Hot Comment | Is it reasonable to be rejected because of pregnancy without breast perpillion?

In June last year, Ms. Xu applied for a teacher recruitment, and her score was first in the report position.In August last year, she refused to admit on the grounds that she had not done her breasts during the medical examination because she did not do her breasts during her pregnancy.After a lapse of a year, Ms. Xu sued the recruitment organization. On the morning of December 11, the case opened and failed to be sentenced in court.

Ms. Xu chose the former between the child’s health and the mother’s career, and we should like this great mother.After praise, I can’t help but regret her. Once becoming a rare opportunity to make a teacher is like this!This matter is worthy of a discussion about women’s fertility and employment dilemma.

The local Education and Sports Bureau believes that it is "reasonable and legal".The latter two "combination" may be really "combined", because each recruitment has many requirements. For example, there are many projects in the medical examination. There is a lack of one, and the experience must be completed on time, otherwise it will be regarded as actively abandoning.From this perspective, Ms. Xu did violate the recruitment regulations.From this point of view, the approach of the local physical education bureau is indeed "reasonable and legal", and it may not be said to be "affectionate".

The real relationship, as Ms. Xu’s lawyer said -candidates who treat pregnancy, chest permeability and other items should be temporarily relieved. After the pregnancy is ended, the physical examination is performed, and the physical examination can be accepted instead of the admission directly -this is only talented.Calculate.In this regard, the local education bureau did not do it.

In the case of no relevant regulations, let the local educational bureau open a net to a person. Special circumstances are specially handled, and it seems unrealistic. If this is really done, will other candidates doubt that this is "radish recruitment"?Therefore, I am afraid that the case may not be possibly possibly, but it has a wake up to the society. For some special circumstances (like the candidate’s pregnancy), there must be a plan to give recruiters as a basis for special treatment.

After all, the employer also wants to choose the best and recruit the best candidates, not to refuse outstanding talents because of some dead regulations.

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