Girls’ swimming unexpectedly pregnant, and after finding the truth, bluntly said: too shameful

The female student was pregnant and pregnant, and the mother claimed 250,000.

With the coming of summer, more and more people like swimming. Many people go swimming in the swimming pool in the summer.Swimming, what we know is that when there are many people in the swimming pool, they do something indecent in it, such as urinating in the swimming pool, so friends who want to travelgood.Huanhuan is a student of high school. After a swimming back, she happened to make her never forget. After she and her friends swimmed back that day, the whole person felt very bad. One day arrivedI want to vomit, I can’t eat meals, and I want to sleep in particular. My mother didn’t know what happened, so she took her to the hospital for examination. At the beginning, the mother just thought that the summer came.Everyone was surprised. The doctor told his mother that it seemed to be pregnant, and it had been more than a week. Mom had already been furious and asked if Huanhuan had a boyfriend?Huanhuan deny it, saying that it has changed from the end of the swimming.As soon as the mother heard that it was caused by the swimming, he immediately felt the seriousness of the situation. He felt that Huanhuan was a good girl from childhood to childhood, and he should not lie. So he immediately ran to investigate the responsibility of the swimming pool, and also requested thatCompensation for medical expenses and fetal expenses, as well as mental losses, add up to 250,000.After coming to the swimming pool, Huanhuan’s mother talked to the person in charge. The person in charge was dumbfounded, and the swimming pool was a public occasion. Every time they were disinfected before swimming, the health was also recognizedIt is absolutely impossible to happen.And said that many girls also swim in this swimming pool, and nothing happened.What happened to happen only when I came?At this time, Huan Huan’s mother also felt that she was too reckless. She needed to investigate the matter and make a decision.After returning home, he called Huan Huan’s class teacher and asked whether the class teacher Huan Huan had a boyfriend recently?After thinking about it for a long time, the head teacher said that he did not come to school very much recently. He was close to a senior year boy. I did n’t know if it had anything to do with him. Then I learned from the classmates of Huanhuan.The boy came to her, and the two often went out for a date.The mother immediately caught Huan Huan and asked her, just saw her mother like this.This is acknowledged that this is Huanhuan’s mother who was so angry that he had lost his face out. Huanhuan chose to call the police, the legal means to protect your rights and interests. Finally, under the police’s negotiation,It was decided to let Huanhuan kill the child and let the boy’s parents compensate 60,000 yuan. In this way, this matter was resolved.

Xiaobian thinks that as a high school student, he should focus on academic.Middle school is a particularly critical time, and he affects his future future.If early love, not only affects academics, but also affects yourself.I don’t know what you think about this?Welcome everyone to leave a message and comment below.

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