How are women who are pregnant?My husband has a bitter sour tear: a good summer, the feeling of winter

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"Wife, let’s separate. Both of us. This is not a season. How can we live?"

What does this say?It turned out that a netizen during pregnancy, because the weather was too hot, he was afraid of heat, and always adjusted the air conditioner temperature very low.Her husband was shivering, she felt not enough, and wanted to lower it a little.

Finally, the husband who was almost frozen from his nose resisted, and said, he said,:

"I can’t stand it! You … you will separate from you if you lower it again."

Of course, this is just a oral joke. When he said this, the man’s face on his face laughed at his wife.

After netizens shared their experiences to the Internet, many mothers who were too hot during pregnancy responded.

Take a look at the comments from netizens, and you can find that this woman is pregnant, and it really can’t stand it.

Netizen A:

I thought that the south in March was still cold. I had to open the window for 8 months of pregnancy. I felt smooth breath. My husband trembled with a quilt wrapped in a quilt.

Mom: Men are not easy, and men who are pregnant with their wives are even more difficult to get pregnant.

Netizen B:

I am very afraid of the heat. In the north in April, I wore short sleeves in April. In the summer, the air conditioner had to be opened until 23 ° C to sleep, and nothing could be covered.The conference room meeting colleagues were cold, and I was still hot. I am still hot.

Later, my colleagues heard that I was going to meet with them and entered the conference room wearing a coat.

Mom: Not to mention, the company’s atmosphere is very loving.In the future, the little baby knows it, and he will definitely thank the mother colleagues for being considerate?

Netizen C:

When I was pregnant, I felt very hot, but my husband always felt that I would be cold.

Especially in the middle and late stages, every day is almost crazy, and often wake up in the middle of the night.Every time he woke up, he closed the fan and put me the quilt.

I told my husband seriously, I am not cold, I was almost hot.He said that he touched my body was Bingbing, but I really felt very hot!

Husband finally compromised, staring at my stomach every day, saying that you are afraid that you are not a red baby.

Mom: The red child is a "fire child". It seems that the baby can’t stand the mother!

After watching so many examples, it means that pregnancy is not a minority, but a thing that many expectant mothers have experienced themselves!

At that time, when there was a small pocket, the mother was so hot that she was not too hot.

Women are afraid of fever during pregnancy, and even some people who are afraid of cold before pregnancy, and they start to be afraid of heat after pregnancy.What is the reason behind this?

1. Character metabolism during pregnancy changes

Many mothers emphasize a period of time when sharing their experiences during pregnancy: "in the middle and late pregnancy."

In this regard, Daoma has a deep understanding.When she was Huai Xiaoxiao, the older Mom was that the older the month, the more he could not stand it, and it would be better after "unloading".In fact, this is related to the changes in metabolism itself.

As the pregnancy weeks of pregnant women gradually increase, the baby gradually grows up in the mother’s belly, and the energy that the mother provides is getting bigger and bigger.

After women are pregnant, their elders and hospital doctors at home will tell expectant mothers that she is now eating alone and two people make up for them.Especially in the middle and late stages, the blood circulation and metabolism in the mother’s body must be accelerated in order to keep up with the baby’s needs.

So the later the pregnancy, the more they are afraid of hotness.

2. The effect of hormone secretion during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the level of hormones in the mother’s body will also change.

Among many changing hormones, the changes in luteal hormones will increase the temperature of the human body.Most pregnant mothers have a body temperature between 36.9 ° C and 37.2 ° C during pregnancy.

In addition to luteal hormones, some changes in hormones make the mother’s sensitive feeling of body temperature.Therefore, not all mothers are afraid of heat when they are pregnant, and some mothers are particularly cold during pregnancy.

3. Physical reasons

If the expectant mothers who are afraid of heat before pregnancy, the body temperature rises again during pregnancy, and then catch up with high temperature weather, it will be even more hot.

In the middle of the summer, many pregnant mothers suffer from body heat and heat, and they are like being roasted by fire every day.How to reduce heat scientifically has become a topic that mothers need to pay attention to.

1. Reduce high temperature weather to go out

The most direct and effective method is of course away from the heat source.

In the middle and late pregnancy, most mothers need to prepare for production at home, and they don’t need to go out at work.At this time, catching up with the high temperature and hot summer weather, it must be more comfortable to stay in the air -conditioned room. Why do you need to go outdoors to expose it?

Even if the mother must go out for some reason, it is best to avoid the high temperature period and choose to go out early or evening.At the same time, pregnant mothers must be accompanied by someone when they go out.And take sunscreen measures.Avoid being sunburn or accidents on the road.

2. Supplement water

Replenishing water in time can help the body sweat more, and sweat can help us dissipate heat and reduce body temperature.

The water replenishment proposed by professionals to pregnant mothers is 1500 ~ 1800 ml per day. Note that it is not cold water and ice water, but warm water.Moisture in time can also supplement the body that the body is lost due to frequent sweat.

3. Light and comfortable clothing

After the water replenishment and sweating, the mother’s clothes must be wet by sweat.

In order to prevent clothes from being uncomfortable to stick to our body, we must first wear clothes with lightness, good breathability, and strong sweat absorption. Secondly, once the sweat is wet, it will be replaced in time.This is also to avoid being cold while keeping your body.

4. The diet is light, and the fruits will cool down the summer

The weather is hot, the body is hot, and the heart is panicked.Many, my mother started bitter summer at this time and couldn’t eat.

At this time, the digestive function of pregnant mothers is poor. The diet they eat should be soft and light, with nutritional and digestible.Occasionally, you can add a little seasoning for appetizers, but do not greasy and spicy, stimulate the stomach.

Like fresh vegetables, fish and shrimp, lean meat and soy products, etc., are suitable for pregnant mothers.However, because of the epidemic, pregnant mothers should avoid eating imported fish and shrimp to ensure safety.

In fruits, mothers with high sugar content like watermelon eat as little as possible, and some cold foods should be avoided as much as possible.Grapes and cucumbers can be eaten in an appropriate amount at this time to relieve heat.

5. Avoid greedy cold

When the pregnant mother blows the air conditioner, she should avoid the cold wind blowing, especially not to blow in her belly.You can set the windshield at the air outlet of the air conditioner to change the wind direction.When you sleep, you must remember to cover your stomach.

In addition, cold drinks and ice drinks are best to eat less or not.

Mother’s message

Fearing fever during pregnancy is inevitable.For the harmony of the family, for the baby wife and baby children, the male compatriots wrapped the small blankets. Why not experience the feeling of winter in the summer in the summer?

You know, you are willing to freeze the shaking figure, and in your wife’s mind, you are more handsome than any star idol!

I am a mother. I have a cute baby at home. I record and share the temperature, height, and deep parenting experience and interesting talks every day, follow me, and get scientific and reliable parenting dry goods at any time!Welcome to leave a message or comment area to tell me your thoughts!

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