How does pregnant mother do a good job of diet conditioning

From the beginning of pregnancy, each pregnant mother has changed more or less than before pregnancy. So how should pregnant mothers adjust their diet?

Some pregnant women have a serious pregnancy response, poor appetite, what to eat and vomiting, and even when they see food. If they refuse their diet, they will cause their own malnutrition and cause irritability.From a baby’s perspective, the fetal nutrition is obtained from the mother’s body. During the development of the fetus, the fetus needs to be very comprehensive, such as protein, vitamins, fat, carbohydrates, etc.If pregnant mothers reduce their intake for a long time, they may reduce the absorption of nutrients, reduce the nutrition provided to the fetus, and lead to the slow or deformity of the fetus.If the pregnant mother has a loss of appetite and does not think about diet, how should I deal with it?

First, choose some foods that pregnant mothers usually like to eat.During the stomach of pregnant mothers, family members can choose some foods that pregnant mothers usually like to eat, but the premise is that these foods must have a certain nutritional value, and they can also prepare some self -made food for pregnant women, such as less oil and less fishy.Light food, because greasy foods are more likely to cause pregnant women to aggravate pregnancy reactions, leading to vomiting, such as preserved egg lean porridge, pear rock sugar water, etc. If the pregnancy reaction of pregnant women is too serious, dripping water cannot enter, and with dizziness, vomiting, the whole body is weak, Then consider going to the hospital to see a doctor.

Maternal and Gynecologists of Chongqing Jiahua Maternity Hospital said that a series of appetite generally appeared in pregnant women and loss of appetite is the normal phenomenon of pregnancy reactions. It can slowly recover through diet conditioning, but the premise is to go to the hospital for routine examinations.It is confirmed that there is no other difference in the body. Only in this way, family talents can be targeted and take care of pregnant mothers and babies.(Supply of Chongqing Jiahua Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital)

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