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In summer, did you eat "dangerous melon"?

In the hot and humid summer, food will become a radiotherapy medium at any time.Every summer, there are many cases of running stomach because of "not dealing with". Adults and children have them, and they are often mistaken for being too "cold".In fact, low -temperature foods or beverages do make some friends accelerate, but generally do not let people run several toilets a day.Therefore, when there is a significant change (commonly known as "dilute"), we must first consider intestinal infection caused by food hygiene.

The refrigerator is not a safe beware of Listel bacteria "invasion"

The types of foods stored in the refrigerator are complicated. Among them, there are many foods that "enter bacteria in the refrigerator.Raw meat, fruits and vegetables, etc.

In addition, the refrigerator is easy to live in a very lethal "dangerous" -liste bacteria. They like a cool and cold environment. The refrigerator is simply peace for them, so it has the nickname of "refrigerator killer".In the low temperature environment that can make us trembling at 2 ° C-8 ° C, they can grow and breed happily as usual, and pollute the fruit and vegetables such as leftovers and leftovers (including self-made salads for outsourcing)., Bean sprouts, soft cheese, and cooked cooked food with a long time after opening, milk, smoked fish and shrimp and aquatic products with too long time after opening.

The most vulnerable group of Liszto is a group with relatively weak disease resistance, including: newborns, elderly people, pregnant women, and people with immune defects.It causes infection to cause meningitis, sepsis, endometritis, abortion of pregnant women, and even cause pregnant women to die.

Fruits with low organic acid content are easily "stared"

Why is it necessary to talk to you how to eat melon safely in summer, and the protagonist of the topic is not only watermelon, but also melon and papaya -because they are all fruits with low organic acid content, which is easy to be hated to be caught.Bacteria and sneak attacks.Taking the cut watermelon as an example, we often think that the flesh is covered with plastic wrap and puts in the refrigerator to store it.In fact, in the entire link from buying melon to treatment to preservation, there are actually risk factors that may cause infection.

Some scholars have tested melons (including watermelon, melon, cantaloupe, papaya) with low organic acid content, and "vaccinated" a certain amount of Lismt bacteria and Salmonella to ensure the flesh of these melons obtained under the operation of sterilization conditions.On the top, after different temperatures and long cultivation, observe the breeding of these two kinds of bacteria on these kinds of melon meat.The final conclusion is:

Salmonella: the higher the temperature, the longer the time, the more breeding

Listor: The lower the temperature, the longer the time, the more breeding

After reading this, do you feel that the belly and back of the ice watermelon have just taken the bone of the belly and back of the back?Don’t be nervous first, this is not to create panic, but to remind everyone that the environment is not sterile, and food hygiene and safety cannot be ignored.There is a way to tell everyone: environmental bacteria, everywhere; refrigeration in the refrigerator, the risk is still; the disease comes in from the mouth, beware of pathogenic bacteria.

Five "small tips" safely eating melon "

1. It is best to ensure that it is eaten and cut

For families with a large population in the family, it is recommended to buy complete watermelon and go home to eat and cut;

Families with a small population in the family often choose to buy melons that have been cut into half from the supermarket, covering the sale of plastic wrap, and buy "just cut" as much as possible. After returning home, hurry up and put them in the refrigerator.Safety.It is not recommended to store it in the refrigerator for several days.

2. Ensure the hygiene of hands, cutting boards, and tools

Prepare the cutting board and tools specializing in fruits in the home. Do not mix it with the cutting board and tools of cutting other foods;

Wash and drain the cutting board and tool before cutting melon;

Before the watermelon is cut, it should be cleaned with flowing water, and wiped off the remaining water stains with kitchen paper towels;

Before dealing with watermelon, wash your hands with your hands with six -step method before cleaning the watermelon skin;

In the process of covering the plastic wrap, even if you wash your hands, you must avoid touching the plastic wrap that may be exposed to the flesh.

It is necessary to remind pregnant mothers: For rough, potholes such as cantaloupe and melon, and potholes, when cleaning, it is recommended to use a small brush to brush the epidermis again -these places may hide the toxoplasma, which will hurt both mothers and infants.And if the melon has a "bump injury", it is necessary to cut off the bumps in time to prevent hidden dangers.

3. Short the storage time

Under the condition of room temperature ≤30 ° C, the cut melon is best to eat within 8 hours;

It is estimated that the amount of one -time food is not finished, and the plastic wrap is covered after cutting (this is mainly to avoid other bacteria in the refrigerator) and put it in the refrigerator as soon as possible;

How much to eat and cutting, it is not recommended to dig for food with a spoon, and then put the refrigerator and continue to store it;

It is best not to exceed 24 hours after cut watermelon.

4. "Break away from" part that may have contaminated

Watermelon, melon, cantaloupe, papaya, etc. stored in the refrigerator. When eating, it is recommended to cut off the surface (about 1 cm thick);

If the cut watermelon has been placed in the refrigerator for two or three days, or there are no fresh pulp on the surface, then don’t hesitate to give up.

5. Select the plastic wrap correctly, it is recommended to buy PE and PVDC markers

Commercially available plastic wrap, according to the main components, can be divided into three categories: polyethylene (PE), polytathene (PVDC) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC).It is recommended to choose the first two, and the security is more secure.The plasticidal membrane safety of polyvinyl chloride is relatively poor (containing plasticizers DeHa and DeHP, although plasticizers are legal additives, and are used for foods without fat under normal temperature/low temperature conditions, such as fruits and vegetables are safe.However, it is easy to migrate when heating or contact with oil, so there is a certain carcinogenic risk of PVC plastic wrap). It is not recommended to buy it.Therefore, pay attention to the PE and PVDC labels when buying.Text/Liu Suiqian (popular science worker, clinical nutritionist, member of the Chinese Nutrition Society)

How to cook mung bean soup, the best effect is the effect?

The weather has become hotter these days, and mung bean soup has become a must -have drink for every family. This soup made of mung beans and water as the main ingredients has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying, quenching thirst.It is easy to cook a pot of mung bean soup, but it takes a lot of thoughts when it is cooked. How to cook the mung bean soup is the best effect?Let me share some tips for cooking mung bean soup.

1. Cook for 10 minutes

If you want to clear the heat and relieve the heat, put the mung beans in the pot and cook for 10 minutes to turn off the heat.

The polyphenols in mung bean skins have a certain inhibitory effect on the temperature regulation center. Therefore, from the perspective of relieving heat and heat, the effect of mung bean soup with a deep oxidation level is the best effect.

So, how to judge the oxidation level of polyphenols?You can see the color.The soup is green mung bean soup, and the nutrition is better.This is because the polyphenols contained in mung beans are more sensitive. In the case of high temperature heating or long -term placement, it will react with the oxygen in the air, generate a cricket substance, and then continue to aggregate into darker color substances.

Therefore, when cooking mung bean soup, the soup will be presented in turn: light-green-red.

2. Cover the pot when cooking

If the lid is opened or cooked for too long, or when the mung bean soup is placed in the air for too long, the polyphenols will be oxidized, and the mung bean soup will become red.

Of course, the mung bean soup has become red, as long as it is not deteriorated, it can still drink, but from the perspective of relieving heat and heat, the effect will be worse.

In addition to controlling time, what problems do you need to pay attention to to make better use of mung bean soup?

3. Don’t cook with an iron pot

Do not use an iron pot when cooking mung bean soup, otherwise it will accelerate the destruction of polyphenols in mung beans. The effect of cooking with a casserole is better. Of course, it is also possible to use a stainless steel pot.

4. You can add some lemon juice

Put some lemon juice or two or three pieces of vitamin C when cooking mung bean soup, which can reduce the oxidation rate, protect polyphenols, and keep the mung bean soup green for a long time.

5. Don’t drink iced mung bean soup

Try to drink less or not to drink freezing mung bean soup, so as not to cause discomfort such as abdominal pain and diarrhea.

People who cannot bear the mung bean soup can be added to the mung bean porridge to eat, and they can also eat foods processed by mung bean flour.

6. Don’t drink more

Do not use mung bean soup to completely replace meals or drink water, and add meals between two meals.Under the premise of conscious body, you can drink 2-4 small bowls a day.

7. Don’t throw away the beans

After drinking soup, the remaining beans are recommended to eat.The cooked mung beans and the meat inside contain certain collagen ingredients and unbeatable dietary fiber. It can bring out the relatively extra cholesterol and triglyceride in the body, or delay the absorption of cholesterol and triglyceride.

Cooking mung bean soup, if the cooking time is short, the mung beans are not blooming, and such beans are not easy to digest. You can drink some mung bean soup first, and then continue to cook the mung beans for 10-20 minutes, cook the mung beans until blooming, or go directlyDrink with mung bean porridge.

Text/Yukang (Professor of Clinical Nutrition Department of Beijing Union Hospital)

Source: Beijing Youth Daily

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