Girls who are pregnant to the provincial capital to find a boyfriend but make her boyfriend frightened #Follow me every day …

My boyfriend is going to study in the provincial capital.The girl gave herself to him the night before leaving, but the boyfriend who went to the city gradually changed his heart. He fell in love with a rich family and thought of to please her. On this day, Mei Yao encountered his father’s enemies chased. ChanganRegardless of his own safety, he rushed up and blocked Mei Yao.Since then, Chang’an has successfully won the favor of Zhao’s father and daughter.

In order to step up the sky, he started to move his mind at the beauty, and he had forgotten the geese of his hippocampus in his hometown.Zhao Zhiping’s grain shop has become increasingly losing money. It is being unable to show Chang’an to reverse the Qiankun, so that the rice in the store will be sold well.Zhao Zhiping began to look at this poor boy, and Mei Yao also fell in love with him.

Soon Zhao Zhiping’s 50th birthday arrived, and the official officials came to the door to congratulate. Changan also came and brought a unique congratulatory gift. It was a landscape map of his own painting.The good painting and the poems attracted the guests to clap their hands and applauded. Zhao Zhiping appreciated Chang’an and announced a decision in public: After he graduated, I asked him to help me.It’s so blessed to find the boss.Find such an excellent talent to help you take care of the business.

The drunkenness of both people who drank this night returned to Changan’s residence.As soon as I entered the house, Chang’an locked the door. The lonely men and widows coexisted in the same room. Next, the hot eyes were not good -looking for everyone.How did this reaction look like a dilute son, questioning whether Yan Rong did something with her son, let her not break the reputation of her daughter’s house.The words of adoptive mother made her scared, so she went to see the doctor.

You are pregnant, and Yan Rong, who has a child, has a mixed taste in his heart.She wanted Changan to come back to solve this matter. However, Changan in the provincial capital was working hard to have a good job in Zhao’s father and daughter. Naturally, she would not ignore her.After a long time, he couldn’t return to Chang’an Yan Rong to worry that he would be seen when he was big, so he decided to go to the provincial capital to find him.Changan heard the excitement of knocking on the door and thought it was Meisi, and instantly changed from surprise to frightening. Pulling into the house was a meal: Didn’t I tell you?I have a heavy academic recent school. You just run over to disturb me and hurt me to take care of you. Will this affect my studies?

Suddenly running will affect his studies. In fact, he is worried that she will be seen by beauty. Changan picks up the bag to drive her away. Yan Rongqing said that he was pregnant. This is undoubtedly a tricky problem for him.EssenceAt this moment Mei Yao came, and when she heard the sound of knocking on the door, she quickly hid the geese to the kitchen, and let her not come out anyway.Then he opened the door and wanted to lock the door to bring Mei Yao to eat, but he was rejected by Mei Yao, saying that he wanted to do it for Changan.

Seeing Mei Qiao to the kitchen, Chang An was going to jump out of my throat. There was nothing in the kitchen. Besides, my hungry legs were soft, you are really hungry, okay, let’s go to the street to eat something.EssenceWhen they were leaving, Yan Rong came out to call him.Two women are facing each other, how can we see it in the next episode afterwards.

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