How do you know that you are pregnant?These signs indicate that the fertilized eggs are already bed!

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It ’s not easy to get pregnant. I know the joyful mood when I saw those two bars. My colleagues were 7 years old. I did n’t think about children when they just got married.I started to worry, seeking medical treatment and worshiping the Buddha, all kinds of traditional Chinese medicine to irrigate, watching my wife drinking the medicine after drinking and vomiting. For a few years, I have never moved.The embarrassing situation, for a few years, the sun people also became dull and thin.

Later, the boss used the relationship to find a professor in Beijing and used a little recipe. After 16 years of conditioning, he had the news of having a baby at the end of the body. At the annual meeting, a man with a big horses cried on the stage.In the case, this is not being ingenious but being moved. The movement and gratitude from the heart, the kind of unable to grasp, someone pulls one at a critical time, the mood of sending charcoal in the snow makes us feel strongly on the stage, we can strongly feel that all of them can feel strongly on the stage.Essence

So how can you be a successful pregnancy?

That is, the fertilized eggs are in bed, and you can be considered a successful pregnancy.What does it feel like to be bed in bed?

Today, let’s tell you the feeling of the success of the fertilized eggs in bed.

1. The feeling of frequent urination

Regardless of the spring, summer, autumn and winter, some women after bed will have frequent urination. Of course, they may not be tested by the test strip. They may feel that they are cold before there will be frequent urination. In fact, this is a natural physiological phenomenon in the early pregnancy.Essence

2, bed bleeding

This belongs to a small number of signs. Some women will have mild spasm when fertilized eggs, and occasionally there will be bleeding. Generally speakingOn the left and right, some women will think that it is menstruation. In fact, you can find that there are not many quantities, and the color is reddish brown.

3, breasts start to tender pain

When the fertilized eggs are successful, slow women will find that your breasts start to grow, and slowly become soft, and the nipple color will deepen.Because accompanied by sleepy, weak, disgusting, and like sleeping, you may also treat it as a cold and fever, but in fact, otherwise it means that your body is already in the early stages of pregnancy.

4, bed to cool down

After 6 to 10 days after the ovulation period, I will feel that one day the body temperature drops suddenly, and the next day will return to normal. This cooling situation also calls the bed to cool down. It is the signal that the fertilized egg has successfully bed.


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