How does the fetus form during pregnancy?9 high -definition pictures take you to understand the mystery of life together

Mom Jing still remembers that when a group of children playing together, they would discuss this profound philosophical question: Where did I come from?

At that time, our parents would not tell us truthfully that they would say to us: I picked it up when I was washing from the river, staped from the stone, and found it when I went to the streets, so I picked it up.In short, everyone was not born to their parents when they were young.

Slowly passed this age of interest and grew up slowly. It was not until when he was studying and studying medicine.When I was pregnant, I became a mother, and I also learned a lot about pregnancy knowledge. I couldn’t help sighing, the great magic of life.

Human intelligence can be seen from the characteristics of reproduction.

In the early stages of pregnancy, generally it seems that pregnancy, the stomach is too small, and many elderly people say that do not tell others in the early pregnancy. The others also have a certain reason, because there is a fetus in early pregnancy.11 weeks did not change from embryo to fetus.

The process of becoming a fetus from embryo to a fetus is also a great process. The process must go. This process can be successful to have future fetuses and newborns.Today, Jing Mu uses 9 HD pictures to see how our life was in the early stages of life. After forming fertilized eggs from a small J and L princes, it turned into embryo, and finally formed a fetus.

1st picture

The jzi moves quickly in the fallopian tube. It is looking for the eggs. The J Zi has a round head and a long tail like a small tadpole. This is the origin of life.Small J Zizi.

Of course, there are more than one J child who has successfully reached the fallopian tube, and there may be tens of hundreds.

Popular science: There are a lot of j sub -in each of my father, even hundreds of millions, but the old, weak, sick and disabled in front have been destroyed, and there are only hundreds of j children when they reach the fallopian tube.

The second picture:

After finding a group of j sub -Zi, he found that L Zi found that in order to protect himself, and to screen it in the most brave and smarter J Zi, he gave J Zi a problem, that is, to break through the thick shell of L Zizi.

Therefore, each J child uses his head to break through the shell of the L child.In the end, there was only one J child successful. When the J is successful, the door of the egg was closed immediately.

Popularization: What is the twin?

If the twins do not look like, or the different gender is generally different L twins, that is, women have discharged two L princes at a time, and both have encountered the brave J sub -to form fertilized eggs.

If the twins look similar, it is impossible to distinguish which one is, that is, the same L twin, the L child from the mother and the jzi from the father are the same.of.

The 3rd picture:

After the successful combination of fertilized eggs, it was slowly divided into two, two in two, and slowly rolled into the uterus through the peristalsis of the fallopian tube through the tubal peristalsis.And find a comfortable place in the uterus and get rooted in bed.

Popularization: At this time, it was a week after meeting Jzi and L Zizi.

Fourth picture:

At this time, the mother generally knows the existence of the fetal treasure, and the fetal treasure has begun to develop the nervous system, so the mother must not take medicine randomly, do not contact alcohol, chemicals, and decoration materials.factor.

It is also necessary to pay attention to daily folic acid, and 400 micrograms of folic acid per day are also necessary.

Popular science: At this time, it has just changed from fertilized eggs to embryo. It is about 0.6 cm, and an apple seed is generally small.

5th picture:

The placenta has grown, and continuous secretion of human velvet -promoting gonadotropin (HCG) can cause the mother to not want to eat. When I get up in the morning, I always want to sleep.The fetal treasure said: Don’t be too tired, I want to grow up, you can rest more.

Popular science: Mom usually performs the first B -ultrasound. You can see if the fetal treasure is in the right place -the uterus, see the fetal bud, and you can also see the beating fetal heart.

6th picture:

At this time, seeing the big head and small limbs of the fetal treasure is already a humanoid, and the prototype of a little man is seen.Mom still doesn’t want to eat, want to sleep.

Popular science: At this time, you are the biggest pregnancy, so you must pay attention to protect yourself and find something you want to eat to eat.

7th picture

The big tire treasure has already seen that the facial features are coming, about 2.5 cm long, and the organs are developing rapidly.

Popular science: At this time, 2 months of pregnancy, the general belly was not obvious, and her appetite was not good. Moms should try to choose when they went out as few people when they went out.

8th picture:

After 10 weeks of pregnancy, it is more and more like a little man, but the head is still very large, and the limbs are still very slender. At this time, the main organs are mainly developed.

Popular science: This week, the secretion of human velvet gonadotropin (HCG) slowly flattened and dropped, and her mother was not so uncomfortable in two weeks.

9th picture:

After 11 weeks of pregnancy, the fetal treasure has been upgraded from the embryo to the fetus. At this time, the fetal treasure can already be divided into gender, and it really becomes a small fetus.

Popular science: Mom slowly enters the middle of pregnancy and has stable in all aspects.You can announce your good news to your friends.

Mother Jing said: The early days of life were a period when they needed a mother to be careful. Be prepared for a good foundation for the fetal treasure.

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