Guangdong Xinyi 12 -year -old intellectual sexual assault case survey, family livelihood is difficult, no one in the school has always played with her

On November 18th, it was located next to the four or five -story houses of the neighbors.

On November 20, at the entrance of Maoming Social Welfare Institute.A12-A13 Photography/Beijing News reporter Li Yundie

On November 18, Xiaowen got her disabled card.

● Criminal suspects have been arrested ● A family of four is intellectual disabled ● The welfare home of Maoming City has been staying at Maoming

On November 18, the weather in Xinyi City, the small city of the southwest of Guangdong, was still hot.Liu Xiaowen (a pseudonym) of the "Zero Five Five" girl in Xinyidong Town Street has become the only person in the poor family with a smile.

When chatting with a reporter from the Beijing News, Xiaowen couldn’t sit on the sofa honestly.She threw pink slippers with a pork -like picture of the natal year in the side, and unreasonably picked the holes in the socks. The heel of the right foot was almost exposed;Naive.

She is about to usher in a 13th birthday and is the victim of the two sexual assault cases this year.

On November 15, the Xinyi Municipal Government News Office issued an announcement saying, "A few days ago, a case of mentally retarded girls in Xinyi City was sexually assaulted, causing widespread attention from netizens …Invasion and pregnancy, the public security organs immediately filed a case after receiving the report. Recently, Liu Moumou was found to be pregnant again … "

That afternoon, Xiaowen got a certificate of disabled.The type of disability is "intelligence" and the level is "secondary".According to public information, this level belongs to "heavy", which means that small texts "have poor ability to communicate with people, and it is difficult to achieve self -care in terms of life … It requires extensive support for the environment. Most of life is taken care of by others."

Xiaowen is the third person in the family to get the disabled certificate.The first two were her father Liu Jun (pseudonym) and mother Qiu Ju (pseudonym).

On November 21, Xinyi City Public Security Bureau issued a report on the case, saying that "in the early morning of November 21, 2019, after careful investigation by the public security organs of Maoming and Xinyi, Xie Moumou sexually assaulted Liu Moumou (Xinyi Dongzhen StreetThe 12 -year -old girl, the second level of intellectual disability) was broken, and the police of the project team arrested the suspect Xie Moumou (male, 54 years old, a person in Dongzhen Street, Xinyi City). After interrogation, Xie Moumou confessed to the facts of the crime.In further investigation. "

Two times of pregnancy, two abortion

During this year’s National Day, Xiao Wen’s aunt Qiu Lan (pseudonym) returned home on vacation and took Xiao Wen to play at his home.

Soon, Qiu Lan noticed that he was wrong. Xiaowen’s chest "developed particularly fast and even surpassed adults."Later, she asked her sister and Xiaowen’s mother Qiu Ju. When was Xiao Wen’s physiological period last time?Qiu Ju couldn’t say clearly, and replied, "It may be two weeks or two months."

Qiu Lan kept remembering this incident. For more than half a month, Xiaowen’s menstruation never came.On October 24th, Qiu Ju finally took Xiaowen to the clinic to test the urine to testify, and the result came out, "two grids", pregnant.

The next day, Xiaowen went to B -ultrasound again.The Beijing Newspaper’s Zhushan Community Health Service Center obtained by the Beijing News reporter’s ultrasonic image text report on October 25 shows that "early pregnancy in the palace, a single life, about 5+ weeks."

After getting the report, Xiao Wen’s fourth aunt Qiu Mei (pseudonym) was calculated back, and the pregnancy time should be in mid -to -late September.Qiu Mei told the Beijing News reporter that she asked Qiu Ju in detail. During that time, Xiao Wen had been locked in the house by her family.Only at 6 o’clock in the evening on September 23, a garbage truck passed through the door, and Xiaowen ran out of the garbage and ran out of the garbage, and did not go home until 11 pm at night.

This is the only time Qiu Mei can think of "disaster". That night, Qiu Ju, who couldn’t find Xiaowen that night, called her and asked her.

On November 16, the family took Xiaowen to Xinyi City Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine to make an abortion.The third aunt Qiu Xue remembered that Xiaowen did not dare to enter the operating room and repeatedly repeated "so scared."She bought Wahaha and some snacks for Xiaowen as comfort.

When I came out of the operating room, Xiao Wen watched her mother Qiu Ju pitifully, let her mother "kiss her hug her", and also grasped her hand with Qiu Mei.

Just 8 months ago, the same pain, Xiao Wen had just experienced it.

In March of this year, I heard Qiu Ju mentioned that Xiaowen had not come to menstruation for two months. Qiu Mei made a special trip to Xiao Wen’s family.She tentatively asked Xiaowen, "Have anyone touched you under you?" Xiao Wen just responded "yes" stupidly. At that time, Qiu Mei suspected that Xiao Wen had been violated.

On March 18th, they took a small text to check. The "color Doppler medical imaging report form" issued by the Anx Health Hospital of Zhisha Town, Xinyi City showed that "the ultrasound see, the uterine volume is increased, the shape is full, the palace is full, and the palace is the palace.The fetal prototype can be seen, and the diagnostic opinion shows that "about 10 weeks".

After the report, Qiu Mei took Xiaowen to Xinyi City Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Considering that Xiaowen was young and the uterine wall was thin, the doctor suggested to do a drug and abortion.Qiu Mei recalled the situation at the time, "Drug on the 19th, still can’t get out by the 20th (fetus), Xiaowen has been shouting heartbreakingly," It hurts "!" Until the third day, Xiaowen ShizhiI couldn’t stand it, and I had a hemp medicine and made an abortion.

This time, after returning home after abortion, Xiaowen "confinement" at home.

Qiu Mei told the Beijing News reporter that Xiaowen lay down to sleep most of the time, waking up and wandering in the yard.She didn’t understand what was going on and abortion, but she only knew it was boring at home.When she could do nothing, she used her mother’s mobile phone to call a few aunts and uncle, and even planted onions on the mounds of her yard.

Vague suspect

On March 18, after inspection at the Anx Health Center of Dana Town, Qiu Mei took Qiu Ju and Xiaowen to report to the Zhushan Police Station of the Xinyi City Public Security Bureau.

Qiu Mei remembered that at the police station, the police stepped step by step to recall, "Do you remember who has touched you? How did you touch it? What does he look like? Do you know about age? What are the characteristics of him?"

From 2 pm to six pm, Xiaowen recorded four hours of confession for four hours. From time to time, she "broke the film", and the whole process was very difficult.Qiu Mei on the side felt "completely confused".She was dragged into the car, sometimes in the alley on the school road, and sometimes in the toilet in school.Before that, all the family members of Xiaowen never heard her talk about these encounters.

After the report was reported in March, the family members did not get information related to the progress of the case.On November 16, the Xinyi Public Security Bureau stated in the "Police Report" that on March 18, 2019, "the Zhushan Police Station of Our Bureau received a case of sexual assault on Liu Moumou, and immediately organized the criminal investigation and police station to carry out the police.Investigation, on March 19th, a criminal case was established, and the police handling the case did a lot of investigation and evidence collection work.

Until the second pregnancy report in November, Qiu Xuecai heard the news in the Interpol team. According to the clues in the small confession, the police had locked an old man in his 80s named Liu Mouquan, but later tested DNA and Xiao Xiao.The fetus is not in line with the abdomen, and who the remaining suspects are, and the family members are still unknown.

On November 19, a reporter from the Beijing News met him in Liu’s family. He wore a pants that broke his holes and lived in an adobe house with only one floor.Liu Mouquan has never been married this year and has never been married.

Liu Mouya denied that he had had a relationship with Xiaowen.But he acknowledged that Xiao Wen had eaten at his own house, "often with my money."Liu Mouquan said that he was drawn and investigated by the police. Later, after the DNA was not released, "she did not dare to come again."

On October 24th, after Xiaowen’s second pregnancy alarm, the police took Xiaowen to identify the scene.Xiaowen brought Qiu Xue and the police to a banana tree with a distance of only more than 300 meters away from home.According to Qiu Xue, "Xiao Wen said that the man was tall and thin, had bangs, and liked to drink very much. In September, he first drove a car with a small text to eat a big meal.The bread later took her back to the tree and had a relationship, and there were two or three intervals in the front and rear. "

Qiu Xue remembered that Xiaowen said at the time that when the man sent her home, she gave her 100 yuan for her to buy snacks. She was very happy.As a result, the next day, the man ran to Xiao Wen’s house and cheated 100 yuan back, saying to help her buy snacks.Xiao Wen was locked in the room and couldn’t get out of the room, so he gave him the money, but the man did not send snacks.

Qiu Xue once asked Xiaowen, are you happy to do that kind of thing you do?Xiao Wen answered, unhappy.Qiu Xue asked, then why do you go with him?Xiao Wen was a little embarrassed, he bought me bread and snacks.Qiu Xue asked again, who is his person?Xiaowen vomited two words slowly, friends …

The Beijing News reporter learned that after Xiaowen was reported by the media for the second pregnancy, the local police investigated overnight to extract DNA with blood in the village.

The case report issued by Xinyi City Public Security Bureau on November 21 stated that the police of the project team arrested the suspect Xie Moumou (male, 54 years old, a person from Dongzhen Street, Dongzhen).After interrogation, Xie Moumou confessed to the facts of the crime.

On the afternoon of November 22, several residents living in Dongzhen Street told the Beijing News that Xie Moumou lived in the alley opposite Xiao Wen’s house.The appearance is in line with the "high and thin bangs" described by Xiao Wen.

On weekdays, Xie Moumou’s son went out to work. Xie Moumou and 86 -year -old mother and three -year -old grandson were at home. Xie Moumou’s wife ran away as long as her son was three years old. Xie Moumou’s daughter -in -lawAlso ran away from home last year.Prior to March this year, he rode a bike to work in a bambooware factory during the day, went home at night, earned 900 yuan a month, and later retired at home.

The Beijing News reporter noticed that because Xie Mou’s family was obliquely opposite Xiao Wen’s house. From the third floor of Xie Moumou’s house, he could clearly overlook the courtyard of Xiao Wen’s family.

Difficult to family lives

Xinyi is a county -level city managed by Maoming City, Guangdong Province.The 363 and 381 Township Road is in front of the small Wen family. Every day, the galloped truck passes through the township road, and many foreigners come here to do business.The villagers basically built a small building with four or five floors, and the single -story brick house of the small Wen family looked inconspicuous.

This house was built in the 1990s, including a two -bedroom brick house and three low houses. It was built by Xiaowen’s grandfather when he was alive.The Beijing News reporter noticed that there are only two bedrooms in brick houses, and the inner and outer walls of the house have not been painted.On one side of the kitchen, there are no shower sprinkles in the shower room at the door of the door. You need to burn water in the kitchen and then move to take a bath.On weekdays, the door of the yard was locked, preventing Xiao Wen from running out while the family didn’t pay attention.

Xiaowen is the youngest member of the family.Born in 2006, she had a tap, like her mother, was slightly fat, her skin tone was dark, and she looked mature than her peers.Several residents interviewed said, "Xiaowen’s clothes often look tattered." "When you see you on the road, you will stop money to buy snacks. If you do n’t buy it, you will always talk to you."

His father Liu Jun, mother Qiu Ju, and brother Liu Xiaoquan (pseudonym) all suffered from different degrees of intellectual disability.Liu Jun and Qiu Ju are both intellectual disabled, and Xiaoquan did not receive a disabled card because of "afraid of not finding a daughter -in -law".The relatives and friends interviewed said that the three of them could not do too complicated jobs.

Usually, Liu Jun helped people carry the goods. When he was working, he went out after eating breakfast. He returned only at 10 pm. He could earn 80 yuan a day.Qiu Ju planted sweet potatoes, cabbage, spinach and oil vegetables on the 10 -square -meter vegetables at home. It can be returned at most 40 or 50 yuan a day by selling vegetables.Xiaoquan found a job of installing billboards. The worker said that the boss was taking care of him and gave him 2,000 yuan a month.Usually, Liu Jun and Qiu Ju will receive a disabled life subsidy of 220 yuan per month.Relying on unstable income, they barely maintain the livelihood of the family.

In the opinion of Xiao Wen’s third aunt Qiu Xue, Xiao Wen’s grandfather was still alive, because Grandpa could do it and sell vegetables to make money. This family lived well. "I don’t need my sister to work, it hurts my sister."During that time, Qiu Ju could write his own name, and he could also count the calculations.

In 2009, Xiaowen’s grandfather died.At that time, Xiao Wen was just two and a half years old.

It was worsened that shortly after Grandpa’s death, one day, when Xiao Wen played at the doorstep, he was hit by a galloped motorcycle.There are congestion. "Since then, Qiu Xue discovered that" Xiao Wen’s crying expression is a bit abnormal. "She believes that that car accident has a great impact on Xiaowen’s intelligence and the mental state of the whole family." The second sisterThe pressure was suddenly great. I didn’t like to talk all day long, and the family had collapsed. "

There is no intellectual disabilities protected by Grandpa, and the situation is deteriorating.

On November 21, a reporter from the Beijing News saw that Qiu Ju’s sweet potato land was flooded, and Qiu Ju was bent with a hoe to dig out the sweet potatoes from the ground with a hoe.Essence

Qiu Ju used a rough finger to stroke the wet black mud on the sweet potato, whispered, "It is common for people to put water in the ground."Qiu Mei told the Beijing News reporter, "Sometimes the dishes in my sister’s land were stolen by the neighbors, and sometimes the potato pieces of the buds were just buried into the ground.She killed her dishes, and she did not quarrel with others, but just called her sisters to cry. "

Xiaowen called the police twice and brought new bullying to the family.Qiu Ju told the Beijing News reporter that one day in April this year, when he was working, he went to the hospital with scalded hands. Leave Xiaowen alone at home.The courtyard, kicked and scolded Xiaowen.When Qiu Ju returned home, Xiaowen had a pain on the ground.

In recent days, after Xie Moumou was caught by the police, Xiao Wen’s family did not dare to go out. Qiu Ju mentioned that Xie Moumou lowered his voice. "Their family has opinions on us and always find us in trouble.scared".

On November 19, the residents moved anger to Xiaowen’s house because the police took blood in the early morning of the night.At nine o’clock in the morning, the door of Xiao Wen’s family was besieged by more than a dozen residents.Qiu Xue recalled, "Some people scold the second sister as a fool, some scold me as a vixen, and a red clothes were wearing red clothes to take a stone to smash my mobile phone."

"There are pigeons and chickens there, eating particularly well"

Before the accident in March, Xiaowen studied in the sixth primary school of Xinyi City (the following "11th Primary School").

Before the incident, Xiaowen’s relatives never considered asking Xiao Wen to attend the Children’s School of Disability. Qiu Mei said, "I have never heard of the disabled school before, and I don’t understand.There is an extra cost. "

On November 18th, at the eleven primary school, several small students told the Beijing News reporter, "She is a bit stupid, often go to men’s toilet", "No one has always played with her at school", "All grades are zero points, all zero pointsThe teacher never ignored her. "

For Xiao Wen’s performance in school, Liu Jun and Qiu Ju almost knew nothing.They did not know how Xiaowen’s grades had never opened a parent meeting.Qiu Mei said, "The family does not understand, but only thinks that as long as Xiao Wen is studying, the teacher slowly teaches her, her intelligence will improve, and she can slowly recover normal."

After the first pregnancy of Xiaowen in March, the family no longer asked Xiaowen to go to school. According to Xiao Wen’s parents and relatives, the school never took the initiative to ask Xiao Wen’s academic status.

On November 22, a reporter from the Beijing News called Xiaowen’s mobile phone of the class teacher during the eleven primary school. When he heard the reporter asked, "Are you a teacher of Liu Moumou?" The head teacher directly hung up the phone.

At 5 pm on the 19th, eleven students from school.Two hours later, Xiaowen sat in the car to Maoming and went to the welfare home of 100 kilometers away.

According to media reports, the Xinyi Municipal Government News Office of Maoming Maoming said that recently, the Maoming Women’s Federation and Xinyi City Women’s Federation, the Civil Affairs Bureau, and Education Bureau and other relevant departments have successively sent staff to condolences to the victims and their families, and sent condolences, and and also sent condolences.Assist victims for abortion surgery, strive for funding for the Guangdong Disabled Persons’ Public Welfare Foundation, apply for special rescue funds, and conduct psychological counseling.

The relevant person in charge said that on the evening of November 19, the victim girl Liu Moumou had entered the Maoming Welfare House to live and study. "The doctor’s team will complete the basic medical examination for Liu Moumou in 24 hours, and arrange a caregiver to her to herPerform a separate escort for 24 hours and soothe her emotions until she adapts to the collective life of the welfare home. "

This is the farthest place since Xiaowen was born. There, she got a separate room, a small bed, two dolls, three sets of clothes, two pairs of shoes and some socks.In addition to conventional courses, the welfare home prepared her individual training, psychological counseling, sand table games, and handmade and embroidery courses for her.She will spend one -third of the last three -thirds of the welfare home.

In the early morning of the 20th, Qiu Ju was motion sickly on the way to see Xiaowen. She was a little worried, "So far away from home, if you have a motion sickness every time, how can you look at Xiao Wen in the future?" Someone comforted her.alright.

During the day, at the welfare home, Qiu Ju and Liu Jun participated in the "Parents’ Association" for the first time -the cadres of the teachers, women’s federations and village committees of the welfare home, who got a large enrollmentMaterial.Qiu Ju didn’t know how many handprints were pressed, and did not know what the material was written, but he used two palms to compare the height of ten centimeters. "Xiaowen wants to read there, and parents must sign it."

Afraid of disturbing Xiaowen’s mood on the first day of class, until 5 o’clock in the evening, Qiu Ju and Liu Jun saw Xiaowen.Seeing that many people came to take pictures, Xiaowen seemed a little nervous, but Qiu Ju was happy to be a student who was just enrolled.pretty."

In the welfare institute, Qiu Ju felt a little sad after learning that he could visit Xiaowen once a month, and only their husbands and wives could visit Xiaowen.Xiaowen said, "There are a lot of people who don’t know, different from the family." Qiu Ju wanted to comfort her daughter, but she was awkward and didn’t know how to speak.After returning, she told the Beijing News reporter, "I really want a small text in the past two days."

However, when some media asked her to disagree with Xiao Wen to live in the welfare home, she would still grin, "agree with consent", "they cut their hair for Xiaowen, there are pigeons and chickens, and they eat very well."

Beijing News reporter Li Yundie, Guangdong Xinyi Report

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