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Everyone knows that there are many precautions during pregnancy during pregnancy, such as emotional, diet, safety and other issues, which directly affect the health of children and pregnant mothers.

As the saying goes, "Details determine success or failure", what details are pregnant mothers who don’t know?We interviewed the special invited guest of the column of "Pregnant Mom early": Xiao Bing, deputy dean, chief physician, and obstetrics and gynecological expert of Anqier Maternity Hospital (Shuhan Hospital District), listening to his precautions for pregnancy.

Can I have a long fetus and not meat?

Many celebrities did not go at all except for their belly when they were pregnant.Can ordinary people also achieve "long fetus and not meat"?

"Actually, ordinary people can do it, but pregnant mothers need to help our professional personnel together." Dr. Xiao Bing said that first of all, our doctor will develop a plan for weight gain during pregnancy, and then the nutritionist will implement it in detail to implement it in detailWhat should you eat for three meals a day? At the same time, exercise coaches and yoga will give you a sports plan for the entire pregnancy. Through the control of diet, nutritional intake, and exerciseNot long.

Dr. Xiao Bing’s previous customers made him most impressive is the pregnant mother who was pregnant. By cooperating with the advice of the doctor, nutritionist, and sports coach, the mother was only 22 pounds of pregnancy. Born 5 catties and a half, the gap between postpartum and pre -pregnancy weight is not large, so the goal of long tires and not long meat is not a dream, but it can be done.

So, how can we be able to cooperate with the doctor by self -discipline?Dr. Xiao Bing said that pregnant mothers don’t have to worry about this. "In fact, once you become our customers, you will have a health consultant. Health consultants will urge you at any time, and you will always know your indicators at any time.Take the initiative to report your situation to your doctors, nutritionists, and sports coaches, you will urge you and help you in all aspects. "

An Qier Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital (Shuhan Hospital District) early trimester clinic

Can I raise pets after pregnancy?

First of all, for women who are raising pets, if they are not allergic to pets before pregnancy, don’t worry too much about being allergic after pregnancy.

Secondly, these pets are like cats and dogs, will the risk of mothers infection of toxoplasma?Dr. Xiao Bing gave the right answer.

The first is a cat.If the cat has not been infected with a bow -shaped worm, and goes to eat mice or raw meat infected with a bowworm, then this cat may be infected with Toxoplasma, especially our pregnant women to take care of this infected cat, such as cleaning cat litterDuring the process, infection of Toxoplasma may be caused."So our suggestion is that the family raising family is best to check to see if the cat is infected with a bowworm. If not, it is recommended that the cat should not be released, so you can keep it at home.Let your husband deal with it, if you want to handle it yourself, it is best to wear gloves. "

The second is dogs.Some women give people a dog after pregnancy. In this regard, Dr. Xiao Bing "shouted unjust" for the dog.Being wrong. In fact, dogs are not much risky during pregnancy. This is a good news for the pregnant mother who loves dogs. "

An Qier Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital (Shuhan Hospital District) early trimester clinic

Can I make up after pregnancy?

In fact, as long as the makeup is not strong during the entire pregnancy, and these cosmetics are often used, the quality is guaranteed, and there is no allergic reaction. Pregnant mothers can make up.

"Actually, we recommend that our pregnant mothers can get a little light makeup during pregnancy. This is full of confidence, helping maintain a good mentality and stable to spend pregnancy." Dr. Xiao Bing suggested that the pregnant mother can make the makeup, but not too thick, but don’t be too thickPay attention to using some reliable products.

Can it be a nail art if it can be light makeup?Dr. Xiao Bing said that the quality of nail polish should still be relatively good now, and the harmful components should be relatively small, but it is recommended that pregnant mothers better not apply nails, because in case of some emergencies during pregnancy need to be monitored, it needs to be monitored.Nail art may affect our blood oxygen saturation monitoring.Therefore, it will be safer to not apply nails for the time being.

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