How do you solve the "thing" after pregnancy?This husband’s approach has countless fans

Wen | Tao Ma

Most of the couples are very excited and excited when they learn that the two people love the crystallization. It can be said that children are the best proof of their love.Of course, women in October are also very hard, and they must bear the dual test of physiology and psychology.But for children, any kind of bitter mother can bear it.After pregnancy, in addition to the joy of parents, there will be an embarrassment, which is the "incident" between husband and wife.How do you solve "that" after pregnancy?This husband’s approach is really countless.

@: After careful pregnancy, my husband and I found that pregnancy and my husband liked children particularly, so I took care of me after pregnancy.My husband checked the information and said that the same room was dangerous in the first three months of pregnancy and 3 months.After that, I imposed my husband, but my husband pretended to be confused and ignored me.I thought he was uncomfortable after pregnancy, but once found that he solved himself in the bathroom.Later he told me that it could hold back, and the child was the most important.

@Meet you: Since I am pregnant, I have returned to my mother’s house and stayed for 4 months, so I haven’t had the same time with my husband.After returning home, I couldn’t control myself, and I kept seduce my husband.Unexpectedly, people were not chaotic, and I immediately asked her if she was outside.How can my husband say that you have worked so hard? How can I do that kind of thing?Now we all endure, I will compensate you when the child is born.I said this immediately without temper. Now the child is 6 months old, and the family of three of our family is very happy.

@: My husband and I have a strong desire in this regard. We are afraid of affecting the fetus 3 months before pregnancy. We tried to restrain ourselves.From 5 months of pregnancy, we almost two or three times a week, but each move was very light.One of them was red after doing it, scared us to go to the hospital for examination, and was scolded by the doctor.Fortunately, the child is fine, and he really has a lot of heart.

Tao Ma said: After pregnancy, some husbands do well in this regard, and they will not ignore the safety of children for their own comfort. This is indeed worthy of our praise.How do you solve it after pregnancy?

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