How big is the fetal radiation of the fetus, can I play mobile phones during pregnancy?

For most people, there will be a lot of fun without mobile phone life.Many pregnant mothers still cannot put down their mobile phones during pregnancy. Everyone said that the radiation generated by the mobile phone when pregnant mothers play mobile phones will cause great harm to the fetus. Is this really the case?The mobile phone does radiate the human body. In fact, we live in the radiation of electronic products every day. Our living environment makes us unable to avoid radiation. Mobile phone radiation is only one of them.tiny.Mom can play mobile phones during pregnancy, just pay attention to the following points.

1. Stay up late to play mobile phones

Pregnant mothers cannot stay up late to play mobile phones.Many pregnant mothers like to chase the drama. When you see the wonderful places, if you want to know the development of the follow -up plot, you can’t help watching it, but it is already at 12 o’clock at a glance at a glance.Mom should immediately put down her mobile phone and sleep obediently. She can’t stay up late.Mom should maintain a reasonable schedule during pregnancy. It is not just herself that does not sleep at night, but also the fetus in the abdomen. The mother does not sleep at night, and the baby cannot get a good rest. This will make the baby grow slowly.And they ca n’t sleep well at night. People will have no mental to lie down during the day, so that the schedule is completely reversed.

2. Play with mobile phones while charging

Now the screen of the mobile phone is relatively large, and the consumption of the power is fast, and many people will play mobile phones when charging.Playing the phone when charging can make the phone too high, and the mobile phone explosion may occur.Although the probability of such a situation is small, it does not mean.People need to rest, let alone mobile phones?Therefore, when the mobile phone is out of power, the pregnant mother should not play, let the mobile phone rest, and do something else, and the radiation will be stronger than usual when the phone is charged.

3. Sleep at night to put on the pillow and put on the pillow beside the pillow

If the mobile phone is too close to the head, it will interfere with the brain. The electromagnetic wave emitted by the mobile phone interferes with the electromagnetic wave of the brain and makes it difficult to fall asleep.Although the other hazards caused by the radiation of the mobile phone are too close to the electromagnetic wave radiation, although there are no specific results, in this special period during pregnancy, what can be avoided should be avoided.If you have poor self -control, it is best to keep your phone shut down when you sleep at night and put your hand in the place where you can’t touch your hand, so that you will focus on sleep and better sleep.Besides, playing mobile phones before going to bed also affects vision.

You can play mobile phones during pregnancy. Do n’t worry too much about pregnant mothers, but you must pay attention to things that you should pay attention to.Pregnant mothers must be responsible for themselves and to the baby. In the above three cases, do not play mobile phones.

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