Girls have been born 6 times in 8 years before pregnancy, her boyfriend flashs a rich family: too good to one person is a disaster

There is such a word on the Internet to poke people’s hearts:

"In fact, sometimes we just estimate ourselves, the status in the minds of others.

I feel that I am in the hearts of others.

actually not.Maybe you are just like a passerby, passers -by B, you are just the eyes of other people’s lives."

In the final analysis, don’t overestimate your position in anyone’s minds.

Otherwise, you will lose miserable.

Wen Ting and Fang Jun have been in love for 8 years, and Wenting has paid everything for Fang Jun for 8 years.

Even if Fang Jun is just an ordinary network maintenance worker, his family is average. He still rents a house and lives. Relying on a bit of handsomeness, he usually does not have less flowers outside.

Even if Fang Jun was not cold or hot to Wen Ting in 8 years, even if Wen Ting had given 6 times for him, Fang Jun did not say that he married Wen Ting home.

Wen Ting still has no regrets.

I do n’t know if Wen Ting was fascinated by the ghost, and what was going on. Fang Junyue did not care about her. The more she was going to him, the more he was in the same way, and the more he took his heart to him.

Just some time ago, Wen Ting was pregnant again.

Knowing that Wen Ting was pregnant again, there was no joy on Fang Jun’s face. Instead, he took out 2,000 yuan and asked Wen Ting to kill the child.

Because the uterine wall of Wen Ting was as thin as paper, the doctor said that if the child was killed again, he was afraid that Wen Ting would never be a mother in the future.

Watching the tearful eyes begging for Wen Ting, Fang Jun was unmoved and insisted on not the child, and said that if Wen Ting was lonely, their relationship was here.

Since then, Fang Jun disappeared, and he did not call the sending information. In the end, he simply blackened Wen Ting. The helpless Wenting could only return to her mother’s house to raise a fetus.

Seeing that the stomach became bigger day by day, the little life had had fetal movements, and Wen Ting was reluctant to kill the child. She made up her mind to give birth to the child.

Wen Ting resolutely wanted to give birth to this child.

One is that her body cannot be destroyed anymore, and the other is that she wants to use this child as a chip to make Fang Jun marry her.

She firmly believes that as long as the child is born, Fang Jun will not help but like it, and will give the child a complete family.

What Wen Ting never expected was.

Fang Jun was annoyed by her. Two months ago, she met a rich family. After his violent pursuit, she had received a flash marriage.

When Wen Ting looked for five months of pregnancy, he found Fang Jun and asked him why he was so ruthless. Fang Jun just looked at her indifferently, and his eyes were full of disgusting.

Not only that, he also accused Wen Ting, since he took 2,000 yuan why he didn’t go out of the child:

"I give you money for you to do surgery. Since you have not performed surgery, hurry up and return the money to me."

Seeing Fang Jun’s attitude, Wen Ting’s heart was broken.

She couldn’t say anything except she cried, and even the mediation staff found by Wen Ting couldn’t stand it anymore.

The mediator asked Fang Jun: "You have been together for 8 years. Do you forget all the sweetness?"

If Wen Ting still had a front line before, when she heard Fang Jun’s answer, Wan Jian was ashamed.

I saw Fang Junpi squeezed 6 words with a smile: "We are just roommates."

Over the past 8 years, he was washed and cook for him. He killed 6 children for him, only in exchange for two people as roommates.

Wenting, who was so angry, planned to go to Fang Jun’s newly -married wife Li Feifei to ask for a saying, and blame her why she wanted to intervene in a third party.

Unexpectedly, Li Feifei just looked at Wen Ting contempt, and told Wen Ting highly that he was not in the existence of Wen Ting.

Because Wen Ting had nothing to give, he couldn’t give everything Fang Jun wanted, and his family had a good realm, there were several real estate, and there were enough connections to make Fang Jun less for ten years.

Seeing Li Feifei and Fang Jun, who is confident.

Wen Ting decided to accept the reality consent to break up, but asked Fang Jun to give herself 100,000 yuan as a compensation, and also let Fang Jun support the children in the future.

The author of "Huo Xiaoshan" Emily Bronte said:

"To love yourself, don’t give your whole body and mind love, soul and strength, give generously as a gift, waste in places where you don’t need and be despised."

The eight -year youth and dedication in exchange for this end.

Only when Wen Ting loved too much, he was too humble and too active, so that Fang Jun felt it for granted, and then he was unscrupulous.

No one will cherish what you get, not all payments, and there are corresponding returns.

There is a moderate law in psychology.

It is to warn us that in interpersonal communication, we must grasp a degree. Once we exceed this degree too much, we will be counterproductive.

In words that are easy to understand, those who pay unconditionally are likely not to be respected.Wen Ting is a good negative textbook.

Wen Ting has eaten enough fruit that does not take himself seriously, but I want to say that one day Li Feifei will eat the bitter fruit that takes too much time.

She thought she was unique. For Fang Jun’s abandonment of Wen Ting, she had to be compatible with herself.

It’s really outrageous.

My girlfriend Xiaoxue, when she was young, was an unforgettable big beauty. There were so many people who chased her, which also made her develop a popular character.

One day she told me proudly that the number of local Wan Sheng Real Estate Corporation Zhang gave her a happy and happy family in order to pursue her, not only divorced his wife, but not even children.

Xiaoxue’s idea is superficial. She thinks that she has a beautiful and beautiful charm. She is definitely love for herself.

But I have different views on this.I think a man can be so ruthless to a woman, and will definitely be ruthless about another woman.

Unfortunately, Xiaoxue couldn’t be any. She took herself too seriously and thought that she could not replace anyone in Zhang’s heart.

Li Feifei now is exactly the same as my girlfriend Xiaoxue.

Xiaoxue’s end was miserable.

Not only was he abandoned by President Zhang, he was replaced by the young and beautiful girls, and he was also owned by President Zhang to hundreds of thousands of debts.

Xiaoxue’s yesterday was Li Feifei’s tomorrow, there was always the day she regretted.

In this life, especially women.

You can’t take yourself too seriously, and you can’t take yourself too seriously. The former will make you be seen lightly, and the latter will make you empty.

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