Hou Peizen’s mother: hold hands with her daughter’s husband and occupy her girlfriend’s husband, what are the methods of Lin Yueyun?

On February 3 this year, Hou Peizen took his mother to participate in the variety show "Mother -in -law and Mom", which caused controversy from netizens.

When the family was sitting and chatting in the show, Hou Peizen said that her husband Huang Baijun looked very stiff.

So I asked to help my husband to relieve it.

However, when she was going to take the scraping board, Mother Hou took the initiative to say that she could help,

After speaking, I can’t help but go directly to help the son -in -law massage the neck and cervical spine,

Huang Baijun’s expression in the face of the camera is quite embarrassing.

When Hou Peizen found the scraping board and returned, he saw that his mother was helping her husband massage.

Then he couldn’t help complaining: "Mom, enough."

Instead, Hou’s mother joked with her son -in -law, causing Hou Peizen Vinegar to make a bluntly say:

"Don’t get it anymore"

In fact, this is not the first time that Mother Hou has had a moment of behavior. Netizens have also picked up the Hou Peizen family to go shopping.

The two photos of Mother Hou and Huang Baijun’s ten fingers looked too close.

Once these scandals came out, netizens have talked about Hou Peizen’s mother really "Century Primary Three",

The source of this name is mainly due to the two times in Hou’s mother who has plugged in the marriage of girlfriends twice.

He was not married to Hou Peizen, so that Hou Peizen was still under the hat of his illegitimate daughter.

Everyone can’t help but curious about Hou’s mother to have more means to make the two men die for her?

Hou’s mother’s real name is Lin Yueyun. She was born in Taiwan in the 1970s. She was seen by the scout because of her face.

Signing a contract with the performing arts company made a smooth debut.

After her debut, she has appeared in many high -quality film and television works, such as "Marriage Event" and "Three Yuan Yuan".

Girls with beautiful appearance are always particularly attractive. Naturally, Lin Yueyun does not lack the pursuit of young talents.

But she chose to associate with Hou Shihong, the husband of a woman.

Hou Shihong was born in the famous gates of the southern Fujian drama in Taiwan, and then retired as a radio and television producer behind the scenes.

Because of his work, he met Lin Yueyun. At that time, Hou Shihong had already married his wife and had children.

And his wife Guo Meichun is also Lin Yueyun’s close friend.

Even so, she still walked together with her good girlfriend and her husband without the name.

In the 1970s, the folk customs were conservative. In order to be able to enter the room, Lin Yueyun was trying to get pregnant first.

After learning that she was pregnant, Hou Shihong decided to divorce Guo Meichun.

Guo Meichun, who knows that marriage was intervened by friends, scolded Lin Yueyun,

I was distressed, she begged her husband not to leave herself,

In order to appease Guo Meichun’s emotions, Hou Shihong temporarily pushed the incident.

The divorce is temporarily hopeless, but Hou Shihong guarantees that although Li Yueyun can not give her a name,

But she will definitely take care of her and children in her belly.

Not only that, Hou Shihong also made a huge sum of money to buy a mansion for Lin Yueyun,

Worried about her boring during pregnancy, took her to Qiu Jiaxiong, the chairman of Zhantai Group, to play mahjong,

That is, Li Yueyun met Qiu Jiaxiong’s wife Cai Guizhao.

And this Qiu Jiaxiong is not a rich man at all. When he was young, he was just a weightlifting athlete.

Being able to achieve the current achievements cannot be separated from the support of the wife’s family.

Cai Guizhao’s family has a pivotal position in Taiwan.

His father Cai Wanchun is the founder of Cathay Pacific Group and the largest financial capitalist in Taiwan.

Cai Guizhao is the eldest daughter in the family. She grew up under the care of her parents since she was a child.

At first, her family was not optimistic about her marriage with Qiu Jiaxiong, but Cai Guizhao, who was fainted by love, disregarded the people around him to discouraged to marry. With the social status of his wife, the poor boy Qiu Jiaxiong carp leaping the dragon door into the upper society.

Lin Yueyun was sweet and sweet. He could talk about it and knew him with Cai Guizhao. He coaxed the other party for a long time. Therefore, Cai Guizhao often asked Lin Yueyun to play mahjong at home. Sometimes he was worried that Lin Yueyun was inconvenient. He often asked her husband to send her home.At this time, Cai Guizhao didn’t know that this move was completely attracted to the wolf into the room.

At first, Cai Guizhao was still covered in the drum,

I don’t know that Qiu Jiaxiong and Lin Yueyun have already been made together under their eyelids.

Until the two of them were revealed by the waiters of the Hot Spring Center.

It turned out that Qiu Jiaxiong often took Lin Yueyun to make hot springs, and the waiter thought she was Mrs. Qiu.

Once they left Cai Guizhao as soon as they left, the waiter was still surprised why Mrs. Qiu returned again, and asked:

"Mrs. Qiu, why haven’t you left? Didn’t Mr. Qiu come to pick you up?"

After listening to the waiter, Cai Guizhao felt that things were abnormal.

After a close inquiry, it was clear that Qiu Jiaxiong came with Lin Yueyun.

Cai Guizhao is not the Lord who is bullied. After knowing that he has been betrayed by his friends, he is betrayed.

Find Lin Yueyun to confront, and Lin Yueyun was cheekily acknowledged the matter.

"You will always be a woman outside."

In this way, Lin Yueyun was wandering around the two men and enjoyed their care.

In 1978, Hou Peizen was born. Lin Yueyun thought he could finally have a name.

But until the child was 5 years old, Hou Shihong failed to divorce.

Lin Yueyun immediately broke the relationship with Hou Shihong and became Qiu Jiaxiong’s mistress.

I do n’t know what kind of ecstasy medicine did Qiu Jiaxiong give Qiu Jiaxiong. He immediately decided to divorce Cai Guizhao.

However, Cai Guizhao does not want to make the scumbag men’s aspirations as expected, so she bites her mouth and doesn’t loosen it.

EssenceAfter a breath, Qiu Jiaxiong ran away from home and lived with Lin Yueyun’s mother and daughter.

And Cai Gui, who was disappointed, was always accompanied by blue lanterns, and he was in a heart to the Buddha.

For many years, although Qiu Jiaxiong has loved their mother and daughter,

But the hat of "Little Three" has been buckled on her head,

Even with Hou Peizen was ridiculed by others, it was an illegitimate daughter,

Therefore, Lin Yueyun’s education on Hou Peizen is extremely strict.

Lin Yueyun has built Hou Peizen to lady ladies since he was a child.

It is just right for people to do things, and even the smiles on their faces are like accurate calculations.

Once, Hou Peizen was laughed at the illegitimate daughter by her classmates.

After returning home, Hou Peizen told Lin Yueyun this incident, but did not expect that not only did he not be comforted by his mother,

Instead, Li Yueyun slapped and scolded her:

"Don’t just lose your temper to others, and always smile."

Hou Peizen, who has grown in this environment for a long time, grew up as a famous ladylike lady in the hope of her mother.

She has always been happy to be her high emotional quotient.Hou Peizen, who has a good appearance and good temperament, is the same as his mother,

There are many suitors around, in order to prevent her early love, and to be plated for her daughter’s ladies.

Lin Yueyun sent Hou Peizen to study abroad.

After returning from Xuecheng, Hou Peizen successfully entered the television station for internship and served as the English anchor of "Zhongtian".

She has a successful career, and her emotional life is also talked about.

The first scandal of Hou Peizen was Lian Shengwen, the son of Lien Chan, the former president of the Kuomintang, Lian Shengwen.

Lian family’s parents praised her, and the relationship between the two was recognized by her parents.

I thought they would get married, but Guo Meichun couldn’t see the child’s child so happy.

So in front of the media, he scolded Lin Yueyun, and also pierced Hou Peizen’s identity.

So this gossip that was only circulated in the upper society was well known to the public for Guo Meichun’s breaking news.

Even so, Hou Peizen still got the love of Liandiwen’s parents based on his ability.

But unfortunately, the two still failed to go, because Jay Chou appeared at this time.

Therefore, when Hou Peizen was asked by the media if he was interacting with Lian Shengwen,

As soon as she denied the relationship between the two, she claimed that she was just a friend.

It’s just that her relationship with Jay Chou also endlessly, and

Although Hou Peizen has seen Jay Chou’s parents, because of Lin Yueyun’s unbearable past,

The impression of Jay Chou’s house was greatly reduced to Hou Peizen and refused to let her enter the door.

In 2011, Hou Peizen met and took off with wealthy businessman Huang Baijun. After three months of contact, he entered the marriage hall.

At the wedding scene, Qiu Jiaxiong also attended as Hou Peizen’s father.

Seeing that her daughter was married and had children, in the interview, Lin Yueyun couldn’t help feeling:

"I can’t marry the beloved person is the regret of this life."

This Gu Ying’s self -pity attitude aroused everyone’s dissatisfaction,

In the past, the marriage of other people was mentioned again and was scolded by everyone.

In 2014, Qiu Jiaxiong died.

Even the funeral was done under the arrangement of his wife,

However, Qiu Jiaxiong left most of her inheritance to Lin Yueyun’s mother and daughter, leaving only some cash and a set of real estate for the original distribution.

Such cold -heartedness is embarrassing. It is ridiculous that Lin Yueyun’s mother and daughter, who had his heart, did not attend.

Whether the Cai family obstructs it, or Lin Yueyun’s mother, like the media said, is ruthless,

The 31 -year -old extramarital affairs ended with Qiu Jiaxiong’s death.

Today, Lin Yueyun holds huge legacy and does not worry about eating and eating.

Life is free, no wonder it is nicknamed by netizens as "the strongest junior".

Throughout Lin Yueyun’s life, it can be described as wonderful. Walking between two men,

Seems to live an envy of everyone, but never get rid of the name of the "Primary Three".

Even her daughter Hou Peizen was implicated, and she had to stand the name of "illegitimate daughter" for a lifetime.

Maybe Lin Yueyun once regretted it, but everything was too late.

Whether this kind of life that is pointed out is really happy, I am afraid that only Lin Yueyun knows it.

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