How many B -ultrasound do pregnant women do during pregnancy?Talk in the text

I believe that many women are no stranger to B -ultrasound. They all know that doctors will recommend B -ultrasound during gynecological examinations to determine whether there is a problem with the body, especially during pregnancy.Although many pregnant women know that B -ultrasound examinations need to be performed during pregnancy, they do not know how many times they need to be performed during pregnancy.

1. Gynecological disease

Generally speaking, women’s B -ultrasound can know the situation of uterus, pelvic cavity, attachments, chests, etc. It can help determine whether the diseases have occurred in the organs and some other problems.To determine whether the part of the part is wrong.

Second, liver disease

Liver B -ultrasound can help patients clearly know all the situations of the liver, including some problems tissue around the liver, such as fatty liver and liver cirrhosis. These liver diseases can be detailed through B -ultrasound.

Third, understand the fetal condition

Pregnant women can know the various conditions of the fetus during pregnancy. From the early ectopic pregnancy of the internal palace and the dating examination in the later period, the help of the B -ultrasound examination is indispensable.

Generally, under normal circumstances, pregnant women only need to do 5 ultrasound examinations throughout the pregnancy. Unless there are abnormal conditions, doctors need to increase the number of examinations according to their physical conditions.


At 7 to 8 weeks of pregnancy, it belongs to the early pregnancy. At this time, pregnant women need to conduct B -ultrasound examination to determine whether they are inside or ectopic pregnancy, and whether the fetus has fetal heart buds.

the second time

The second examination was to measure the thickness of the fetal umbilical cord by checking at about 14 weeks, and to know whether the fetus had abnormalities such as chromosomes in the fetus.

the third time

About 20 to 24 weeks of pregnancy is the most important test during pregnancy. It can help the fetus to eliminate malformations through the four -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound, and can see whether the fetal face, limbs and internal organs are defective and abnormal.

the fourth time

At 32 weeks of pregnancy, the B -ultrasound test at this cycle is mainly to supplement the abnormal abnormalities. After the examination is found that the abnormal situation of the fetus has not been found before, you can also know whether the growth of the fetus is affected.

the fifth time

Before the production, the doctor will let the pregnant woman perform the B -ultrasound to know the maturity of the placenta, and then evaluate the fetus based on the various data of the B -ultrasound, and it is recommended that the production method of pregnant women is recommended.

Warm reminder that pregnant women have different effects at different stages of pregnancy, so pregnant women need to check on schedule under the guidance of a doctor. In addition, if they find that they need to seek medical treatment in time, the doctor will increase the number of B ultrasound according to the situation.And don’t let yourself be blindly increased if there are no abnormality.

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