Gufang Yiyuan Health Management Expert Science Popularization Sanfu Tian Pregnant Mother’s Precautions

The arrival of San Futian is also a great test for pregnant mothers.Pregnant mother metabolism is faster than ordinary people, and the body temperature is about 0.5 ° higher than ordinary people.Gu Fangyi Yuan-Gu Yitang Health experts have compiled the precautions about pregnant mothers in Sanfutian, hoping to bring you some help and guidance.

First of all, let’s find out what is Sanfu Tian.Among the traditional Chinese solar terms, Sanfu Tian is the last solar term in summer, which is usually divided into three periods: early, middle, and last.During this period, high temperature and high humidity, it is easy to cause some health problems, and more attention is needed for expectant mothers.

The first point is to keep the room cool and ventilated.Sanfu weather is high, which can easily cause heat stroke and fatigue.Expectant mothers should choose cool and comfortable clothing, pay attention to indoor ventilation, and avoid long -term exposure to high temperature environments.

The second point is a reasonable diet.In Sanfu Tian, expectant mothers need to pay special attention to their eating habits.Gu Fang Yiyuan-Gu Yitang recommends to increase the intake of vegetables and fruits to supplement sufficient vitamins and minerals.In addition, drinking cool drinks, such as herbal tea, mung bean soup, etc. can help cool down and relieve heat.

The third point is to pay attention to sun protection.In Sanfu Tian, the sun is strong, and expectant mothers are easily damaged by ultraviolet rays.Therefore, when going out, remember to use sunscreen, wide -edge hats and sunglasses such as protective supplies to protect your skin from ultraviolet rays.

The fourth point is reasonable arrangement activities and rest time.The hot weather is hot, which is easy to cause the expectant mothers to feel tired and lack of energy.Gu Fangyi Yuan-Gu Yitang suggested that expectant mothers arrange activities and rest time to avoid long-standing or tired, maintain a good rest state, help the body’s health and the growth of the baby.

Finally, expectant mothers must always maintain a happy and optimistic mood.The comfortable mood is very important for the healthy development of the baby.If you have any discomfort or question, it is recommended to consult the doctor or professionals in time.

In short, in the special season of Sanfutian, expectant mothers should pay special attention to their health.I hope that the above-mentioned Gufang Yiyuan-Guyi Hall Health Management Expert will help you.I wish every expectant mother through a healthy and happy summer!thank you all!

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