and test and fertility in all aspects of all aspects that are not pregnant. Western medicine is said to be infertile. "This is the monster of the vapor resistance of fallopian tubes.Treatment of healing.

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