How can pregnant women’s belly be installed?After pregnancy, the internal organs are squeezed and deformed, and every minute is suffocated

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During pregnancy, it was a hard work. No matter how it was evaluated, those "three thousand pets love in one body" are just appearances. Really suffering and sadness. The only pregnant mother knows it.

Not to mention, the "belly" of pregnant mothers alone is surprising.Once the abdomen, after a long pregnancy, eventually became huge.Even the internal organs have become "nowhere to place" -the internal organs are squeezed into the baby in the uterus to deform.

Can’t help but sigh: How much belly can you install the next or even two or three small lives?

Through this picture, I can intuitively see that the pregnant mother’s belly is swollen, and the back of the waist is gradually leaning.Internal organs are also squeezed and deformed.A picture can only see the internal organs in the corner, but do you know?When the viscera is squeezed, what kind of feelings do pregnant women feel?

The pregnant mother during this period was about 3 months. At this time, the uterus was like a small grapefruit. It was not obvious to squeeze the internal organs.

However, this period is the pregnancy period of the pregnant mother. Most of the pregnant mothers will feel the symptoms of decreased appetite, nausea, nausea, and vomiting.And frequent urination will also appear.

For more than four months of pregnancy, at this time, the uterus will squeeze the abdomen outward, and the abdomen will start to swell significantly.At this time, the pregnant mother will feel the stiffness of the lower abdomen.

At about five months, the uterus began to move up slowly up and squeezed the internal organs. At this time, the upper part of the abdomen began to bulge.Accompanied by the stuffy chest, it seemed to be breathing smoothly, eager to fresh air.

This is the shortage of breathing caused by squeezing internal organs, and sometimes even hypoxia!Six months, the abdomen of the pregnant mother was obvious.This shows that the baby is constantly moving up in the rapidly growing uterus.At this time, the waist is stronger, and fatigue and pain will occur.

At this time, the pregnant mother may have symptoms such as constipation, legs, venous sag, hemorrhoids.And at this stage, most pregnant mothers have eaten food for a while, with stomach reflexity, throat burning, and food reflux.I also feel that the back pain is bloated, and the muscles of the calf cramps have a feeling of falling.

In the third trimester, pregnant mothers have become more hard every day.In about seven months, the uterus increases at a faster speed, and the position near the lower abdomen will be harder.There is often a feeling of tight abdomen, and this feeling becomes stronger.

With the increase of the month, stretch marks are becoming more and more obvious.In about eight months, the uterus has almost occupied the entire abdominal cavity. At this time, the physical pressure of the pregnant mother will increase.

The baby’s oppression of the liver, spleen and stomach and other organs, occupying the position that should belong to them, making them occupy smaller and smaller.As a result, pregnant mothers have shortness of breath, bloating, loss of appetite, frequent urination, and uterine contraction.

It was finally nine months of pregnancy. At this time, the pregnant mother would feel that her belly went down, her breathing was smooth, and her stomach was not so uncomfortable. This was because the baby’s head began to move slowly at this time.The place gradually came out.Because the squeezing is not so embarrassed, the discomfort caused by many internal organs is gradually dissipating.This also means that the baby in the near future is about to be born.

Do you think the internal organs have returned to place?No, internal organs need to return to their original position slowly.This process takes about two to three months to recover.Seeing this, do you feel that it is not easy to be a pregnant mother?

As a family, as a lover, you should still love and understand the changes in the pregnant mother.Give them more considerate and love.

"This original content, no platform is not allowed to be reproduced without authorization, it must be investigated illegal"

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