How long will the fetal heart buds and pregnancy sacs appear?Why is there a tire stop?

Life is a miracle, from pregnancy to birth. This is a very magical thing.Generally speaking, the child can develop normally after the fetal heart sprouts.Some pregnant women have stopped fetal heart buds or stopping, so how long will the fetal heart buds occur? The following editors come to tell you:

How long will fetal heart buds occur?

If women usually have regular menstruation, after determining pregnancy, they can generally find germ on ultrasound before 35 days before menopause, but if some pregnant women will find the pregnancy sac by 40–45 days.The appearance of fetal hearts is usually later than the germ, and most pregnant women can see fetal hearts at 45-50 days of pregnancy. Some pregnant women can discover fetal hearts after 50 days (considering the late bed)Essence

For women with delayed menstruation, the above time point can add the corresponding menstrual delay time on the basis of normal time.

How long can I see the pregnancy sac?

At first, the gestational sac was very small, and then slowly grew up.Under normal circumstances, after 5 weeks of pregnancy, the B -ultrasound can see the small fetal sac. The fetal sac accounts for less than 1/4 of the uterine cavity, or the fetal buds can be seen.

If it is a normal intrauterine pregnancy, you can see the pregnancy sac in the uterus through B -ultrasound in about 40 days of pregnancy, but early or later due to individual differences, some pregnant women will be postponed to about 45 days.

Why is there a tire stop?

HCG value is not high enough

◆ After pregnancy, the fetal heart buds appear, but the fluff is not strong. When the fetus continues to grow, it is still easy to stop.

◆ Whether the fluff is strong, mainly depends on the value of HCG.Before 70 days of pregnancy, HCG should reach 100,000 or higher.

◆ HCG is too low, and it will stop. According to the experience in recent years, many fetal heart buds appear, but HCG only has 10,000 to 20,000.

◆ The minimum fetus in the case of fetal protection can reach 50,000 HCG.Therefore, for pregnant women who have a history of fetal stopping, in addition to seeing whether the fetal hearts appear in the B -ultrasound, the rise of HCG is generally monitored.If HCG rises slowly, find the cause in time and try to treat it.

◆ Because the root of the tree starts from the seed planting, it is the best time for treatment during the growth of the tree roots. If the menopause is 50-60 days, the fluff growth is completed. At this timeThe effect will be bad.

◆ Therefore, for women with recurrence abortion, they generally check the cause before pregnancy, and they should be intervened immediately after pregnancy. Therefore, it is generally recommended that recurrence women come to the doctor until the day after pregnancy or the next day.HCG monitoring at least twice a week during pregnancy.

● The supply of uterine arteries is very poor

◆ If the fetal heart appears, HCG can also reach about 100,000, but if the supply of uterine arteries is very poor, it is easy to stop.

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