Guan Xiaotong is exposed to pregnancy and will marry Luhan officials?The person familiar with the matter responded positively, exposing the truth

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<< · — Foreword- · · >>

On June 14th, Guan Xiaotong, who was silent for a while, appeared in an offline event in Chengdu, and two sets of dresses struck, but the lower abdomen was prominent, but his bloated figure caused controversy in netizens. Some even questioned that he was pregnant.As we all know, Guan Xiaotong hasn’t got married yet. Isn’t the "national daughter" pregnant?

<< · – The dress is raised, suspected to have pregnancy -· >>

On June 14, Guan Xiaotong, who received the invitation, went to Chengdu and attended the propaganda meeting in the mall. Guan Xiaotong, who had not appeared in the public view for a long time, attracted everyone’s attention.Some careful netizens found that Guan Xiaotong’s figure was slightly blessed compared to the previous months.

It is very obvious that although Guan Xiaotong is the same as the host next to the host, and she is wearing a delicate dress. The host is wearing a loose suit. It should be reasonable that Guan Xiaotong’s figure should be more slender, but she was photographed. However, she was photographed.In the photo, Guan Xiaotong looked a little back.

You should know that when Guan Xiaotong attended the event, he was wearing a red wine glass skirt and a bright and magnificent makeup. The split design was very interested in highlighting his long legs, and his height advantage was simply to the extreme.

In addition, Guan Xiaotong’s shape of the red carpet is also very eye -catching. In the video revealed by the studio, Guan Xiaotong waved with a firework stick with one hand, holding a glittering skirt with one hand, and the skirt fluttered as if the fairy came out of the painting.

It is precisely because of the previous video that Guan Xiaotong is undoubtedly the perfect goddess in the minds of many people.The gap was too big this time I was taken.

Some netizens think that Guan Xiaotong’s food is too good and the reason for gaining weight, but some people immediately refute, "If it is fat, it should be very shapely. She obviously becomes a snowball."After a problem, stars generally pay great attention to body management, especially people like Guan Xiaotong who are very famous. The studio usually reminds them to pay attention to the image.Woolen cloth?

Some netizens can see that Guan Xiaotong’s arms are not slender in the past after amplifying the pictures. In the side pictures, she can see that her lower abdomen is slightly bulging. Some netizens exclaimed "Guan Xiaotong is pregnant!"

Pregnancy does make people blessed all over. Some netizens have noticed that in several photos, Guan Xiaotong’s standing posture is not so natural.Essence

During the entire event, Guan Xiaotong had two black and white dresses, and wearing black costumes could not cover up her bulging lower abdomen, although black has the effect of weight loss.

And because of a few days ago, Guan Xiaotong was photographed in the airport photos to protect her belly and hurried, so netizens even doubted the fact that she was pregnant.

Of course, the above pictures are taken by the paparazzi. In the refined pictures of Guan Xiaotong’s studio, there are no these blessings mentioned above, but as always beautiful and tall.

Today, the incident has been clarified, and "unmarried first pregnancy" has also become nonsense. Can this public opinion storm become the lubricant of the two people and accelerate the progress of the relationship between the two?

<< · – Guan Xiaotong has been broken up several times —— · >>

Guan Xiaotong has been a good girl since she was a child, and she is the "national daughter" in everyone’s mind.With his excellent results, he joined the ranks of actors after entering the Beijing Film Academy.

This girl with outstanding appearance and tall figure was exposed as a mother -in -law SOLO. In addition to her four -year single love history left in the youth, her relationship is a piece of white paper.

The history of this single love dates back to Guan Xiaotong’s junior high school, when she was only 12 years old.There is a boy who likes him, who wants to enter the same high school with Guan Xiaotong, and they have achieved this goal. However, between learning and boyfriend, Guan Xiaotong chose Beiying soberly and devoted himself to learning.With the glory on the screen later.

Guan Xiaotong should be glad that she was on Beiying to have the opportunity to participate in various variety shows, so that she had the opportunity to recognize the later boyfriend Luhan.This two -year -old love between the two people made Guan Xiaotong experience the bitterness and bitterness.It can be said to be sad and happy.

At that time, Guan Xiaotong was a fledgling, and Luhan was already in small fresh meat.

The top flow.The year they knew Guan Xiaotong 19 years old, and Luhan was 26 years old.

The two met when the two were participating in a show. When the two met Luhan at first glance, Luhan made a stunning "Wow, you are so high!" For Guan Xiaotong, who is full of legs below the chest, Luhan seems to seem to beThere is no strangeness. From the beginning, Luhan was chasing Guan Xiaotong.

Luhan belongs to the stars with a lot of scandals in the entertainment industry, and because of his handsome and charming appearance, and also more interesting personality, they have worked with many female celebrities to shoot TV series.Di Lierba and Luhan made up a pair. Although they were jokes, they can see that Luhan is a person who belongs to her boyfriend fan. A large number of fans of his own are girlfriends. Naturally, they do not want Luhan to have a genuine girlfriend.Essence

However, Luhan did not hesitate to choose his girlfriend between the fans and his girlfriend.A glimpse of Jinghong, unforgettable.Lu Han returned home and found that he had forgotten Guan Xiaotong’s contact information. Fortunately, an important figure Zhang Yixing appeared at this time.Zhang Yixing happened to play with Guan Xiaotong, selling a man of Shunshui to the contact information of Luhan.

In 2017, Luhan announced on his Weibo official on his Weibo, telling all his fans "this is my girlfriend."It is conceivable that Luhan appeared on a large scale to remove powder, but he didn’t care.

He himself said frankly that Guan Xiaotong was chased by himself, because he confessed several times before successful, so Luhan cherished.This may also have something to do with Luhan’s early experience. Before he had made a girlfriend before his debut as a Korean trainee, he did not come together because he did not have official announcements.Essence

However, after the two were together, they also came up with a scandal of breaking up several times. Perhaps because Luhan’s private life was relatively chaotic. Maybe it was because of the entertainment industry that they had nothing to have.When I was together, there was a prophecy in the circle. This relationship must not have been for three months. Who knows that this relationship was actually 6 years at first, and it can be seen that the relationship between the two is better than Jin Jian.

When Luhan was interviewed, the host asked, "What should your girlfriend look like in your mind?" Lu Han replied without hesitation, "long hair with white skin and small face."

To this day, it seems that this is exactly the same as Guan Xiaotong. It can be seen that only Guan Xiaotong’s favorite person in Luhan’s heart is also because Guan Xiaotong is very powerful, so Luhan has always respected and loves her.The same is true.

<< · – National Girl Guan Xiaotong —— · >>

From the beginning, Guan Xiaotong was destined to eat the bowl of the actor.In 1997, Guan Xiaotong’s starting point was much higher than others. He was born in the art of art. Mother and director Zhang Yimou have more or less connected. Grandpa is Zhang Yimou. Lao She is a good friend and a big man in the entertainment industry.It is very respected.

With the birth of Guan Xiaotong, her mother started to resign and take care of her wholeheartedly. She hopes that her daughter can realize that she can be an actor. Guan Xiaotong has learned all kinds of music and dance since he was a child.A child model.Tongxing debut like Yang Zi, and has performed well in classic works such as "Langya List" and "Biography of Chu Qiao" that year.

Guan Xiaotong also studied hard since he was a child. In the end, he entered the Beijing Film Academy with more than 500 high scores, and finally completed his mother’s dream.

While bringing many classic works, Guan Xiaotong is also a girl who loves life and is brave.She felt that life should not only be on the stage, but also at the breath of fireworks. Then, with the help of her parents, she established her own company and signed an artist to become the boss.

In addition, like many girls, she is also very interested in milk tea. Others are drinking milk tea, and she has opened a milk tea shop herself. She has various explorations of life.

Make filming, music, business, and so on, all of which have formed the symphony of her life, making her life extremely colorful.

In 2021, Guan Xiaotong also entered the Chinese Dialect Theater. She is a comprehensive development artist, and she can also see that Guan Xiaotong never stopped working hard.

Guan Xiaotong’s career is booming. In July, he will start to participate in the recording of variety shows. He will also show his style in the "Meng Discovery Case" and face the success of his career.Will it give her a home?

<< · -Will Luhan and Guan Xiaotong get married?—— · >>

Guan Xiaotong and Luhan were announced in 2017. They have also experienced 6 years of spring, summer, autumn and winter, and they can be regarded as a couple of ashes. Once Guan Xiaotong also said that they would get married at the age of 25.It was just 25 years old.Now when they are older for men and women, will they take this opportunity to change from couples to couples?

The former top flowing small fresh meat Luhan is now in the age of thirty. In his recent career, he has also been impacted. ThereforeHe does not want to be looked down on Guan Xiaotong. Recently, he is drunk at the "2023 Creation Camp" because he is a mentor in it. For this episode, he has created a better effect. Luhan has always been in a high -intensity work.state.

The two did not talk about marriage, and another reason was Guan Xiaotong’s mother.Mother Guan thinks that her daughter is only in her 20s. In a sense, she is still a little girl.I hope she can be more mature, and let go when she can face her feelings independently.Guan Guan is a person who comes from marriage. He knows that he will face the garlic after marriage, so he does not want her daughter to fall into the marriage so early.

Another reason is that Guan Xiaotong’s acting career is currently developing. If you marry Luhan, your own way will be subject to a series of restrictions after all, then it is also very unfavorable to future development. At this point, Guan Xiaotong will also have something to doIf you are worried, you may need to be fully prepared to face marriage.

It is for this reason that the two have not discussed their marriage.

However, it can be seen that the relationship between the two people is very good. In the photos of the two people, the careful netizens pulled the diamond ring in Guan Xiaotong’s hands. Netizens said that this was Luhan’s engagement ring to Guan Xiaotong.

Luhan sent a Weibo card to some blessings on Guan Xiaotong’s birthday every year, telling his female fans that her beloved girl needs to be protected, and she also gives Guan Xiaotong a full sense of security.

When the two people recording variety shows, they couldn’t wait to stick their faces together. Everyone felt their sweet love across the screen. Everyone often said that the eyes of a person could not hide. Luhan looked at Guan Xiaotong’s eyes.All of them are full of spoils.The TV series "Sweet Critical Strike" filmed together is simply a real version of the sugar diary, which is also nicknamed the "love work of the two."

In addition, the two often wears the same models of couples, set the same models, etc., like an ordinary couple of daily love, they are public figures, but they also have daily love. Their love will meet.Is it blessing in the entertainment industry?

The celebrities in the entertainment industry are the most talked about eating melon netizens. Before the wedding of Huang Xiaoming’s husband and wife was very grand, the wedding scene was also regarded as a talk after tea. After a long time, there was no celebrity wedding wedding.Everyone is looking forward to Guan Xiaotong and Luhan.

Ordinary girls hope that her boyfriend can finally give themselves a good home. As stars, they are no exception. Women like Guan Xiaotong are smart and career, which is a treasure.I believe that Luhan will treat her in the future.

<< · — Conclusion —— · · >>

I hope that they can have a grand and beautiful wedding, and they will be blessed by everyone. Because they like each other, they hope that the roads under their feet will be blooming and can be popular.

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