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Recently high temperatures continue

The temperature in many land in Sichuan exceeds 35 ℃

Yesterday at 15:00 Sichuan’s temperature ranking

Ziyang ranked first in 37.2 ℃

Are you so hot that you can’t live without the air conditioner?

Look at the world

High temperature weather is continuing

World Meteorological Organization: High temperature weather may last until August

The United Nations World Meteorological Organization said on the 14th that the hot weather with the highest monthly temperature of the highest monthly temperature in June and the two daily average temperature highest records in the first half of July will last two weeks and may continue until August.

The World Meteorological Organization predicts that the temperature in the Mediterranean region will continue to be higher than the normal level, and its weekly average temperature will be 5 ° C higher than the normal level."This extreme weather is becoming a phenomenon of increasingly frequently appearing in climate change, and said on human health, ecosystems, agriculture, energy and water supply."

The Satellite of the European Space Administration is responsible for monitoring land and ocean temperatures.The agency warned that Italy, Spain, France, Germany and Poland will face extreme conditions.It is reported that the temperature may break through the current record of Europe -the record set by Sicily in August 2021 was 48.8 ° C.

In some places such as the Bali Ali Islands and other places in Spain, the temperature on the sea is expected to reach 30 ° C, and this is the typical temperature of the Tropical marine environment such as the Caribbean Sea.

Back to Sichuan

Are you looking forward to raining?

The good news is

Little friends in some places in Sichuan

Can dream come true

The bad news is that the high temperature is not diminished


There are rain in these places in Sichuan, but the high temperature does not decrease

In the next three days, most of the basins in the basin will become cloudy or scattered or thunderstorms.The western Sichuan Plateau and the Western Panxi area have more dispersion or thunderstorms. Local rain, it is necessary to prevent meteorological secondary disasters such as landslides, mudslides, and floods caused by strokes.

From day to night from the 17th: Guangyuan, Mianyang, Deyang, Chengdu, Ya’an, Meishan, Leshan, 7 cities in the 7th city, there are scattered shower or thunderstorms from the afternoon from the afternoon to the evening.Most of the Sichuan Plateau and the clouds in the northwest of Liangshan Prefecture have scattered shower or thunderstorms, the local rain, and the remaining places in the west areas are cloudy.

Within 24 hours, the lowest temperature in the basin: 22 ~ 25 ° C; the highest temperature: 33 ~ 36 ° C in the west, and the rest of the place is 36 ~ 39 ° C.

There will be heavy rain in some parts of Chengdu, and sauna is here

Chengdu Meteorological Observatory issued a high -temperature orange warning signal at 10:00 on July 17, 2023: It is expected to be Wuhou District, Jinjiang District, Qingyang District, Chenghua District, Jinniu District, Qingbaijiang District, Gaoxin West District and Eastern New District in ChengduAll townships (streets) will rise to above 35 ° C in the next 24 hours.High temperature periods mainly appear from 12:00 today to 18:00.Please pay attention to prevent the adverse effects of high temperature.

According to the Meteorological Meteorological Meteorology:

From the evening of the 17th to the 18th, there are shower or thunderstorms in cloudy and cloudy during the day and clouds. In some places, there are heavy rainy storms during thunderstorms, and the temperature is 22-33 ° C;

From the evening of the 18th to the 19th, there is a cloudy and cloudy, and there will be decentralized rain in the west, and the temperature is 22 ~ 33 ° C.

You can see on the Sichuan Public Meteorological Service Network

The weather trend in Chengdu this week is relatively smooth

The highest temperature on Saturday will reach 36.2 ℃



What is the water storage capacity of Sichuan Reservoir this year?

The water storage capacity of Sichuan Hydropower Reservoir is super pending the same period of the year

On July 16, the reporter learned from the Office of the Flood Control and Drought Resistance Headquarters in Sichuan Province that as of the 15th, the water storage capacity of 20 large hydropower reservoirs in the province reached 6.958 billion cubic meters. The water storage capacity exceeded the same period this year.

From the evening of July 10th to the evening of the 13th, the first regional heavy rain in Sichuan Province (hereinafter referred to as the "7 · 11" regional heavy rain) appeared this year.It is understood that the regional heavy rainstorm process in this round has allowed 20 large hydropower reservoirs in the province to increase a total of about 1.15 billion cubic meters, which is equivalent to 82 West Lakes (about 14 million cubic meters of West Lake Reservoir).

The situation of water storage and protection has been significantly improved, and the pressure of electricity protection is further relieved.

Hot weather

Everyone pays attention to summer sunscreen

Remember to replenish water in time ~

Source: Sichuan Daily

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