How long can a woman live a husband and wife after giving birth to a child?This time is not difficult

For women, it is best not to have sex during pregnancy.Because sexual life during pregnancy is prone to excessive force and the effect of posture, which causes women to be harmed, and may even occur. Therefore, women should not have sex during pregnancy.

In addition, some women want to recover sexual life after giving birth.This problem also needs to be understood clearly so that you can face it correctly, so as not to be disturbed by normal life.

It is found by understanding that the fastest time after women can be in the same room after 6 weeks.Whether it is a cesarean section or a woman’s natural delivery, it is necessary to go through such a period of time. Generally, it is more suitable for the same room after six weeks.If sexual life is premature, it is easy to cause damage to the vagina, so that local wounds are easy to relapse, and it may cause damage to women’s uterus.

Therefore, you need to choose the right time. Generally, you can do the same room after six weeks of giving birth to a child. Otherwise, local damage will always be damaged, and there will always be bleeding. It may cause infection, pay attention to the root cause of the female body, or cause gynecological diseases.Both are not good for women’s health.

1. Pay attention to personal hygiene

After giving birth to a child, women should pay attention to problems in many aspects. For example, individual hygiene should pay attention to, because the emergence of many gynecological diseases is related to sexual life and does not pay attention to hygiene.

If you do not pay attention to your physical hygiene and cleaning during sexual intercourse, you may cause diseases when bacterial breeding.Therefore, women need to pay attention to hygiene issues so that they can safely live in sex and avoid affecting women’s health.

2. Control the frequency

After the female has given birth to a child.About six weeks can restore sexual life, but you need to pay attention to the frequency.Many people always have sexual life frequently, which is not good for women.Because some women are weak in their bodies, the speed of wound recovery is slow, and the resistance itself is relatively weak. If sexual life is too frequent, it may have a negative impact.

The probability of female vaginal damage will increase, and it may even induce gynecological diseases.Therefore, after giving birth to a child, female sexual life should be controlled reasonably and do not frequently perform sexual life.It can be found through the above content that women can usually have sex after six weeks after giving birth.

However, if you want to carry out sexual life, you need to pay attention to multiple problems, especially to control the frequency of sexual life. At the same time, paying attention to personal hygiene needs to be understood in advance.If you do not pay attention to these aspects, it may have an impact on the body, so that you will lose money.”””” Health Popular Science Competition”

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