Good pregnancy starts with basic follicles!Do you know these?

Red Net Moment News May 23 (Correspondent Yu Wang) As we all know, the premise of pregnancy is to combine sperm cells and eggs. Eggs are very important parts, but before the eggs, there is still a existence that cannot be ignored. ThenIt is the basic follicles. Since the basic follicles are so important, let’s get to know it today!

Basic follicles, also known as the foundation of the foundation, refers to the follicles that have not begun to develop. They are located in the small sac balp in the ovaries and have important reproductive functions and represent women’s fertility.Basic follicles finally become mature follicles that can be released and fertilized by growth and development, and can be combined with sperm to form fertilized eggs.Folk follicle development mainly goes through five stages: starting of follicles → primary follicles → secondary follicles → mature follicles → ovulation.

Under normal circumstances, the number of basic follicles of the bilateral ovaries of women’s bilateral ovaries is 5-12, respectively. The number of basic follicles in the ovaries is related to women’s age. With the increase of age, the number of basic follicles gradually decreases, and at the same time, it will also affect the affectThe frequency and egg quality of the woman’s ovulation lead to infertility.Therefore, it is recommended that women with fertility intentions to hurry up to prepare for pregnancy during the peak of basic follicles at the age of 25 to 35. This is more conducive to our physical health and increase the pregnancy rate.

How to understand the most direct and intuitive diagnosis of your basic follicles is to see through vaginal B -ultrasound, the number, size, and development of the bilateral ovarian follicles.Simple and non -invasive.Women with a sexual life or vaginal injury can perform abdominal B -ultrasound, but the two will be more accurate than the vaginal B -ultrasound.

Ovulation has an important impact during pregnancy. How to know whether it is in the ovulation period, there are two more reliable methods: ovulation test strip and B -ultrasound monitoring.Women with menstruation rules are generally about 14 days before the next menstruation. The monitoring time should start 2 to 3 days before ovulation.God began monitoring.

Self-tested ovulation test strip (LH test paper) needs to collect urine detection LH peaks, detecting the test paper to test the strong yang (the two bars are red, that is, the peak of the LH).The LH test strip line is shallow from deep to indicates that ovulation has been ovulated.Note: The best time to collect urine is to use urine samples at the same time at the same time from 10 am to 8pm.

You can also use B -ultrasound to observe the changes in follicular diameter, which can accurately determine the ovulation time. At the same time, you can monitor whether the endometrium development is synchronized with follicular development.For women with irregular menstrual cycles or previous ovulation problems, it is recommended to choose to go to the hospital B -ultrasound to monitor ovulation. This method is more objective and accurate than the previous ones.

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