Health care during pregnancy is very important, but you will be calculated during pregnancy?

The expectant mothers know what the baby is most afraid of the baby’s growth and development in ten months, so that it can effectively avoid accidents and alleviate many concerns."In the first month, the most afraid of heat, and the high temperature environment is easy to increase the risk of fetal disease diseases; the most afraid of medicine in the second month. Taking painkillers or other drugs during this period will increase the risk of the baby’s congenital birth defect;Three months are most afraid of tobacco and alcohol. Excessive alcohol may cause fetal growth, abnormal nerves, abnormalities, and intelligent damage; the fourth month is the most afraid of noisy, because this is the stage of initial formation of the baby …"Director Sun Junling, Jinan Jiale Reproductive Hospital, is noticing the precautions for science during pregnancy for expectant mothers, because most of them have experienced the long -term medical treatment process before they conceive their babies.

For prospective mothers, pregnancy is like Tang Seng Xitian’s scriptures. If you want to obtain a real scripture, you have to experience the "difficulty of 1981". Different pregnancy periods, the "difficulty" to overcome.Early pregnancy reactions should be overcome in early pregnancy, and early pregnancy reactions such as nausea and vomiting, drowsiness, fatigue, and loss of appetite will be checked in time.In the second trimester, the symptoms of discomfort such as secondary development, back pain, and frequent urination of the chest are needed to conduct important examinations such as NT, Tang sieve, deformedness, and sugar resistance.During the third trimester, there will be inconvenience of movement, poor sleep conditions, constipation, edema, stretch marks, sciatica, etc. will increase.Be prepared in advance to welcome the baby’s birth.

It can be seen that different pregnancy cycles need to pay attention to different inspections, and the calculation of the pregnancy cycle is an irreplaceable threshold.How to calculate the pregnancy cycle?

Because each pregnant woman is difficult to accurately judge the time of conception, medical regulations have calculated the due date from the first day of the last women give birth within 38-42 weeks of pregnancy, all of which are full.Because each female menstrual cycle varies, the speculative due date and actual due date are 1-2 weeks.If you cannot remember the next menstrual period, you can let the doctor estimate the time when the early pregnancy response, the time of the fetal movement, the height of the hand testing uterine bottom, and the length of the uterine measurement of the uterine test.

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