How many of the "rumors" you heard when you are pregnant?

In the process of pregnancy, expectant mothers always hear a lot of things that everyone says about pregnancy.Some older people have told that expectant mothers cannot eat field snails. If they eat it, the baby’s nostrils will be very large in the future, and there will be a big nose.The expectant mothers can not eat mutton, and sheep epilepsy will be mad after eating the baby.The expectant mothers can not eat snakes, and the skin of the baby will be like snake skin after eating the baby.The expectant mothers can not eat rabbit meat, and they eat babies and bunny lips.But are these claims really correct?Experts told us in this way that wild food and unsatisfactory cooked foods will have a certain probability to cause baby deformity.But although so, expectant mothers still have no need to specialize in the abstinence. As long as you adhere to a comprehensive, balanced and reasonable dietary principle, you can make you and your baby be able to spend the pregnancy with peace of mind.

Older people told that they could not eat many things after pregnancy.Just like, you ca n’t eat field snails, saying that your baby’s nose is too long; you ca n’t eat mutton, fearing that children will have epilepsy, so the truth is what they say?

In fact, only half of the words above.If the food of Tianluo, if you find that the babies are abnormal in the future, the reason for the cause is that it is not cooked, and there is a certain probability that there are microorganisms among these wild foods.Under normal circumstances, when I was pregnant, my expectant mothers thought for the baby, it is best not to eat such foods.Even if other foods are cooked before eating.The nutrition of expectant mothers must adhere to the principles of comprehensive, balanced and reasonable.Reasonably supplement sugar, fat, protein, and multiple vitamins can meet physical needs.

Does the old man often soup for me to drink, will it lead to excess nutrition?

The phenomenon of excessive nutrition caused by diet caused by diet generally does not occur. Guangdong’s soup has a long history, but the nutritional ingredients are left after high temperature heating. This needs to be studied again.

At different stages of pregnancy, how to choose a reasonable way of prenatal education?

Now, let’s get the knowledge from all places, or it may be data with small model content.Let me talk to you: First, what kind of music prenatal education is used for prenatal education; second, when to start prenatal education; third, how long the prenatal education takes.The impact of prenatal education on fetuses needs to be evidence -based research.

Increased secretions during pregnancy, can I wash it with gynecological liquid?

At this stage, the diagnosis of most hospitals is not very accurate. It is actually wrong to use PCR to diagnose. Blind treatment is actually wrong.Women’s increase in leucorrhea during pregnancy is normal, not because of getting sick.If the expectant mothers find that they have a lot of secretions, odor, and changes in color, then it is best to go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible, and the doctor will take medicine targeted.

Will these radiations affect the health of pregnant mothers and babies?

Either an emergencies occur, and the environmental factors usually have no effect.The daily environment causes the concentration and dosage of the fetus to the fetus.However, it is best to change the environment from time to time and walk out of the outdoor.

The B -ultrasound shows the baby’s umbilical cord around the neck. What are the aspects of my attention?

The umbilical cord is a bridge connecting the mother and the baby. If the umbilical cord is blocked, the baby will not be able to obtain the nutrition of the mother, so the final result is that the baby dies.What we need to know is that the umbilical cord around the ultrasound is said to the B -ultrasound. The B -ultrasound uses a plane image to tell the three -dimensional situation, not 100 % accurate.B -ultrasound said that among the 100 patients with umbilical cord around the neck, there are only 30 patients who have a real umbilical cord around the neck.Therefore, you must pay attention to the accuracy of diagnosis, as well as the length of the umbilical cord, all of which are professional knowledge.

One person wants to eat two?

The view that "pregnant women want to eat fat" are really out …

What pregnant mothers need to balance and comprehensive nutrition (everyone is, including children), moderate exercise, healthy body shape.In the middle and late pregnancy, the intake of high -quality protein should be increased in an appropriate amount to ensure the intake of calcium (dairy products).The increase of 12.5kg throughout pregnancy is ideal.

Eat 5 kinds of fruits a day?

Fruit is a good source of vitamins, and eating 1-2 a day is enough.The sugar metabolic ability during pregnancy will become worse. In the middle and late pregnancy, especially the pregnant mummy with the results of not good sugar testing, it should control the intake of sugar.Pregnant mothers who especially like fruits should try to eat fruit itself, not juice, because drinking fruit juice will consume more sugar unknowingly.

Want to drink pregnant women’s milk powder?

In fact, it is not necessary. As long as pregnant mothers eat ordinary dairy products and pregnant women’s vitamin tablets.

Need to add an additional calcium?

unnecessary.Just drink two glasses of milk (or yogurt) a day.Pregnant mothers and the need for calcium need to be numb during breastfeeding are the same as ordinary adult women. The leg cramps of pregnant mothers are not due to calcium deficiency.

Is it necessary for pregnant women with comprehensive vitamin tablets?

It is recommended that all pregnant women take folic acid or comprehensive vitamin tablets for pregnant women.If you are pregnant by accident, it is recommended to start to supplement folic acid immediately after discovering.Folic acid supplement is to prevent neural tube defects in the fetus.And pregnant women’s vitamin films also include iodine required by pregnant women, and iodine is a factor that truly affects children’s intelligence.Get?

Need to add additional DHA?

If the menu’s menu contains enough fish (half of the medium -sized fish per day), and the pregnant mother eats fish instead of drinking fish soup, then DHA intake is enough.If the fish of daily meals is difficult to guarantee, it is also possible to add some DHA.

Do pregnant women need blood to replenish blood?

"Blooding" is actually iron supplement.Women with anemia should first correct anemia. If anemia is found in the birth check, pregnant mothers should actively correct them and can take iron.Except for the may cause constipation and loss of appetite, there are no side effects, and anemia may affect the baby’s intellectual development.

Questions about radiation prevention during pregnancy

Pregnant mothers pay attention: radiation is divided into ionization radiation (nuclear radiation) and non -electrode radiation (that is, electromagnetic radiation, including various electrical appliances, radio waves, mobile phone signals, wireless networks, etc.). Electric ionizing radiation is avoided, not ionized radiationHarm to the human body.

Do you want to wear radiation protection?

casual.The radiation protection suit is actually a product of Chinese characteristics. If you wear it, you will be at ease of your mother or family, then wear it.

Can pregnant mothers not use a hair dryer?

I really do n’t want to say anything about the theory of “pregnant women ca n’t use a hair dryer”. Think about it normally. If you ca n’t use a hair dryer, do you want to wet your hair and wait for a cold?

Can’t play with mobile phones during pregnancy, use wifi?

Same as above.Otherwise, the whole family of pregnant mothers cannot use mobile phones, and the wifi of the neighbor’s house will be turned off.

Is there radiation by air?

You can get a relative with radiation and get drunk … Pregnant mothers before 32 weeks of pregnancy, airlines are treated as ordinary passengers.After 32 weeks, pregnant mothers need a doctor to issue a certificate by air.In other words, unless your doctor proposes that you are not suitable to take the opportunity, you can take a plane.

Can pregnant mothers not skin care and makeup?

Skin care products can be used normally during pregnancy (please select products without essential oils), or safe cosmetics.Even if you are pregnant, the pregnant mother can be beautiful ~

Sexual life is strictly prohibited during pregnancy?

If it is convenient, sexual life can be performed at any time during pregnancy. Unless the doctor’s inspection doctors are specially prohibited from sexual life, it will not work.

Slim girls are easier to get pregnant?

NO.Women with BMI less than 18.5 are less likely to conceive. Pregnant mothers with too low BMI will have a higher chance of abortion and premature birth.So, women who want to conceive their baby, don’t be too thin ~

(BMI = weight (kg)/square (m) square)

I am pregnant by accident, what should I do if I have taken X -ray or take medicine before?

It doesn’t matter.At the beginning of pregnancy (when you don’t know when you are pregnant), if radiation and drugs have an impact on the embryo, the embryo will not survive. The survival is Xiaoqiang who can’t die (this is the magical natural choice)Essence

However, from the end of you know that pregnancy until the eighth week, you should be careful to avoid factors that may cause fetal malformations, such as benzene, rays, heavy metals, drugs, etc.

Well, pregnant mothers should not listen to rumors. In fact, attending the production check -up on time and listening to the doctor’s advice carefully are the most reliable way to protect pregnant mothers and babies.

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