good news!This female baby who follows Hefei is negative

22:10 pm on February 13th

Hefei Yixin Coronal virus infection

(Positive nucleic acid detection) Pregnant women

Give birth to a 7 -pound baby girl!

Will the baby be infected?

Is there anything?

It affects the hearts of all Hefei people


Good news comes

Baby girls twice in ribin nucleic acid detection twice


On the evening of February 13th, a new coronary virus nucleic acid testing positive pregnant women in Anhui Province gave birth to a 7 -pound baby girl in the Second Hospital of Hefei City.Shortly after the baby girl was born, the hospital sampled and tested it. Yesterday afternoon, the first test results were negative.In the afternoon of February 15th, 24 hours after the first negatives were sampled and detected, and the results were negative again.

According to reports, at 38 weeks of pregnancy, Xiaoli was positive for the new crown virus nucleic acid test at the Second People’s Hospital of Hefei City on February 10 for delivery.

"We are preparing the surgery with the most sufficient preparations. Late at night on the evening of February 12, medical experts of our seven disciplines are still consulting. At the same time, we should deal with the entire process of simulation of exercise operations, including postoperative breastfeeding, bathing, bathingWait for a series of nursing details. "

At around 21:30 that night, pregnant women entered the operating room. A number of medical staff such as capable obstetrics and gynecology, anesthesia department, and other medical staff wearing third -level protective clothing began to perform surgery."The risk of infection during surgery is very high." Hu Jie, director of the Medical Office of the Second Hospital of the Municipal Hospital, said that because the surgery’s traditional Chinese medicine care staff has been in contact with pregnant women, it is also facing some body fluid contact.In addition, in the production process, medical staff need to perform many operating operations such as bed in bed. Therefore, as early as the previous simulation, it is necessary to maintain rigorous operation specifications and avoid infection.

Fortunately, the entire surgery process was very smooth. At about 22:10 pm, a female baby weighed about 7 pounds was smoothly produced, and the mother and daughter were safe.

After that, Ye Jun, the leader of the Second Hospital of the Municipal Hospital, and colleagues sent the mother back to the isolation ward again for a series of postoperative care."I put on the protective clothing from 7 o’clock in the evening, and when the postoperative care came to an end, it was already 2 am the next day. When I took off the protective clothing, my whole body was soaked."

"As far as the current situation, the newborn has basically excluded the infection of the new crown virus. However, it is still recommended to conduct close medical observation." Director Liu Fang, the Second People’s Hospital of Hefei City, introduced that according to the national new crown diagnosis and treatment plan, both samples are both samples are both.The standard of negative can basically exclude the possibility of infection.

In addition, the reporter was informed that the maternal physical condition is normal at present. Five medical staff who perform cesarean section surgery for mothers have also arranged for centralized observation.

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