Graduate girl is pregnant, her boyfriend chooses to break up, girls: good cards are thin

In the coordinates of Xi’an, a graduate girl who coexists with beauty and talents, because of her self -esteem and self -love, eventually ruined her great future.

Girl Xiaomei, born in rural areas, looks beautiful, and also worked hard. After graduating from college, she was successfully admitted to a university in Xi’an as a counselor. She met Xiaodong, who was at the same time as her at the same time as her. Xiaodong posted love for the human body., I often ask Xiao Mei to warm up, and pass love for a long time, slowly like a lover, this can break Xiaodong, and finally get off the order, and the parents will never urge marriage again.One day, Xiaodong heard his colleague say that Xiaomei had a boyfriend before, and the graduate student had just passed the interview.Xiaodong was particularly sad, and he couldn’t believe his ears. The next day he officially made an appointment with Xiaomei and prepared to confess.Before Xiaodong finished speaking, Xiaomei said the truth. Xiaodong was at a loss, drinking sullen wine, and drunk herself.

Xiaomei went to study in the city where his boyfriend (Xiaoyong) was located. Xiaoyong’s family was strong, masculine, and impulsive temperament was slightly irritable, but he was particularly generous to Xiaomei.This may also be why Xiaomei first chose to be with Xiaoyong.Because the two have different personalities, they often quarrel and unhappy.Xiaomei often reminds Xiaomei’s happiness with Xiaodong.After a quarrel, Xiaomei took the initiative to contact Xiaodong and asked Xiaodong to accompany her.Xiaodong was particularly happy and dressed himself a little. After all, he was a girl he liked. Be sure to seize this opportunity to show himself. That night, they had a relationship. Unfortunately, Xiaomei later found that she was pregnant.

At that time, she was particularly scared. She didn’t know who to say to her, and she didn’t know who the child’s biological father was. Xiaomei thought for a long time and decided to borrow money to do DNA to clarify the child’s biological father.Results Tips: 99%of Xiaodong may be the child’s biological father.Xiaomei thought for a long time. In the case of Xiaodong, Xiaomei told Xiaoyong about her pregnancy. Xiaoyong thought that the child was his own.However, because Xiaomei was still in school, the two discussed that they decided not to children first, and when the two people got married, they would focus on the baby.Xiaoyong also blamed himself, thinking that he did not give Xiaomei’s stable life, which made Xiaomei suffer.

After a period of rest, Xiaomei returned to school normally to complete his studies.Perhaps as a woman’s nature, it is all kinds of reluctance and care for children.Xiaomei couldn’t go out of the child. Every day, she did not keep the soul, and she often had contradictions with Xiaoyong.One day, Xiaodong suddenly sent a message to Xiaomei: I am married, I wish you happiness!Xiao Mi suddenly stared at her eyes and stunned for a moment. Thinking of the little bit of Xiaodong, I felt that Xiaodong was the person she wanted to find.But it was too late, Xiaomei blame himself, regretted, secretly went to the Internet cafe and cried all night, druming the courage to call Xiaodong, the other party prompted to turn off, Xiao Mei cried even more sad …

By killing the child, Xiaoyong is also mature, no longer so strong, and it is getting better and better for Xiaomei.Xiaoyong saw DNA’s test medical records when he packed the room. At that time, Xiaoyong was covered with a whole person, but he could not come to God for a long time.After watching it many times, I couldn’t believe my eyes, but the fact is the fact.In the end, Xiao Yong couldn’t stand it and chose to break up with Xiaomei.Xiaomei also dropped out of school because she had no money to pay tuition.It is really a pity that as a girl, you still have to respect and love yourself.

A person can have no honor and flowers, poverty, but not self -esteem and self -love.The ancients said: "People are not looking for high."Respect, respect for them.I just want to say that although Xiaomei is beautiful and has a high degree of education, she does not respect and loves themselves. She has a boyfriend and has to step on two boats.Xiaodong and Xiaoyong’s decisive abandonment is correct. Maybe after many years of recalling this relationship, he will think how stupid he was, but this may be life. Everything will experience everything. Everything will make you grow and mature.

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